WWE Publishes Article On Kenny Omega Competing Against Xavier Woods In Street Fighter

Kenny Omega and Xavier Woods will be having their Street Fighter rematch.

Two wrestlers have a feud going on outside of the ring in Kenny Omega and Xavier Woods. The two are both involved and interested in eSports and particularly Street Fighter. Kenny Omega starred in a recent Street Fighter commercial where Omega played one of the characters and Xavier Woods was a voice on a phone. According to an article at WWE.com, Omega and Woods are now facing off in the video game at the E3 convention.

It all occurred on twitter as Omega began gloating to Woods about his skills who then began to trash talk Omega's gameplay. The official Street Fighter twitter chimed in and scheduled a meeting between the two video game players and professional wrestlers.

The E3 event is in Los Angeles from June 12th to June 14th. It is the annual event which hosts some of the biggest announcements in electronic entertainment for the year.

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