MLW Fusion Results for 1/20/21 MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for tonight's edition of MLW Fusion!

- We open tonight's show with breaking news that ACH was attacked outside of the gym earlier today by someone believed to be Tom Lawlor.

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- We get a graphic for Simon Gotch versus Jordan Oliver and the debut of Daivari as well as our world title match in tonight's main event.

Zenshi vs Daivari

Daivari locks in a standing side headlock and takes Zenshi down with a side headlock take over before Zenshi comes back with a jawbreaker. Zenshi locks in a headlock of his own and drops Daivari with a shoulder block before Daivari hits a running clothesline in the corner. Daivari nearly turns Zenshi inside out with a clothesline before chopping him in the corner and a high angle back body drop for two. Daivari sends Zenshi into the corner before focusing on his arm and hitting a scoop slam for two before Zenshi counters a double wrist lock. Daivari sends Zenshi out of the ring before hitting a scoop slam onto the edge of the apron and rolling back inside, seemingly content with a count out victory.

Zenshi comes back with a slingshot neckbreaker for two before hitting a 450 seated senton into a Shiranui for a near fall. Daivari then gets his knees up when Zenshi goes for a 450 before Daivari hits a hammer lock lariat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Daivari defeats Zenshi via pinfall.

- We get a taped promo by Myron Reed ahead of his stablemate Oliver's match against Simon Gotch up next as we go to commercial.

- We come back to Savio Vega cutting a promo where he challenges Richard Holliday to a Caribbean Strap Match.

Simon Gotch vs Jordan Oliver

The two exchange strikes as soon as the match starts before Simon hits a Saito suplex before Jordan hits a bridging German suplex for two. Jordan hits a float over suplex for one before sending Simon out of the ring and Simon dodges a kick before kicking Jordan in the spine. Simon hits a diving elbow off of the apron to the spine of Jordan before tossing him back inside for one before chopping him in the throat. Simon dumps Jordan out of the ring and tosses him back inside before dropping Jordan with a jumping knee for two before going for an armbar. Simon is too close to the ropes before he stomps Jordan in the corner and beats on Jordan in back mount before locking in an armbar.

Jordan gets to the ropes before Simon knees him in the ribs and Jordan comes back with a shining wizard for two before dropping him with a boot for a near fall. Simon then chokes Jordan unconscious for the tap and the win.

Winner: Simon Gotch defeats Jordan Oliver via referee stoppage when Simon chokes Jordan out.

- After the match Simon hits Jordan with a Gotch-Style Piledriver.

- Backstage Team Filthy are interviewed where Tom says that he doesn't give a damn about ACH or anything else besides Team Filthy and Filthy Island.

- We get a video package for ACH ahead of his challenging for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship in tonight's main event.

- We come back to a backstage interview with Salina de la Renta where she's asked about who has acquired Promociones Dorado. Salina takes offense to her question before saying that she and Mil Muertes are interested in gold and nothing else.

- We get a video package promo by Mads Krügger about Alexander Hammerstone where he says that they are equals and he will end him in two weeks time in a Baklei Brawl as we go to commercial.

- We get a taped promo by Richard Holliday at Martha's Vineyard where he says that he's a dozen steps ahead of Savio.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Jacob Fatu (c) (w/ Daivari) vs ACH

Jacob rushes ACH and runs him over in the corner before stomping him down and dropping him with a right hand. Jacob focuses on the taped ribs of ACH and ACH dropkicks Jacob out of the ring before he goes for a slingshot cross body. Jacob catches ACH and sends him into the post before tossing him back inside and going back to the ribs of ACH. ACH kicks the knee of Jacob and chops him before Jacob hits a high angle Samoan drop into repeated shoulder thrusts in the corner. Jacob misses a running hip attack in the corner before ACH goes for a scoop slam and Jacob falls on top of him for two.

Jacob applies a nerve lock on the shoulder of ACH before headbutting him and hitting a running splash in the corner. Jacob gets trapped in the ropes in the corner before ACH kicks his legs and hits him with a series of chops and forearms. ACH drops Jacob and hits a low dropkick before Jacob rolls out onto the floor and ACH hits a PK from the apron before hitting a slingshot cutter for a near fall. ACH goes up top before hitting a head scissors into an enzuigiri before Jacob kicks him in the ribs. Jacob then hits pop-up Samoan drop into a moonsault for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jacob Fatu retains his MLW World Heavyweight Championship by defeating ACH via pinfall.

- Jacob and Daivari cut a promo after match on the ramp before they're attacked by Injustice dressed like the Sentai Death Squad before fleeing as Mads Krügger shows up as we go off the air.

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