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Tonight is the go home show before Extreme Rules takes place this coming Sunday. Tonight all of the participants of the Fatal 5-way match at Extreme Rules to determine the number one contender for the Universal Championship will have matches tonight. This evening we will see a triple threat match featuring Samoa Joe, Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will have a one on one match. Will we find out who attacked Enzo Amore? Will Bayley stop the kendo stick wielding Alexa Bliss? Lot's to find out in anticipation for this Sunday!

Here we go!

Raw opens with a video package for Memorial Day.

Up first, The Miz and Maryse make their way to the ring. It's time for Miz TV. Miz calls Ambrose a cheater from their last title match where Dean disqualified himself and was able to hold onto his title. If Dean tries to pull that this weekend, he will lose his title due to the matches stipulation. Miz's guests for tonight's Miz TV are Sheamus and Cesaro. The two have a steel cage match with the Hardy Boyz for the Raw Tag Team Titles at Extreme Rules. Miz says that they deserve to become championships. They earned a big moment at WrestleMania and the Hardy Boyz took it from them. Sheamus says the biggest shame was the crowd turning on them as soon as the Hardy's showed up. He says the fans don't know loyalty. Miz says that the Intercontinental Championship will be his. Ambrose interrupts him and he comes to the ring. Ambrose says he doesn't always make good decisions and he can't help but think that he needs to make them shut their mouths. Miz says Ambrose is outnumbered. Ambrose says he isn't stupid. Out come the Hardy Boyz! Fists are flying. Ambrose and Hardy's clear the ring.

The Hardy Boyz and Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro

We return from commercial in the middle of an impromptu match. Team Hardy is in control. Sheamus and Matt end up in the ring and Sheamus has control with a healock. Matt makes his way out of the ring and Sheamus gives him chops on the apron using the ropes to his advantage. Sheamus tag to Cesaro and Cesaro has control, gives a big boot to Jeff Hardy knocking him off the apron. Matt manages to tag Ambrose and Ambrose goes to town on everyone. Sheamus tags himself in but has no luck. Swinging neck breaker from Dean to Sheamus. Ambrose goes to top rope and gets a knee to the face knocking him outside the ring. Commercial break. Miz and Ambrose in the ring. Miz delivers kicks to the chest and makes a tag to Cesaro. Cesaro makes tag to Sheamus and Ambrose doesn't have anyone to tag to since Miz took out both Hardy's. Sheamus goes for a cover and kick out. Ambrose gets place on turnbuckle. Shemus gets Ambrose on his shoulders off second rope. Dean reverses and flying elbow to Sheamus. Sheamus makes tag to Cesaro. Ambrose with huge clothesline to Cesaro. Tag to Miz and tag to Jeff Hardy. Inverted atomic drop, followed by dropkick. Jeff goes for Twist of Fate, counter, tag to Matt, poetry in motion, side effect by Matt, cover, Sheamus makes the break. Ambrose takes Miz out, throws Miz in middle of ring, Twist of Fate by Matt to Miz, tag to Jeff, Swanton Bomb by Jeff Hardy. Cover and win!

Winners: Dean Ambrose and The Hardy Boyz- Jeff covers Miz after Swanton Bomb

Backstage GM Kurt Angle is confusingly looking at his phone. Corey Graves is back there as well. Graves says that he wanted to give Kurt a heads up on the information he had. Kurt says if what he was reading was true, that it could ruin him.

Elias Samson is playing his guitar and singing about his match last week. He has a match with a guy named Zach Evans, who looks tiny in comparison to Samson.

Elias Samson vs. Zach Evans

Samson starts with knee to midsection. Evans tries to get in some chops but no luck. Huge clothesline by Samson. He throws this kid into the turnbuckle and smashes his face repeatedly into the apron. Samson grabs Evans and twists his body around the ringpost. Samson moves back in the ring and and gives him punches. Swinging neck breaker by Samson, cover and he picks up the win.

Winner: Elias Samson

Samoa Joe talks backstage and says that he know Finn Balor very well, he may have heart but he is breakable. Joe goes to talk about Bray Wyatt and he gets interrupted by Bray himself. Bray says Joe doesn't know him, that he sees the future, only one can defeat The Beast and that is the Eater of Worlds. He will not turn away from this fight. He tells Joe and Balor to give into their fear and "run".

