PROGRESS Chapter 83 Live Report & Results

Submitted report from Parker Holland:

Doors opened at 2pm with the first match at 3:30. If you’ve never been to the electric ballroom it is a small music venue in Camden. Just the right size to keep an I intimate feel without being so small it’s crushing everyone together. 

Three Title Bouts Headline 9/5 NJPW Wrestle Grand Slam


Sam Stoker and Lewis Harley vs. Tate and “The Business” Sid Scala 

Crowd heavy in support of Sid and Tate. Stoker and Lewis look to be a heel tag team of trainees with very nice hair. 

Stoked and Harley win after a big boot in the corner on Tate. 


Jim our for the preshow banter. 


Ilja Dragunov vs Timothy Thatcher

Crowd was into this as it was the opener. Ilja got a great reaction. Thatcher seems more over than he ever was in the states. 

This was A fun striking battle that felt a little too long. Mostly based around trading chops to the chest. Ilja picks up the win out of almost nowhere with his running torpedo headbutt. 


Jim has the referee airplane spin a member of the ring crew before the next match. He did the whole Tyler Bate act of doing a squat then changing directions. They then played Tyler’s music. Very fun. 


Nina Samuels vs Laura Di Matteo 

Jinny our with Laura. 

Nina came across really well here. The crowd started pretty low but she was able to win them over and get them biting on near falls. 

Nina was able to pull out the win with a fireman’s carry onto her knee


Eddie Dennis and Mark Haskins vs Do Not Resuscitate (Trivet and Parker) 

if any members of DNR come out that are not in the match their teammates will be dq’d. 

Eddie Dennis is majorly over as a bad ass face, as opposed to the heel he is in NXT. 

Haskins dives out before the bell to start a brawl. 

Dennis powerbombs Parker into the crowd onto some chairs. And the bell finally rings. 

Haskins accidentally knocks out the ref on the outside while he is trying to kick Trivot. 

It is a wild brawl with weapons as the ref is out for awhile. 

At one point Dennis is water boarded with champagne. 

Trivet gets the win with a roll up on Dennis after a low blow


Angelico vs Jody Fleisch

This first half of this match was much more May based then you would think with these two. Turns out they just saved it all got the second half. Lots of flying to end this relatively quick match. 

Eventually Angelico catches Fleisch with a spinning knee bar for the win. 




Aussie Open vs Do Not Resuscitate (Mambo and Eaver) - No.1 Contender's Match

A really good basic psychology tag match. Aussie open win with their finish and become number one contenders. 


Chris Ridgeway vs Shigehiro Irie 

The most hard hitting match I have seen in awhile. Ridgeway is working from underneath for 80% of the match. He eventually wins after 2 penalty kicks.

After the match Ridgeway has the mic and says he doesn’t talk much but “Jim, give me WALTER”


Swords of Essex (c) vs CCK - Tag Team Titles Match

A superb match marred by the injury of Lykos (again). It appears it is his arm. 

Other than that the crowd was behind CCK over the Swords of Essex. Paul Robinson was playing complete heel while Osprey would apologize for him. 

Best match of the night before Lykos was hurt. Osprey pinned Brooke’s after a rope hung ddt/ stomp combo. 

Afterward both Robinson and Ospreys tease Lykos for being injury prone. 

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