New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV 12/16 Three Back To Back Episodes!

AXS TV are ratcheting up their NJPW shows and this week only proves it as we have three episodes of New Japan Pro Wrestling! We are just weeks away from AXS showing Wrestle Kingdom 11 a week after it airs live in Japan so NJPW aren't’t going anyway anytime soon as they have just been renewed for another season! Los Ingobernables are a prime fixture of this week's matches as we have EVIL, SANADA and Tetsuya Naito in all three in action!

Episode 1

EVIL vs Hirooki Goto

They brawl outside before the match even starts, EVIL coming out to the ramp after Goto as they exchange right hands at ringside then forearms as Goto throws EVIL face first into the ring post then in the railing before EVIL reverses it and whips Goto into the railing as we see Hiroshi Tanahashi on commentary then EVIL puts a chair around the head of Goto before hitting him with another chair. They get back into the ring as they move ahead in the match and they run the ropes and counter each other until Goto drops EVIL with a kick then tries again, but EVIL catches one. They run the ropes more and both tease their finishers before Goto hits an ushigaroshi for a quick 2 count. EVIL hits a fisherman’s buster then they try to knock each other over with lariats until EVIL ends up dropping Goto with one then hits Darkness Falls for a very close 2 count. EVIL puts Goto up and hits EVIL for the pin and the win.

Winner: EVIL via pinfall

SANADA vs Kazuchika Okada

They lock up to start the match then exchange locks until they get a clean break then Okada dropkicks the side of SANADA’s head before hitting a springboard senton for a quick 2 count. SANADA hits a dropkick that sends Okada to the outside before whipping Okada into the railing then hits a piledriver on the outside, the two getting in at the last second, SANADA at 17 and Okada at 19 then SANADA hits a shotgun dropkick that sends Okada to the outside again then dives over the ropes and takes Okada out again before rolling him back into the ring. SANADA hits a backdrop suplex for a quick 2 count as we go to commercial.

Okada hits his signature reverse neckbreaker then hits SANADA with a back elbow in the corner into a DDT then hits a sliding back elbow for a quick 2 count. Okada shits a series of shotgun dropkicks for another quick 2 count then hits a scoop slam into an elbow drop off the top rope. Okada goes for RAINMAKER twice and SANADA counters into Skull End, but Okada gets his foot on the ropes, SANADA hits a tiger suplex for a close 2 count then a TKO for another close 2 count, Okada kicking out both times, following up with an attempted moonsault, but Okada rolls out of the way. Okada hits a dropkick then a tombstone then finally a RAINMAKER for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada via pinfall

KUSHIDA vs Jushin Thunder Liger IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship Match

They shake hands before the match starts then Liger puts a series of unique submissions on KUSHIDA including his innovated surfboard stretch before KUSHIDA hits a series of dropkicks and kicks to Liger, focusing on his arm. KUSHIDA stays focused on the left arm of Liger then Liger dropkicks KUSHIDA’s legs out from under him before focusing on KUSHIDA’s legs, evening up the score, his arm is injured so he’ll injure the leg of KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA gets back in at the last second then Liger hits a running shotei and a Liger Bomb for a close 2 count. Liger hits a frankensteiner, but KUSHIDA rolls through for a close 2 count before kicking Liger’s arm repeatedly. KUSHIDA hits a moonsault, but Liger gets his knees up and puts the Hoverboard Lock on KUSHIDA, trying to submit him with his own move then KUSHIDA transitions into an armbar, but Liger gets his foot on the ropes as we go to commercial.

Liger tries for a kneebar then a heel hook, but KUSHIDA gets his foot on the ropes. Liger drops KUSHIDA with a shotei for a close 2 count then Liger hits a brainbuster for another very close 2 count then KUSHIDA hits a flying armbar, transitioning into a Hoverboard Lock and Liger is forced to tap.

Winner: KUSHIDA via submission

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