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Last week we saw Braun Strowman's rampage through backstage, taking out R-Truth, Golddust, and Kalisto and then inside the ring against The Big Show. The two giants went to war but it was Braun standing tall after literally breaking the ring. Kalisto has been brave enough to call out Braun and ask for a dumpster match. The match will take place tonight during Raw and I have to say, I don't think it will go Kalisto's way. Regardless, I am excited to see more! Let's see what happens tonight in the lead up for this Sunday night's Payback pay-per-view.

Here we go!

We start with a video package reviewing the wrath of Braun over the past few weeks.

Chris Jericho starts us off tonight, heading down to the ring with The List in hand.

We start with the highlight reel. Jericho says its the last Highlight Reel for Raw because he is winning that United States belt back on Sunday and is going to Smackdown. He says he needed a huge guest for tonight, a "sexy beast" and his guest is, himself! Jericho calls KO not the face of America, but maybe the hemorrhoid of America. The Miz interrupts. Miz and Maryse come into the ring. Miz says Monday Night Raw is about the "it" couple. Jericho says "you better watch...it!" The Miz says that the Highlight Reel has been canceled and is being replaced with Miz TV. The Miz calls for a set change and actually gets it. The director's chairs come in. Then Dean Ambrose comes out. Dean calls the Miz a "stupid idiot". Jericho smiles after the chants start in the crowd. Ambrose calls for another set change, it's time for Ambrose Asylum. Dean says that he is rooting for Jericho this weekend, even though they feuded in the past. Ambrose gives Jericho a light up jacket. It is a truly terrible looking jacket. Jericho sports it anyways. Miz says that Ambrose is devaluing the Intercontinental Championship. The viewers should be thankful Miz is at Raw. Dean delivers Dirty Deeds to Miz and walks to the back. Jericho puts Maryse on the List since she is married to the Miz.

Next up, Matt Hardy vs. Sheamus in a singles match.

Matt Hardy vs. Sheamus

Matt goes for an immediate roll up, Sheamus gets out and they go back and forth until Sheamus gets Matt off his feet. Matt gets up, counters hip toss and neckbreaker by Matt. Then followed by three leg drops, cover and kick out by Sheamus. Sheamus gets up and delivers kick to the face. Sheamus gets out on the apron and Matt delivers consecutive elbows. The two fight on the apron and Matt delivers a Side Effect to Sheamus and the two go down to the ground. Commercial break. We return with Sheamus in control having Matt in a headlock. They move to the ropes and Sheamus hammers on Matt's chest. They move back inside, Sheamus goes for the cover over Matt and kickout at 2. Sheamus lifts Matt up looking for White Noise, Matt gets out and goes to the turnbuckle. Matt gets a DDT on Sheamus after Sheamus runs into the turnbuckle. He can't make the cover. The two get back up and Matt delivers blows. Running bulldog. Elbow drop off second rope, cover on Sheamus, kickout at 2. Matt is back on his feet, looking to finish Sheamus. Then a huge knee to the face of Matt by Sheamus. He rolls out of the ring. Sheamus runs off the apron and Matt catches him with a kick. Sheamus gets Matt down, Jeff goes to check on Matt and Sheamus pushes him away. Jeff tries to see what that was all about and distracts Sheamus, Cesaro gets in Jeff's face. While Sheamus is distracted, Matt gets the Twist of Fate, cover and win!

Winner: Matt Hardy pinfall over Sheamus via Twist of Fate

The four are in the ring who had a mutual respect last week but now don't look so sure. The teams still shake hands but will face each other this Sunday at Payback.

GM Kurt Angle is on the phone and says that he will make sure Kalisto wants to follow through with the match against Strowman tonight. Miz is behind Angle and says that Jericho and Ambrose shouldn't get away with their actions. Angle tells Miz to find a partner for a tag team match to get this scheduled because he will be having a match against Jericho and Ambrose tonight.

Crusierweight tag team action is next.

