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After last weeks Superstar Shakeup, we have some new members of Team Red. Last week, we saw the additions of Dean Ambrose, The Miz with Maryse, Bray Wyatt, Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, Apollo Crews, Kalisto, Curt Hawkins, and the tag team of Heath Slater and Rhyno. What is next for these superstars and what storylines can we expect with the rest of the roster?

Braun Strowman has been on the rampage, obliterating Roman Reigns last week. Who will he take his anger out on this week? Can anyone do anything to contain him?

Lots of questions this week heading into Raw. Fightful.com's Steve Muehlhausen wrote an article on Four Burning Questions Heading into WWE Monday Night Raw that you all should check out before this week's Raw gets started! Stick with us through the show and let's see what is next for Monday Night Raw!

Here we go!

Braun makes his way to the ring. He says he is proud to say that he broke Reigns in half. Proud that he gave him cracked ribs and a separated shoulder and that Roman will not be here tonight. He intends to tear through the entire locker room and show the world that he is a monster among men. Out comes GM Kurt Angle.

Angle tells him that he should be suspended. However, he is going to take the night off instead. Angle book a match between Braun and Roman for Payback. Braun says he wants more competition tonight "or else!" and walks to the back.

Out next is Seth Rollins and he is on commentary for the following match.

Chris Jericho vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe takes charge delivering punches and putting him in the turnbuckle. Jericho gets in a crossbody splash and then gets Joe outside the ring, delivering a drop kick to Joe on the apron. Jericho is in control of the match. Commercial break. Joe has taken the control and delivers kicks to the chest. Cover by Joe and kickout. Jericho comes back with some chops, goes to the top rope and brings Joe down. Powerslam by Joe and cover. Near fall and Jericho kicks out. Jericho does lionsault and goes for cover and Joe kicks out at 2. Joe is back up and Jericho is going for Walls of Jericho and he gets it locked in! Joe gets out of it. Jericho look for the Walls again but Joe gets out and Coquina Clutch is locked in. Jericho makes it to turnbuckle but Joe won't let go. The two are down. Jericho taps.

Winner: Samoa Joe with Coquina Clutch

Samoa Joe reminds Seth of when Joe first came in and gave him his injury. Reminds Seth that Joe's benefactor is Triple H, and for what Seth did to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, at Payback it will not be business, it will be personal. Seth says of course it will be personal, he almost ruined his career and that Payback is a bitch.

Backstage we see Elias Samson aka The Drifter strumming his guitar while Gallows and Anderson make their way to the ring. Then we see Golden Truth backstage also walking towards the ring when Braun attacks Golddust and R-Truth saying that he meant everyone! He is on the warpath! Who will he go for next?

We see Braun in the locker room and a referee saying that the GM made it very clear that Braun had the night off. Braun said he will leave when he wants to.

Anderson and Gallows say that they came to the WWE to be mean and make green and they need new opponents. Out come Enzo and Cass.

Enzo and Cass vs. Anderson and Gallows

Up first Cass and Anderson in the ring. Cass in control, makes the tag to Enzo and then back to Cass. Anderson is taking a bunch of punches and chops. Cass is laying into him. Anderson goes out of the ring and Cass TOSSES Enzo. Tremendous. Enzo and Cass keep control. Commercial break. Anderson back in control, covers Enzo and kickout. Anderson keeping Enzo from tagging. Gallows tagged in and Enzo trying to get out. Gallows going to work on Enzo's arm. Cass very anxious for the tag but Anderson and Gallows don't let up. Anderson back in. Enzo delivers punches, big spinebuster by Anderson. Goes for cover, Enzo kicks out. Gallows is tagged back in. Enzo finally gets in a DDT, goes for the tag but is intercepted and couldn't make it. Finally Cass is in and fired up. Big boot to Anderson, Gallows taken out. Enzo goes for Anderson off the top rope, Anderson catches him and throws Enzo back into the turnbuckle catching him in the gut area, OUCH. Anderson goes for the cover and picks up the win.

Winners: Anderson and Gallows via pinfall (Anderson pins Enzo)

Miz and Maryse in their own attire come to the ring. Miz immediately gets interrupted by Dean Ambrose. Dean tells the Miz thank you for having him on Miz TV and maybe they should call a truce. The Miz calls Ambrose out for not respecting being a superstar. Not looking the part. Miz says that the WWE Universe loves him, but he wasted it. Miz says that if he were Ambrose he would be embarrassed for being lazy and complacent. Dean says it doesn't matter what he wears, he doesn't care about branding, that he wrestles because he loves it. Maryse says that he isn't a real champion, calls him a street rat and a boy. Miz calls Dean a joke and Dean takes him out. Miz and Maryse escape while Dean throws a chair at them.

Backstage, Braun literally drags Kalisto down the hall and throws him in a dumpster. Then Big Show shows up and gives Braun a taste of his own medicine and lays him out.