Triple Threat Match: Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Samoa Joe

Bray leaves the ring and Finn hits Joe from behind. Joe comes back with his right hand and then chops. Finn with a kick to Joe's head. Finn tosses Joe towards Bray and Joe slides Bray into the ring with Finn. Finn goes for some hits and then Bray with punches. Then Finn returns the favor. Bray kicks him from turnbuckle, then Finn kicks him bringing him down. Now it is Joe and Bray, but Finn gets Joe from behind. Balor is back in the ring and delivers kicks to Bray. They go back and forth, Finn stays on his feet and then lifts Finn to top turnbuckle. Joe goes in and tries to capitalize and then a tower suplex with Bray at the bottom. Joe gets back in it Joe and Bray end up outside the ring. Balor goes over the top rope onto both of them, taking them out. Commercial break. We come back to Joe beating up Finn in the corner. Bray and Joe briefly team up to get Finn. Joe has Finn on the ropes and then Bray takes his turn practically choking Finn.Fin tries to rally against them both. He gets Joe to the turnbuckle then Bray takes out Finn from behind. Wyatt seems to be in control, telling Joe wat to do. Finn is flat on the mat. He finally gets to his feet and tries to fight back against two. Atomic drop, and then slams his body onto Finn's. Joe goes to do another drop and Bray takes out Joe, rolls him out of the ring and turns his sights towards Finn. Finn gets just enough energy with an overhead kick. Balor gets up and gives elbows, now Joe is back in the match. Balor is able to throw Joe out, then Bray and Balor takes Joe out with a sliding kick. Balor finds Bray outside the ring and delivers big dropkick to Bray. Now it's Balor and Joe in the ring. Balor gives chops to Joe. Joe takes out Balor and gets him in the Coquina Clutch. Balor gets out of it and delivers double stomp. Then Balor gives double stomp to Bray after he tried to go for Sister Abigail. Bray gets Sister Abigail on Joe, Balor sneaks up on Bray, slingblade, then Balor with Coup de Grace, goes for the cover, Joe interrupts, takes out Balor and covers Bray and steals the win!

Winner: Samoa Joe- cover over Bray Wyatt after Finn Balor delivered Coup de Grace

Rollins says backstage that he knows Reigns in the ring very well, that they both want to be the very best and that he owns Roman Reigns. That tonight he is sending a message to everyone tonight and he will change the course of WWE history.

Up next, Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann. It was announced earlier that at Extreme Rules there will be a mixed tag team match with Alicia Fox and Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann and Sasha Banks.

Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann

Dar goes in aggressive and slams Rich into the turnbuckles, Swann gets in some hits, Dar then goes for a quick cover and no luck, then he stomps Rich's face and goes to work on his left arm. Dar with another cover and kick out. Dar still works on Rich's arm and takes him to turnbuckle. Dar runs into a huge elbow and then the ropes. Rich with a clothesline and kick to back of the neck, cover and kick out by Dar. Rich goes onto the second rope, Alicia tries to distract referee and Sasha takes her legs out from under her on the apron causing Fox to go down, Swann does a Phoenix Splash onto Dar, cover and picks up the win. Swann celebrates in the ring and gets Sasha to dance with him, even synchronized.

Winner: Rich Swann- cover after Phoenix Splash

The Revival is backstage and after six weeks of no action, they say they will be back soon. They claim they have nothing to do with Enzo's attack last week. There is video footage placing the tag team at Raw backstage last week. Dawson says that they are top guys and wouldn't waste their time with Enzo.

Cass confronts Corey Graves on the topic of Enzo. It seems that Corey knows something no one else does.

Kalisto vs. Titus O'Neil

Titus throws Kalisto towards the rope and Kalisto comes back with a kick. Kalisto using his speed to his advantage. Kalisto with a boot to Titus' face, Kalisto falls and Titus rolls him up, grabs his tights and picks up with win with a roll up.

Winner: Titus O'Neil- roll-up

Titus takes a selfie with Apollo in the ring.

Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring. She doesn't think Bayley has the guts to use the kendo stick. Alexa shows Bayley's childhood trophy's and toys. There is a "Sportsmanship" award along with her yearbook. Bayley was voted Most Likely to Apologize. Alexa has guests that are people from Bayley's past. Alexa talks to Bayley's elementary school teacher who says that Bayley couldn't be without her dad. Bayley's ex best friend says that people took advantage of her. She also said that Bayley was too interested in watching wrestling to hang out with their friends. Bayley's ex boyfriend is also there to talk. He talks about Bayley and her dad's relationship. Says he only went out with Bayley to get to her best friend. Bayley comes out and is clearly frustrated. She runs in the ring and kicks Bayley in he fce and Bayley is beating up Alexs, complete with Bayley to Belly. She is ready for next week. Balyey makes her way towards the Kendo stick and Alexa knocks her down. Alexa breaks out her own Kendo stick and beats Bayley with it.