Cruiserweight Champion Neville and T.J. Perkins vs. Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries

No time wasted by Aries and Gallagher as they get straight to it in the ring. Aries and Gallagher end up tossing Neville and Perkins out of the ring. Commercial break. We join back with Perkins trying to cover Jack, kickout by Jack and then tag to Neville by Perkins. Neville has Jack in a headlock and they move to the trunbuckle. Jack is able to deliver a few blows but Perkins gets tagged back in. Jack gets enough momentum to tag in Aries and he delivers huge chops to both Neville and Perkins. Aries is on fire and both Neville and Perkins get outside the ring. Suicide dive by Aries. Perkins back in the ring, Aries after him. Last Chancery locked in by Aries, broken up by Neville. Jack is back in the ring and tries to take out Neville. Neville gets in hits and then huge headbutt by Jack. Neville rolls out and then Jack and Aries work together. Discus Five Arm by Aries and cover! Aries takes the win for himself and Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

Winners: Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher, Aries with pinfall over Perkins after Discus Five Arm

And it is time for the Dumpster Match, not sure why this is not Main Eventing but alas, here we go! To win you have to get your opponent in the dumpster. Good luck Kalisto!

Dumpster Match: Kalisto vs. Braun Strowman

Braun has the microphone, he says he considers everyone of the crowd nothing more than trash. He says by stuffing Kalisto in the trash he feels like he'll be dumping everyone in there including Roman Reigns. We cut to the back and Angle asks Kalisto if he really wants to go through with it. He says he is a man not garbage and he will fight for his pride, otherwise he shouldn't fight for anything. Digging Kalisto's new mask as well.

Braun is waiting in the ring, and Kalisto makes his way to the ring. His mask kicks ass, his music kicks ass, Kalisto kicks ass?

The bell has rung and the match has begun. Kalisto will try to use his speed to his advantage. Braun gets Kalisto's head with both hands and goes over the ropes almost into the dumpster. Kalisto does get a missle drop kick to Strowman. Strowman later catches Kalisto midair and tosses him like he weighs less than a toddler. Strowman steps on Kalisto and Kalisto can't get up himself. Kalisto gets picked up and carried over to the dumpster. Kalisto is trying to reverse it and almost got Strowman in the dumpster! Braun reverses and Kalisto is back in the ring. Braun gets his knee in the back of Kalisto's neck in the turnbuckle. Strowman runs full force into Kalisto in the turnbuckle. Strowman is now just torturing Kalisto, delivering blows and inflicting damage. Braun tries to toss Kalisto over the top rope and Kalisto barely hangs on and avoids the dumpster. Braun gets on the apron with Kalisto, raises him high above his head and Kalisto gets back in the ring. He delivers a drop kick and knocks Strowman's legs into the dumpster. Strowman is in disbelief, Kalisto has won the match but Braun is LIVID. He is tossing Kalisto around, blood is coming out of Strowman's nose, I think in anger, and he will not let up. Strowman throws Kalisto into the barricade and Kalisto can no longer do anything for himself. Kalisto gets thrown in the dumpster and Strowman closes the dumpster. Braun takes the dumpster with him up the ramp, Kalisto still inside. Men come out trying to stop Braun, but I don't think anyone can stop him. Kalisto is now securely locked inside the dumpster and Braun contemplates what to do next. He pushes the dumpster off the ramp. That impact had to hurt Kalisto. Braun gives his war yell and goes to the back.

Winner of the Dumpster Match: Kalisto

Winner in the Braun/Kalisto War? Braun

Kalisto is being taken away on a stretcher. He fought valiantly.

Kalisto is being shown with GM Angle by his side being escorted to the ambulance. Braun please do not flip another ambulance, we know your superhuman strength!

Video package of Roman Reigns is being played.

Bray Wyatt has a vignette talking to Randy Orton, says his House of Horrors will be a descent into madness and Orton will never be able to leave. An eternal prison. Bray says with Orton's suffering, Bray will be reborn.