The match is made, tonight Braun vs BIg Show.

Time for Cruiserweight action.

T.J. Perkins vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

Neville comes out for a special appearance. Neville make his way ringside with his very own office chair next to the ring for the match. Now Austin Aries music hits. Aries invites himself ringside. Aries gets a fold out chair. Gallagher goes to work on Perkins and tries to get an early advantage. Perkins counters a hold and goes to work on Jack's arm. Jack reverses and works on Perkins' arm. Perkins gets out and the two go back and forth with their holds. Perkins takes Jack's umbrella and tosses it. Jack delivers punches and goes to get T.J., he moves out of the way and Jack flies out of the ring on his head. OUCH. Commercial break. Perkins is still in control, has Jack in a hold and then delivers a punch. Jack then gives an uppercut and gets back in it. Jack goes for a cover and kick out by Perkins. Forearm by Perkins. Headbutt by Gallagher and Perkins is out of the ring. Jack goes after him and gets his umbrella back. He is going to the top rope. IT"S MARY POPPINS TIME!!! He takes out Perkins and both men are now back in the ring. Then Perkins rolls back out and tosses Jack in to Aries outside the ring. Aries gets mad and tries to go after Perkins and then Neville takes out Aries. Perkins gets Gallagher with a Detonation Kick and goes for the cover. Perkins picks up the win while Perkins and Neville go up the ramp.

Winner: T.J. Perkins via pinfall after Detonation Kick

Apollo Crews talks with Titus O'Neil and Titus has a proposition for Crews saying the two of them should do work together.

Backstage Matt and Jeff Hardy say how happy they are to be on Raw and having their WrestleMania moment. Cesaro and Sheamus say welcome and that they respect them, however, it will be an honor for Cesaro and Sheamus to beat them. Matt says they don't need ladders to defeat them.

Up next, Women's Fatal Four Way to determine No.1 Contender for Raw Women's Championship.

Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James vs. Nia Jax: Fatal Four Way

Nia gets Alexa thrown into her but only damage is done to Alexa, all of the girls take turns trying to do anything to Jax, no one has luck. Alexa slaps Nia in the face and tries to get out of the way. Mickie gets Nia out of the ring and goes to fight Sasha. Sasha and Mickie are one on one right now and Mickie has the advantage. Sasha get back in it then forearm to Sasha by Mickie. Neckbreaker by Mickie and goes for the cover and then Nia drags Mickie out of the ring. Sasha dives out of the ring onto Mickie and Nia taking them down. Commercial break. Nia is in clear control over all the women. Alexa ties to get her but just gets tossed around. Sasha gives it a go against Nia and Nia just grabs her and squeezes her midsection. Sasha is losing strength and Sasha counters and grabs her neck. Nia reverses and vertical suplex by Nia to Sasha. Mickie James is in and Nia starts choking her out. Mickie tries to reverse into an armbar. She has it locked in. Nia rolls over and gets out, lifts Mickie and tosses her into Sasha. Alexa tries to sneak up on Nia and runs away. Nia goes for a spear and ends up outside the ring. Mickie one on one with Alexa now. Sasha comes in and takes out Alexa and Mickie. Sasha goes for the double knees on Alexa, goes for a cover and Nia pulls Sasha out. Nia gets taken off the apron by Mickie and now its one on one Alexa and Sasha. Banks Statement onto Alexa, Mickie interrupts it. Mickie motions Sasha to bring it on, Mickie delivers punches to Sasha and gets her down. Goes to the top rope and Sasha is back up. Now Nia is back n the ring. Mickie gets taken off the turnbuckle by Nia while holding Sasha. Samoan drop by Nia to Sasha. Alexa runs in, dropkick to Nia sending her out of the ring and Alexa steals the cover on Sasha! Alexa wins!

Winner: Alexa Bliss via pinfall over Sasha

Big Show says that Braun is going to get a big dose of his own medicine, giant style.

Curt Hawkins is in the ring again, he says that if you want to be a main event superstar, you step in the ring with Curt Hawkins. Curt Hawkin's Star Factory is what he has called it. Finn Balor makes his way to the ring.

Finn Balor vs. Curt Hawkins

Balor does quick chops, slingblade, Coup de Grace and pinfall. Easy victory for Finn.

Winner: Finn Balor via pinfall after Coup de Grace finisher

Chris Jericho says that Samoa Joe is a great competitor but he is sidetracked and can't stop thinking about his rematch with Kevin Owens at Payback. If he wins, then he goes to Smackdown but it doesn't matter where he goes, his fans will follow him anywhere. Elias Samson walks behind Jericho during his promo and for that, he has made the list.

Bray Wyatt asks what we are afraid of and that fear brings people together. Bray harnesses fear. Randy's fear will fuel him at his House of Horrors and Bray's plan is after he has won to set the house on fire with Randy inside. That doesn't sound too good.

