National Wrestling Alliance & Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents 2019 Crockett Cup Results

Hey there Fight Fans, we hope your weekend has been great and you're ready for the 2019 edition of the Crockett Cup featuring some of the best tag teams around! You can order the event live above!

Wildcard Battle Royal

Rhett is immediately eliminated by The Boys before Kevin Blue is eliminated next before his teammate Billy Buck is eliminated, eliminating the team. Lebron is eliminated next before his partner is eliminated by the Dawson Brothers, the Dawson's then getting surprisingly eliminated by The Boys. There are then three teams left before they eliminate Jay and Josephus, The Boys forgetting about the final team and getting eliminated by Royce Isaacs and Tom Latimer.

Winner: Royce Isaacs and Tom Latimer are last eliminated to win the final spot in the Crockett Cup.

Crockett Cup First Round Match

Flip Gordon & Bandido vs Stuka Jr. & Guerrero Maya Jr.

Bandido and Stuka start the match off by exchanging arm drags and sweeping each other before Maya and Flip come in. They shake hands and Maya hits several arm drags and a springboard back elbow before hitting a series of backbreakers to Flip and Bandido. Stuka and Bandido come back in and Stuka hits a monkey flip that sends Bandido across the ring and Flip comes in gets bent in half by the luchadore. Stuka and Maya drag Bandido out of the ring and send him into the railing before they get back in the ring and Maya hits an arm drag that sends Flip out of the ring. Maya hits a suicide dive and Flip hits a triangle moonsault before Bandido comes in and hits a high angle splash for a near fall.

Maya spears Bandido before they hit a tower of doom for a near fall and Bandido and Stuka exchange chops before Bandido gets a near fall off of a sunset flip. Stuka hits a Canadian destroyer for a very close near fall that Flip breaks up before Flip hits an Pele kick to Stuka and a slingshot spear for a near fall. Maya hits a DDT for a near fall and a neckbreaker for a near fall that Bandido breaks up before Bandido gets tossed out of the ring and Flip hits a variation of an F5 for the pin and the win.

Winner: Flip Gordon and Bandido defeat Stuka Jr. and Guerrero Maya Jr. via pinfall when Flip pins Stuka with an F5 to advance to the next round of the tournament.

Crockett Cup First Round Match

War Kings vs Royce Isaacs & Tom Latimer

Jax rushes Royce and drives him into the corner before Crimson comes in and hits Royce with a running clothesline in the corner and Jax hits a running clothesline. Tom comes in and stomps on Crimson when he knocks him down from behind before Royce suplexes Crimson and chops him before dropkicking his knee. Tom locks in a rear chin lock and spits at Jax before Royce comes in and chokes Crimson in the ropes before slamming him down for a quick two count. Jax gets the tag and drops Royce with headbutts and a running splash in the corner into a Samoan drop, Tom trying to stop him before Jax hits a double Samoan drop. Tom sends Crimson knee first into the ring post before Royce rolls him up with his feet on the ropes for the pin and the win.

Winner: Royce Isaacs and Tom Latimer defeat War Kings via pinfall when Royce pins Crimson with a leverage pin.

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