Alicia Fox vs. Dana Brooke

Lock up and Fox takes control going for an early pin, kickout by Dana. Emma makes her way to the ring. Fox still has control of the match, then Dana gets a clothesline by Brooke, Brooke lifts Fox over her head and slams her. Brooke goes for the cover and pin. Dana picks up the win here in a very quick match, ending with Emma hugging Dana who does not embrace the hug.

Winner: Dana Brooke via pinfall

Samoa Joe, Gallows and Anderson are all teaming up tonight against Enzo, Cass and Seth Rollins. Gallows and Anderson say that they have gotten advice from Joe and call Enzo and Cass garbage just like Kalisto. Joe says that he is going to destroy Rollins at Payback and to watch himself tonight.

And it's time for the match!

Enzo, Cass and Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe, Gallows and Anderson

Anderson and Gallows come out from the crowd attacking Enzo after Cass got pulled behind the barricade by Joe. Rollins comes out and goes to fight Joe, Gallows and Anderson come into save him and then Cass comes into help Rollins. They all break it up but Enzo is hurt. Commercial break. Angle says that Enzo cannot compete so their new partner is Finn Balor.

Finn Balor, Cass and Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe, Gallow and Anderson

Everyone is fighting in the ring. Cass on Anderson start the official match. Cass going for huge splashes in the turnbuckle and slams him. Tag to Rollins, then tag to Balor with a bunch of kicks, dropkick, then Anderson gets a huge punch, tag from Anderson to Gallows, followed by tag to Joe and huge kick to Balor from Joe. Balor gets up and consecutive punches given, tag to Gallows and he is delivering blows. Gallows gets Falor in an armbar. Balor reaches for the tag but no luck. Backbreaker to Balor, cover and kick out. Tag to Gallows, punches to the torso, another armbar on Balor. Balor is able to get a kick to his face and goes for the tag, tag to Seth and tag to Anderson. Seth with slingblade and then Cass comes over with big boot to Gallows on the apron, the two fly off and all men end up outside the ring. Seth gets back in the ring, goes for the pedigree on Anderson but decides against it gives a knee to the face, cover and win.

Winners: Seth Rollins, Cass and Finn Balor with Rollins pinning Anderson for the victory

Backstage the Miz is looking for a tag team partner, asks Cesaro and Sheamus with no luck. Alexa Bliss is heading out to the ring next.

Alexa comes out and says she didn't come to Raw to talk, she came to win and on Sunday at Payback she will win. Out comes Raw Women's Champion Bayley. Bayley says that Alexa is the type of girl to talk about others behind their backs. Bayley says she is not just talk and works her butt of for her dream and the championship. She will stop at nothing to walk out of Payback with her title. Payback is in Bayley's hometown. Alexa says that that is wonderful so that she can humiliate Bayley in front of her dad and calls Bayley a pathetic, sheltered child. Alexa says Bayley's Cinderella story is done. Out comes Sasha Banks. Sasha says Alexa can't come in like she owns the place and Bayley calls the shots and will shut her up. But right now, Sasha is going to shut her up. Alexa calls Sasha unhinged. Sasha punches her in the face. They have a match next.

Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss

Bayley on commentary, Alexa tries to dodge Sasha and throws Sasha down. Alexa uses her foot to slam Sasha's head into the mat. Sasha gets in some punches to Alexa's torso then clothesline by Alexa. Closthline by Sasha, dropkick by Sasha, kick to the torso, double knees in the turnbuckle, cover and kick out by Alexa. Alexa takes charge and Sasha reverses, Banks Statement and broken by the ropes, Alexa rolls out to catch her breath. The ref is counting and Alexa backs up the ramp and lets Sasha take the win. She yells that she doesn't need the win, she's already the No. 1 contender. Bayley gets her from behind and Alexa escapes to the back, Bayley turns around and then Alexa runs back out and takes Bayley out from behind. Sasha tries to get Alexa but she runs to the back and Sasha goes to check on her friend.

Winner: Sasha via countout

In the locker room, Dean says that he needs to be taken off the List of Jericho. Jericho has not forgotten about their feud but Ambrose does still owe him money. Jericho is pretty happy about the new jacket and peace offering and Dean has unmade the list. After Ambrose leaves, Jericho puts him back on the list.

