NJPW ON AXS 4/7 Katsuyori Shibata VS Bobby Fish NEVER Openweight Championship Match, KUSHIDA VS BUSHI IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship Matches

Katsuyori Shibata vs Bobby Fish NEVER Openweight Championship Match

They start off very MMA style, jabbing and feinting kicks and strikes before Shibata trips Fish and tries to mount him before they stand up against the ropes for a clean break. They counter each other's kicks, then Shibata drops him with an elbow before Fish gets out of the ring. Fish gets back in and locks in a figure four before Shibata counters and they break once he's to the ropes before Shibata locks in an Achilles lock. Fish counters with a heel hook, but Shibata counters that with a heel hold of his own, then gets to the ropes for the break. Fish gets back in the ring and hits an exploder suplex before Shibata rolls out of it, Fish going right out after him as soon as he does, beating on him at ringside as we go to commercial.

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Shibata gets back in at thirteen, then Fish hits him immediately with a series of knees and a senton for a quick two count, Shibata getting his foot on the ropes. Fish picks him up and hits more knees before hitting a high angle back suplex for another quick two count, immediately following up with a spiked snap suplex for another pin attempt. Fish puts on a front choke, then elbows the neck of Shibata repeatedly before driving him back into the corner when Shibata tries to hit him. Fish drops Shibata with a hard kick to the mid-section, then Shibata tells him to kick him more until he drops him with an elbow. Shibata comes back with a series of running kicks in the corner, then a dropkick before hitting a float over suplex for a near fall, immediately following up with an Octopus stretch, but Fish gets to the ropes. Shibata locks in a jumping guillotine choke, but Fish powers out of it and slams him down before locking in an Achilles lock, Shibata crawling to the ropes right before he taps. Fish comes back with a knee, then Shibata hits a boot before they exchange German suplexes. Shibata hits a PK, but can't capitalize, then hits Fish with a series of forearms and goes for another one, but Fish puts him in a heel hook when he does. Shibata crawls to the ropes, then Fish hits an exploders suplex, then a back drop suplex for a near fall before Shibata headbutts him. Shibata locks in a sleeper hold, then hits a PK that turns Fish inside out for the pin and the win.

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata via pinfall

KUSHIDA vs BUSHI IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship Match

They lock up for a clean break, then BUSHI poses before rolling KUSHIDA up when he rushes him, then sends KUSHIDA over the top rope before teasing a dive and just posting again. BUSHI rakes KUSHIDA's eyes once they're back in, then KUSHIDA dropkicks his knee before they flip and BUSHI hits an enzuigiri that sends KUSHIDA out of the ring again. BUSHI sets KUSHIDA's face onto a chair he sets up and dropkicks it before rolling him back into the ring and dropkicking the back of his head for a quick two count. BUSHI locks in a reverse triangle choke before KUSHIDA gets to the ropes, then hits a neckbreaker into an STF before KUSHIDA gets to the ropes once more. BUSHI hits a missile dropkick and chokes KUSHIDA with his shirt before KUSHIDA hits a back suplex to get out of it. KUSHIDA comes back with a forearm, then runs the ropes, but someone in a mask trips him while BUSHI distracts the referee. KUSHIDA hits a front flip sling shot clothesline that turns BUSHI inside out, then kicks him repeatedly before hitting a springboard back elbow. KUSHIDA dives over the top rope and takes out all of the masked LIJ members as we go to commercial.

KUSHIDA rolls BUSHI back into the ring, but BUSHI catches him coming in, then KUSHIDA hits a flying armbar but BUSHI is quick to the ropes. KUSHIDA accidentally dropkicks the referee when BUSHI pulls him in the way, then BUSHI mists him before Naito comes out to the ringside before setting KUSHIDA up for BUSHI to dive out onto him. Elgin comes in and turns Naito inside out with a big boot, then picks both Naito and BUSHI up before hitting a Samoan drop, fighting Naito until they're up the ramp. KUSHIDA hits a German suplex, then a dropkick before hitting a moonsault for a near fall, then BUSHI gets a near fall off of a sphinx pin. BUSHI goes for an MX, but KUSHIDA hits him with a double knees of his own as they collapse to the mat, then exchange forearms on their knees.

They get to their feet and continue it before slapping each other repeatedly, then KUSHIDA locks in the Hoverboard Lock before BUSHI counters with a roll up for a near fall. KUSHIDA kicks BUSHI's arm, then goes for another Hoverboard lock before BUSHI hits a Canadian destroyer piledriver for a near fall. BUSHI hits a codebreaker, then an MX for a near fall that surprises everyone including JR and Josh. BUSHI then hits another MX for the pin and the win.

Winner: BUSHI via pinfall

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