PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 Night Two Results | SSS16

Alexandra Palace, London

Progress Super Strong Style 16 Day 2, results courtesy of Parker Holland

NJPW Strong Results (4/16): New Japan Cup USA Semi-Finals Action


Non-Tournament match 

Aerostar vs Daga
Aerostar wins with a diving body splash from the top rope

Daga playing heel much more today than he did on night one. He is in control most of the match, cutting off Aerostar before he can really get started on much offense. 

At one point Daga hit a spear so amazing the crowd gave him an “UhAhh”. If he doesn’t get the nickname The Big Daga it’s a waste. 

Aerostar gains control at the very end and is able to finally keep Daga down. 


Kyle Fletcher vs Jordan Devlin
Devlin wins with a headbutt counter after two super kicks from Fletcher.

Go and watch this match as soon as you can. Front runner for match of the year for me. 

Fletcher is being built up brilliantly and will be a big singles star someday. 


Trevor Lee vs Ilja Dragunov
Ilja wins with a torpedo headbutt

Lee spends the first 5 minutes before the match insulting the crowd and saying how Ilja is his NXT brother. They already have contracts and don’t need to perform for these marks. Paul wouldn’t like that. 

After calling Ilja “ill-Ja” he goes to shake his hand, throws his jacket over Iljas head, and gives him a low blow. 

Ilja kicks out and then finishes Lee in under a minute. 


Jinny vs Session Moth Martina
Martina wins with a roll up and is added to the four way for the women’s title on night three

Martina is serious the entire match. After interference time and again from Laura on the outside Martina is able to overcome the odds and beats Jinny. 

Jinny appears to be done with Progress as she bowed in the ring as her music played after losing. 


No DQ 8 man tag

Do Not Resuscitate (Drew Parker, Chuck Mambo, Spike Trivot and William Eaver) vs Jimmy Havoc, Mark Andrews, Mark Haskins, and El Ligero
Havoc wins with a combo ripcord clothesline and running knee assist with Haskins on Parker. 

Plunder, plunder everywhere. A long hardcore match that transitioned form spot to spot very easily. 

Highlight of the match was Eddie Dennis returning to commentary. His arm is in a sling as he is still recently off surgery which is why he wasn’t in the tournament. 

Mambo got in his face halfway into the match and lured him into the ring where the rest of DNR surrounded him. 

Eddies former partner Mark Andrews jumps in to help him and they clean house. 

Jinny wins not too long after. 

Post match the faces celebrate in the ring with Dennis. It may end up being the last time most of them are together. This is probably one of the only times a match will involve talent from ROH, AEW, NXT UK, and Progress all at once. 

They played Party Hard by Andrew WK and all the faces headbanged to send the crowd to intermission. 


Kyle O’Reilly vs Paul Robinson
O’Reilly wins with a knee bar

Surprisingly good considering the clash in styles. Kyle takes Robinson lightly for the first half of the match and Robinson makes him pay for it. Robinson pulls out his high flying skills and hardcore skills to grind O’Reilly down. Eventually O’Reilly is able to overcome though. 

Post match, Jimmy Havoc comes out to challenge Robinson to a death match on night three. This will be Havocs last match in Progress (for now) and he says it eats him up that Robinson beat him in a death match before. 


Travis Banks vs David Starr
There is no winner. Both men are counted out. One match tomorrow will be a triple threat match.

The match starts early on the outside before introductions. At one point both men are involved in a double pin. After the referee calls for the bell, Jim Smallman gets on the house mic and says there must be a winner, so restart the match. 

Eventually there is a double count out after they attack each other at the entrance way. 

They continue to fight after the bell, and Smallman gets in the mic again. He says if they can’t stop fighting they will both be out, but if they can reign it in, they will be on a triple threat tomorrow for the semi-finals. 


DJZ, Artemis Spencer, and Chris Brookes vs Darby Allin, Lucky Kid, and Chris Ridgeway in a lucha rules match
Ridgeway wins with an ankle lock on Spencer. 

Lots of fun action. A good time killer/buffer match before the main event. 


Progress Wrestling Unified World Championship Match
Trent Seven (Atlas Division Champion) vs WALTER (Progress World Champion)

Walter wins with a rear naked choke, though Trents foot was on the rope and the referee did not notice. 

A hard hitting match. Most of the crowd was behind Trent. Walter stayed dominant mostly throughout. 

With the foot in the rope finish it appears there is room for a rematch later. Nonetheless, WALTER is your unified champion at the end of day two of Super Strong Style 16. 

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