Ring of Honor Episode 278 The American Nightmare Returns & More!

The Rebellion vs Lio Rush, Jay White & Donovan Dijak

They forego the code of honor then Dijak takes out all three members of The Rebellion himself, clearing the ring. Lio comes in against Rhett then The Rebellion triple team Lio, isolating him in their corner and frequently tagging in and out. Jay gets tagged in and hops over King repeatedly then hits a brainbuster then a crossbody for a quick 2 count. King hits Jay with a spinebuster for a quick 2 count of his own as we go to commercial.

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Lio and company dive out of the ring and take out The Rebellion then The Rebellion triple team Dijak for a very close 2 count. Dijak and White clear the ring then they and Lio triple team Cole for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lio Rush via pinfall

-We then get a video package for Marty Scurll as we go to commercial.

-Cody comes out to the ring and explains why he joined The Bullet Club then Steve Corino comes out to confront him. Cody reminds him of how he said he didn't respect Dusty, but Steve says he loved his dad and it's either him or Dustin before Cody slaps him. Steve drops Cody then the match starts as we go to commercial.

Cody Rhodes vs Steve Corino

They brawl around outside then Cody hits a missile dropkick then Steve gets a quick 2 count off of a small package. Cody hits Steve with a series of strikes then spits in the face of Steve with water that he got from the outside. Steve then hits Cody with a series of strikes including Dusty’s signature dance moves and elbows. Steve then hits a package piledriver before grabbing the golden spike. Cody low blows Steve then hits a bionic elbow for the pin and the win.

-Jay Lethal comes out after the match and attacks Cody before he runs away.

Jay Lethal vs Jushin Thunder Liger

Lethal backs Liger into the corner immediately then stomps on him before hitting a cartwheel dropkick for a quick 2 count. Lethal hits a series of uppercuts then dropkicks Liger to the floor before before diving out onto him repeatedly.

Jay hits a scoop slam then Liger hits a backbreaker before sending Jay out of the ring and diving out onto him before getting back into the ring and playing to the crowd as we go to commercial.

Liger chops Jay then Jay hits the Lethal Combination then puts Liger in a rack then transitions into a Crossface, but Liger gets to the ropes. Jay hits a backbreaker then Liger gets a close 2 count off of a missed elbow drop then hits a frankensteiner for another close 2 count. Jay then hits The Lethal injection for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall

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