New Japan Pro Wrestling On AXS TV 4/14 Results IWGP Tag Team Title Match & Kenny Omega VS YOSHI-HASHI For The G1 Climax Briefcase!

The Young Bucks vs The Briscoe Brothers IWGP Tag Team Championship Match

Nick and Mark start it off by showing off their athleticism before the Bucks double team  the Briscoes and send them out of the ring before Nick hits a front flip over Matt and takes out Mark and Jay on the floor. The Briscoes try to double team Nick, but he takes them both out with a bull dog and a lariat before hits a springboard facebuster to Mark and an Asai moonsault to Jay on the outside. Nick hits a diving cross body, then counters a neckbreaker into a roll up for a quick two count before hitting a superkick, only for Jay to hit a Death Valley driver. Mark misses an elbow drop off of the apron and Matt powerbombs him on the apron before the Bucks double team Jay for a quick two count, Matt beating Mark down, then they exchange forearms before Mark hits an enzuigiri and tags in Jay. The Briscoes hit a double powerbomb to Matt for a near fall that Nick breaks up, then the Bucks superkick them repeatedly for a near fall.

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The Bucks hit a draping swanton bomb for a near fall, then hit More Bang for Your Buck for a very close near fall, then go for the Meltzer Driver, but Mark stops Nick. Jay turns Matt inside out with a lariat, then hits a Jay Driller for a near fall that Nick breaks up before Mark sends him out of the ring and hits a running blockbuster off of the apron. The Briscoes then hit a crucifix powerbomb cutter combo for a very close near fall, then hit a doomsday device for the pin and the win as Matt flips both of them off right before they hit it.

Winner: The Briscoe Brothers via pinfall

Kenny Omega vs YOSHI-HASHI G1 Briefcase Match

They lock up to start the match for a clean break, then Kenny gets out of a side headlock before YOSHI takes him down with a single leg before Kenny gets to the ropes for the break. YOSHI fights out of a side headlock, then Kenny drops him with a shoulder block before YOSHI drops him with an arm drag and a back elbow, finishing with a slam. YOSHI chops Kenny around the ring, then they both slide out of the ring before Kenny whips YOSHI into the railing. Kenny rips up the padding at ringside, then backs YOSHI into the apron before tossing him into the crowd, then YOSHI counters a piledriver, dropping Kenny onto the wooden floor. YOSHI rolls Kenny back into the ring and Matt distracts him before Nick sprays something in his eyes, then the Bucks hit a double superkick that sends YOSHI back into the crowd. Kenny then hits a springboard moonsault off of the guardrail into the crowd before YOSHI gets back in at the count of 19.

Kenny chops YOSHI repeatedly once they're back in the ring, then hits him with a series of kicks and chokes him in the corner before Red Shoes makes him back off. Kenny hits a leaping back elbow in the corner, then a pump handle backbreaker for a quick two count, Kenny immediately following up with a half Boston crab, but YOSHI manages to get to the ropes right before tapping. Kenny stomps on the back of YOSHI repeatedly, then YOSHI comes back with a series of chops until Kenny hits YOSHI in the back and drops him once more, Kenny chopping YOSHI across the throat for a quick two count as we go to commercial.

Kenny backs YOSHI into the corner repeatedly as we come back, then chokes him in the ropes before Red Shoes breaks it up, Kenny going right back over to YOSHI as soon as he backs off. They exchange forearms until Kenny drops YOSHI with a right hand, then YOSHI counters a pump handle only to be dropped with a right hand. Kenny chops YOSHI, then YOSHI turns him inside out with a running neckbreaker and a huricanrrana before finishing with a running chop in the corner. YOSHI hangs Kenny on the top rope and hits a running dropkick for a near fall before Kenny counters a powerbomb and hits a cross legged neckbreaker before going to the outside. Kenny grabs a trash can, but Red Shoes stops him before Nick distracts him and Kenny does it anyway.

Kenny and the Bucks then hit a double spike piledriver onto the trash can before Kenny plays to the crowd, then rolls him back into the ring. Kenny dropkicks the back of the head of YOSHI, then hits a bridging snap dragon suplex for a near fall before YOSHI counters a One Winged Angel into a DDT. They counter each others suplex attempts, then YOSHI hits a neckbreaker for a quick two count before YOSHI hits Kenny with a superkick and a running knee to the back of the head and finishing with a sliding double knee for a near fall. YOSHI then puts in a butterfly lock before Kenny gets his foot on the ropes for the break before Kenny hits a plunge, then misses a moonsault before YOSHI hits a gut wrench tombstone shoulder breaker and a sliding knee for another near fall. YOSHI goes for a swanton, but Kenny gets his knees up, then Kenny hits a guy wrench powerbomb for a near fall before Kenny stomps on the back of YOSHI before kicks him out of the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back to the two exchanging forearms and chops until Kenny hits a jumping knee and a German suplex before YOSHI hops up and hits Kenny with a series of strikes before Kenny slaps him repeatedly. YOSHI turns Kenny inside out with a lariat, then Kenny catches him on the top rope before YOSHI counters and hits a bridging powerbomb for a near fall. YOSHI hits a swanton bomb for another near fall, then YOSHI locks in another butterfly lock before Kenny gets to the ropes right before tapping. YOSHI hits a backstabber, then goes for Karma, but Kenny counters with a V-Trigger before YOSHI hits a spinning back kick. Kenny hits another V-Trigger and a reverse frankensteiner for a near fall, following up with a running V-Trigger and the One Winged Angel for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega via pinfall

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