New Day And The Elite Street Fighter V Team Battle Results And Play By Play | Kenny Omega, Young Bucks

The New Day and the Elite are finally face to face.


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The Team Battle

New Day wins 2 to 1 as Kofi Kingston beat Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega beat Big E, and Xavier Woods beat Matt Jackson.

First to Five

Kenny Omega beat Xavier Woods 5-4


At the E3 convention, Xavier Woods will be getting his rematch against Kenny Omega in Street Fighter but this time they each will be bring two teammates. The rest of New Day joins Woods as Omega brings the Young Bucks. The showdown has been announced since last week and WWE has been giving it some attention with an article and related videos.

The following is the play-by-play for the event which starts at 4pm eastern. The YouTube stream is available at the top of this page.

The two teams will be playing Street Fighter V Arcade Edition.

New Day comes out to different music than their WWE music and toss T-shirts and pancakes made by Mr. Bootyworth to the crowd and there are "New Day Rocks" chants. Xavier Woods delivers a promo about how the match against the Elite has been his dream for years.

The Elite are announced as the IWGP Heavyweight Champion and IWGP Tag Team Champions and they use the Being the Elite theme song as entrance music. Two of the men are wearing the Golden Elite t-shirts. Omega says he will be beating and humiliating Woods with his two best friends.

There's a little bit of trash talk about each other's wrestling careers.

Woods and Omega pick the three characters for each of their teams and when the wrestler's character comes up they will play.

First match: Kofi Kingston versus Nick Jackson.

Kingston is playing as Ryu and Nick Jackson is playing as Ken. Kingston deals quite a bit of damage right off the back and is able to block one V-Trigger move. Jackson mounts a comeback but Kingston pulls out the win.

Kingston wins the first round.

Round two stays even as each player is able to score big hits but not very many combos. Nick Jackson hits a special and the Woods misses a Hadouken but is able to attack afterwards.

Kingston wins the second round and the match.

Second match: Big E versus Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega is playing as Abigail and Big E is playing Rashid. Kenny Omega wins quickly after playing around with Big E by using one punch over and over and ends the round with a combo.

Omega wins the first round.

Omega scores early and then begins to taunt Big E with dodges. He allows Big E to hit him just enough so he can pull of a special to end the round.

Omega wins the second round and the match.

Third match: Matt Jackson versus Xavier Woods.

Xavier Woods uses Ibuki and Matt Jackson uses Chun Li because of his expertise at Street Fighter 2. Xavier Woods is able to dominate but Matt Jackson has some success with the lighting leg move but Woods wins easily.

Woods wins the first round.

Matt Jackson is able to put up some offense with Chun Li with the lighting kicks but he is ultimately delaying his loss to Woods.

Woods wins the second round and the match.

The New Day wins the Team Battle.


Woods gloats about the win but Omega is upset because he did not get to face Woods and this event was supposed to be a rubber match. He says the rivalry is about him and Woods and challenges Woods to a one-on-one match. Woods says Omega has to put his IWGP Heavyweight Championship on the line. Omega wants Woods to put something on the line and Woods says the loser and their team will eat a Habanero Pepper. Woods and Omega will be competing in a first to five series.

Kenny Omega versus Xavier Woods

Kenny is playing as Cody which is the character he played in the commercial and is unreleased. Woods is playing with Ibuki again.

The first few second the characters doge each others attacks. Woods is about to get a lead with combos but Omega begins to learn the character to make a comeback. Woods scores more and wins the round.

Woods wins the first round.

Woods is again winning because of Omega's lack of experience with this character. Woods misses more than one special before he's able to put Omega away.

Woods wins the second round. The score is 1-0

The wrestlers chose the same characters. Woods begins to land more complex combos including throws and he wins quickly.

Woods wins the first round.

Omega has found a combo he can score with and used it beat Wood very quickly.

Omega wins the second round.

Woods is able to corner Omega which allows him to score a large amount of damage before scoring a V-Trigger special.

Woods wins the third round which brings the score to 2-0

The Young Bucks super kick the live commentator because Omega did not like his bias.

The same characters again. The most even round yet as each wrestler is able land some strikes and throws. Both wrestlers are low on health and Omega pulls off the win.

Omega wins the first round.

Omega corners Woods and eliminates him quickly with a long combo.

Omega wins the second round and the score is 2-1.

The fourth match is a complete domination as Omega gets a perfect victory in the first round. In the second round, Woods puts Omega in trouble but he scores a Super which sets him up for the win after a knife strike. "This is awesome" chants erupt from the crowd.

The score is tied at 2-2.

The wrestlers continue with the same characters and it seems they will continue to do so. Omega hits a couple tornado and Woods lands some close range strikes. Then both wrestlers settle into some movement to counter each other. Woods takes over with a long combo and wins.

Woods wins the first round.

Woods uses the same strategy to put Omega in trouble who fairs slightly better in this round. While Woods tries to finish the round Omega is able to chisel down Woods' health until he wins.

Omega wins the second round.

Omega's super is blocked and Woods is able to score a Super. Both wrestlers are relatively low but Woods lands a combo and hits Omega with an thrown item attack.

The score is 3-2.

Omega says he's been not using Cody in the same v-trigger setting as usual and he is switching to the his usual setting.

Omega and Wood trade combinations and as both wrestlers are close to defeat Omega dodges and uses a low attack to win.

Omega wins the first round.

Omega begins to dominate and then begins using a move where he hits rock and Woods' character.

Omega wins the second round.

The score is 3-3.

Omega strategically takes damage to build his v-trigger meter. He uses it and hits Woods with the pipe several times. Woods is able to land a long combo to win the round.

Woods wins the first round.

Omega uses the V-trigger move again but Woods is able to use his swords against Omega. Omega takes over the round and wins.

Omega wins the second round.

The third round was a perfect round for Omega.

The score is 4-3 for Omega.

Woods has to take a minute to regroup.

Woods corners Omega in the beginning of the round but Omega escapes but with little health. Omega mounts the comeback and manages to dodge some serious attacks. Woods is about to poke enough to win.

Woods wins the first round.

Omega is a head early but Woods gains control and puts Omega in the corner. Omega is able to avoid any damage escapes and lands enough to win.

Omega wins the second round.

The round is pretty even until Omega makes a mistake. Woods begins to end the round but Omega is able to use his v-trigger again. Woods lands a double item throw attack which ends the round.

Woods wins the second round.

The score is tied at 4-4.

The pace is slow at first but Omega comes in with a close range combination. Creed has him cornered again and gets some offense in. Omega never recovers and Woods uses low attacks to take the rest Omega's health.

Woods wins the first round.

Omega lands a lot early and dominates the woods outside of one Woods combo.

Omega wins the second round.

A few big kicks from Omega score him a lot of damage. Woods stays in the round and both wrestlers uses supers. In a furious finish Omega wins.

Omega takes the third round.

Kenny Omega wins the match and the New Day have to eat the hot peppers.

First Xavier Woods martyrs himself for his friends and says he will eat three peppers to save them from the pain. He eats two and can't handle it. Omega says he's going to do it because he can do whatever Woods can and eats one pepper. Woods tries to goad him into eating another but Omega can't. They settle on not eating anymore.

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