Enzo has been attacked yet again backstage. Cass asks what happens and Cass believes it is the Revival causing the drama.

Time for Cruiserweight's!

Austin Aries and Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. TJP and Neville

Aries and TJP kick it off, then Aries tags to Jack, TJP with advantage. Gallagher turns it around and they end up in TJP's corner. Neville tags in and back and forth between him and Neville. Tag to Aries. Neville leaves the ring. Commercial break.Back with Neville and Jack in the ring. Neville in control, uses his boot to smash Jack's head into turnbuckle. Nevile flips Jack over, cover and kickout by Jack. Neville puts his weight on Jack using his knee. Jack with headbutts to Neville's guts. He still can't get Neville down.TJP. TJP gets Aries off apron, TJP continues to control Gallagher. Jack with heabutt! Both men down, hot tag made. Aries on fire against Neville with consecutive chops and clohesline. Neville returns favor. Cover and kickout by Aries. Aries with big left hand. TJP takes Aries down on apron, Jack takes down TJP, suicide dive from Aries onto Neville and TJP. Men get back in the ring, Neville goes off turnbuckle, misses his move, Aries lands Last Chancery submission and Neville taps out.

Winner: Austin Aries and Gentleman Jack Gallagher via submission-Aries with Last Chancery on Neville

Backstage, Roman says he doesn't care if him and Seth are friends or enemies. No one owns him and tonight is about showing the world that this is his yard.

Neville is fuming on his loss.He gets questioned on if he is nervous for his match on Sunday now and gets no response.

We review the split of Golden Truth. Vignette of Golden Truth, he says he is back in the Director's chair where he belongs. He says R-Truth knew that Goldust wasn't meant for a supporting role and that R-Truth wanted the spotlight for himself. He says their ending will be golden. The Golden Age is back.

R-Truth has his own vignette. He says that he is a bad motha-shut-yo-mouth, and he is gonna shut Goldust's mouth.

Time for the main event!

Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

Lock up, break, Rollins goes around Reigns, roll up and kick out. Roman gets Rollins' arm, standing moonsault by Seth, cover, kick out by Roman. Roman rolls out the ring. Roman gets back in, Roman grabs Seth, headlock by Seth, Roman goes for clotheslines, looks for Samoa Drop, Rollins gets out and huge right hand drops Seth to the mat. He rolls out of the ring. Roman throws him into the barricade, Seth gets on the apron, Drive By by Reigns, driving Rollins into the ring post. Roman waits in the corner, goes for Superman Punch and gets caught with a knee. Roman outside the ring and Seth crashes on him outside the ring from the turnbuckle. Commercial break. We come back to Roman throwing Rollins over the top rope and then into the barricade. Both men get back in the ring and Roman has advantage. Rollins manages to get up in the corner and Roman delivers punches with his arm in the turnbuckle. Huge knee to the jaw by Roman, Roman looks for Superman Punch and Rollins catches him in the stomach. Seth with a sling blade and both men are down. They slowly get to their feet and Rollins with a running forearm into Roman in the turnbuckle. He comes back with another forearm, and then delivers a dropkick, Roman goes out of the ring, suicide dive by Rollins onto Reigns. Roman gives a Superman Punch to the jaw of Seth. Cover and kick out by Seth. Both men get back up. Rollins with a kick to the face and covers, kick out by Roman. Seth going to turnbuckle, goes to top rope, Reigns catches him with a right hand. Rollins is still on top of the turnbuckle. Roman goes to the second rope and lifts him on his shoulders, Seth reverses, throws Roman into the opposite turnbuckle, and Roman comes back with Superman Punch. Both men are down, Rollins rolls out of the ring. Roman still down. He rolls out of the ring on the opposite side. Roman runs into the steel steps after Seth moves out of the way. Seth tosses Roman back in the ring. Goes to top rope, Blockbuster to Reigns,Seth back on top rope, Frog Splash, cover and another kick out by Roman! Rollins goes to top rope again, Roman moves out of the way, Roman takes knee to the face, then Roman lands a huge spear! Cover and win by Roman Reigns!

Winner: Roman Reigns cover after Spear

Who will be victorious in the Fatal 5-Way Match this Sunday at Extreme Rules?

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