Fox and Dana Brook are backstage watching a video of 205 Live from when Fox got powdered. Emma comes in and turns Fox against Dana. Fox gets mad and says she doesn't want to be Dana's friend anymore and storms off.

Up next singles action.

Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro

The match begins and Jeff rallies the crowd. Cesaro and Jeff tie up and eventually Cesaro gets Jeff on the ground and tries to go for a hold. Jeff recovers and gets back up and puts Cesaro into a headlock. Cesaro pushes Jeff off. Jeff knocks Cesaro out of the ring and then does a running body splash onto him from the apron. They get back in the ring and Cesaro counters Jeff's leap frog with a power slam. Jeff rolls out of the ring limping. Cesaro runs up and does a running European uppercut on Jeff while he is recovering against the crowd's guard rail. Back in the ring Jeff does a Jaw Breaker on Cesaro and goes to the top turnbuckle to seemingly attempt a Swanton Bomb but Cesaro rolls out of the ring and the show goes to a commercial break. We resume from a commercial break and Cesaro is in control. He throws Jeff into the ropes and then chucks him out of the ring. The ref counts and Cesaro goes out and grabs Jeff and rolls him back into the ring. Cesaro goes a two pin attempts and Jeff kicks out of both of them. Cesaro hits Jeff with a European uppercut in the corner and tries to pin Jeff again. Jeff struggles to his feet after the kick out and Cesaro continues to strike Jeff. Jeff clotheslines Cesaro and then hits him with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Jeff splits Cesaro's legs and leg drops him, and then hits him with a clothesline. He goes for a pin attempt that Cesaro kicks out of. Cesaro counters the Twist of Fate with another European Uppercut and goes for a pin. Cesaro does a corkscrew spin off the top middle rope and knocks Jeff down and goes for another pin attempt. Jeff kicks out and Cesaro goes for the Cesaro Swing. Jeff escapes, goes up to the top rope, Cesaro counters and makes Jeff fall. Cesaro goes for a Superplex which Jeff counters and throws Cesaro onto the top rope racking him. Jeff drop kicks Cesaro off the rope. Cesaro gets back in the ring Jeff runs at Cesaro and Cesaro moves. Cesaro goes to run into Jeff and Jeff elbows him, runs up the turnbuckle, and flips onto Cesaro. Jeff goes a pin and Cesaro kicks out. Jeff does a running dropkick onto Cesaro. Jeff goes for another move that Cesaro moves out of the way for. Jeff hits a Twist of Fate, Swanton Bomb, and successfully pins Cesaro.

Winner: Jeff Hardy via pinfall with Swanton Bomb

Mutual show of respect between the two teams.

Backstage Mike runs into Heath Slater and Rhnyo with his crackers and cheese whiz, then Braun comes through and Rhyno drops his crackers all over in fear. He is making his way to the ring for his match against Big Show.

Braun Strowman vs. The Big Show

Braun goes straight for Show before they even get into the ring. Braun throws Show into the barricade, Braun gets thrown into the steel steps by Show, then Show throws him into the barricade. Show then gets Braun into the ring and the match is officially begun. Braun gets tossed over the top rope and then kick to Braun outside. Show goes outside the ring and puts Braun into the steps again. Show tries to drag Braun back in the ring. Huge dropkick from Braun to Show. Big Show goes down and now Braun has the advantage. They go back and forth working on each other's arms. Braun's agility is tremendous. Arm drag by Braun and Show is struggling. Show gets back up and the two deliver blows back and forth. Both try to deliver powerslams and neither have had luck yet. Finally Show gets enough strength to slam Braun. Show goes for chokeslam, is blocked and then Braun suplexes Show! These giants are going to war in the ring. Strowman headbutts Big Show, then a kick to the ribs, taunts the Big Show by stepping on him and flexing. Forearm to the jaw by Braun. Big Show is getting chants from the crowd. Big Show finally gets up and throws Braun into turnbuckle and then splashes him. Show places Braun on top rope. how goes to second rope, Braun delivers punches, Braun jumps off turnbuckle at Show and gets caught in a chokeslam! Cover and kick out by Braun. Both men are back up, Show looking for knockout punch, slam by Braun, cover and Show kicks out! What will it take for one of them to stay down for the count? Braun goes to the turnbuckle, Show meets him there, headbutt by Show, Show gets on top rope, punches by Braun, Show lands on the ropes on his groin, Show is down in the ring and Strowman is still on turnbuckle. He gets on the second rope, jumps towards Show and gets caught with a Knockout Punch. Cover and kickout! Braun kicked out! Show goes to the turnbuckle is on second rope, Strowman meets him on second rope, suplex of turnbuckle to Show, the ring collapsed! The ring is dead!!! Holy s***!! The ref went flying! Strowman is back on his feet and yells in victory! No one can stop Braun! "Everyone will fall!"

That's it for tonight, thanks for sticking with us here at fightful.com!

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