Heath Slater and Curt Axel are trying to do an interview on The Marine 5, in comes Miz and tries to ask one of them to be his tag team partner. Slater says he already has a partner, in comes Rhyno with crackers and cheese whiz again. Maryse says she doesn't think either of them will ever make it in Hollywood. Maryse throws crackers in Rhyno's face when Miz gets a note on who his tag team partner will be.

Curt Hawkins is back in the ring, making stars in his Star Factory. An open invitation for a match with him. Tonight he will be fighting against Apollo Crews. Let's see if Hawkins can make Crews a star.

Apollo Crews vs. Curt Hawkins

Kick to the torso by Curt, Apollo knocks him down and huge dropkick by Crews. Curt gets Crews into the turnbuckle and starts stomping on him next to the ropes. Curt with a slam, then cover, then kickout by Crews. Headlock by Curt, Crews gets out then kick to Curt knocking him down. Both men are down and taking a minute to get back up. More kicks by Crews, and spinning power bomb by Crews, cover and pin.

Winner: Apollo Crews via pinfall with spinning power bomb

Out comes Titus O'Neil to raise Apollo's hand and take a selfie. It appears that Titus has taken it upon himself to manage Crews.

Update from the hospital where Kalisto was taken says that Kalisto has suffered hip trauma.

Roman Reigns made a statement that can be found on wwe.com. Roman says "Whatever point [Braun Strowman] is trying to get across, he's handling it the wrong way ... He's got a whole storm of payback that's about to come his way."

Video package plays on the Roman/Braun feud.

Austin Aries is talking to Kurt Angle and gives him a banana. Angle bumps into Miz and asks about the tag team partner. Miz says the tag team partner found him. Elias Samson is still walking around playing his guitar. Angle thinks that is his choice of partner, Miz says he doesn't even know him. Angle wishes Miz good luck and the Miz says he won't need it.

Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho vs. The Miz and ?

The Miz has the paper in his hand on who his mystery partner is. Miz reveals his partner to be...no music hits for the cue. Miz says that he must just be late so the match must get either postponed or cancelled.

GM Kurt Angle comes out and says that he has the match regardless if his partner is there or not.

Miz is pissed but the match goes on. Jericho starts it off with chops and throwing Miz into the turnbuckle. The two gang up on Miz and he goes over the top rope. Commercial break. Dean is the legal man but makes an immediate tag after the break, Jericho taunts then gives vertical suplex to Miz, knee to the back of his head while Miz rests on the ropes, tag to Dean, off the top rope hammering down on Miz's head. Miz on his knees begging, saying he has no partner, to have mercy. He extends his hand out for a shake, then Miz slaps Dean, rolls out of the ring, Maryse runs in front of Miz protecting him. Miz gets the break he needs and gains some momentum. Huge boot to the face of Ambrose, cover and kick out. Headlock by Miz, head butt by Dean, neck breaker by Miz, cover and kick out. Miz puts his hands up taunting Daniel Bryan's signature kicks. Ambrose goes for a roll-up, clothesline by Ambrose after Miz gets out of the rollup, hot tag to Jericho, shoulder tackle, Jericho off top rope onto Miz, running bulldog, lionsault by Jericho, goes for codebreaker, Miz counters, dropkick, Miz rolls out the ring and tries to retreat but Dean catches him, they go over to the announce table. Dean looking for a move, lights are out with Bray on the titantron and Bray Wyatt appears in front of Dean, delivers Sister Abigail to Dean and Jericho comes up from the ring. Bray helps take out Jericho and moves him to the ring with Miz. Codebreaker out of nowhere by Jericho, Sister Abigail to Jericho. Miz puts his hand up in victory next to Bray and then Bray gives Miz the Sister Abigail. Bray has taken control of Raw.

That's it for tonight's Raw but don't forget to catch the post-Raw podcast on fightful.com!

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