NWA The Circle Squared Episode 1 Results: The Hawx Face Tyson Dean & Jeff Lewis Neal

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- A video package airs featuring Billy Corgan talking about how NWA The Circle Squared came to be. 

- Sean Mooney reports that NWA Powerrr will return next week, also the location of the 2020 Crockett Cup will be released later in the show.

- Sean Mooney is also the host for tonight’s show, Mooney talks about how the fans will impact who gets a contract with the NWA. 

- Kyle Davis introduces the competitors for today’s show, with the first talents being Luke and PJ Hawx. PJ introduces himself and his father Luke, PJ talks about dreaming to become a professional wrestler and accomplishing that dream with his father. Luke says a lot of teams say they are the best, but they are the best tag team because nobody is like them because they finish what they start.

- Kyle Davis then brings out Nikita Koloff, Koloff says that he knows a little bit about tag team wrestling. Koloff says he was coached by some of the best and now he has taken the opportunity to coach others, Koloff brings out Jeff Lewis Neal and Tyson Dean. Neal says all elite athletes have a coach and they are ready with Coach K at their side.

- PJ & Luke Hawx and Jeff Lewis Neal & Tyson Dean appear in a pre-taped video package to both say they are some of the best teams in the NWA. 

PJ & Luke Hawx vs. Jeff Lewis Neal & Tyson Dean 

The match begins with Neal and Dean jumping their opponents before the bell sounded, Neal attacks PJ before getting rolled up a few times for a few near falls. Dean distracts PJ so Neal can lay him out, Neal tags in and he nails PJ with a spine buster for a near fall. Dean keeps PJ down while attacking him with a plethora of strikes, Dean then hits PJ with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Neal tags back in and he hits PJ with a Hart Attack alongside Neal for a near fall, PJ fights back and he nails Neal with a suplex. Dean and Luke are tagged in by their respective partners, Luke quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team. PJ and Luke nail Dean with a pop up power slam for a three count.

Winners: PJ & Luke Hawx

- Kyle Davis brings everybody to the podium to praise all four of them for their efforts.

- Sean Mooney says the 2020 Crockett Cup will happen at the Gateway Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

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