Ring of Honor Episode 283 The Tournament Of Excellence Finals Jay Briscoe VS Christopher Daniels & More!

Bull James vs Silas Young

Bull refuses to shake Silas' hand then when he goes to Silas attacks him, hitting him in several corners. Bull hits a head scissor takeover that sends Silas out of the ring, Silas telling him to get out of the ring and fight him like a man, then Silas runs around the ring before BCB tries to attack James. James ducks then takes out BCB before Silas hits a rolling senton to James to the outside then a double foot stomp once they're back in the ring. Silas plays to the crowd and stomps on Bull as we go to commercial.

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Silas is in control as we come back from commercial, James fighting out of a headlock then pushing Silas back into a corner before Silas hits a spinning neckbreaker for a quick 2 count. James makes his comeback and hits Silas with a series of right hands and a splash into the corner, but Silas hits an enzuigiri before coming off the top rope and Bull knocking him out of the air, following up with a running seated senton for a near fall. Silas escapes to the apron and misses a double foot stomp before Bull hits a monkey flip that sends Silas over the top rope and back into the ring. Bull hits a tornado DDT off the apron to BCB then Silas hits James with Misery once he's back in the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: Silas Young via pinfall

Colt Cabana vs The Boys 2 on 1 Handicap Match

Colt sends Boy #1 out of the ring then hits Boy #2 with a series of scoop slams then walks over top of him, then Boy #2 tags in Boy #1, the two double teaming Colt before mocking him and playing to the crowd. Colt then goes out of the ring to regroup as we go to commercial with Dalton and Colt squaring off by the commentary table. 

Colt is in control of Boy #2 before sending him flying over the ring and splashing into Boy #1 in the corner. Colt then sends Boy #2 into Dalton in the corner then Dalton fights with the referee before Colt hits Boy #1 with The Chicago Skyline. Colt then puts Billie Goat's Curse on Boy #2 for the tap and the win.

Winner: Colt Cabana via submission

Christopher Daniels vs Jay Briscoe The Decade of Excellence Finals Match

They shake hands before the match, then lock up for a clean break before Jay teases the Jay Driller, Daniels immediately countering and trying Angels Wings, but Jay counters that as we go to commercial.

Daniels has Jay in a side headlock, but he counters it, Daniels countering that counter into a drop toe hold and another headlock. Jay powers out of the headlock then hits Daniels with a back elbow and a big boot, Daniels rolling into the ropes, but Jay picks him back up and headbutts him. Jay sends Daniels into the corner and stomps on him, Daniels making his comeback and dropping Jay repeatedly with clotheslines, dropkicks and finishing with an STO. Daniels hits a facebuster in the second turnbuckle then a springboard moonsault for a quick 2 count. Daniels puts Jay in the Koji Clutch, but Jay gets his bottom foot on the ropes, Daniels whips Jay into the corner then drops him from before with a clubbing blow to the back of the neck for another quick 2 count. Daniels hits Jay with a forearm that sends him out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Jay clotheslines Daniels out of the ring as we come back from commercial then dives through the ropes and takes Daniels out onto the floor. Jay gets back in the ring, Daniels getting onto the apron, but Jay hits him with a series of punches, Jay trying to clothesline him again, but Daniels pulls the bottom rope down, Daniels hitting a springboard moonsault from the apron to the floor. They get back in the ring and both hit a cross body, then hit each other with clotheslines. They exchange strikes, then Jay hits a discus forearm that drops Daniels, Daniels getting a near fall off of a small package. Daniels then hits Jay with Angels Wings, but Jay somehow kicks out at the last second, the crowd erupting. Jay comes back and hits Daniels with a death valley driver, then Daniels hits Jay with a uranage, Jay rolling him up for a near fall then Daniels hitting Jay with another uranage. Daniels missing The Best Moonsault Ever, Jay countering with a thrust kick then a lariat that turns Daniels inside out for another near fall. Jay catches Daniels on the top rope, but Daniels fights him off and Jay is hung up on the top rope before Daniels hits an Angels Wings off of the top rope for the pin and the win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels via pinfall

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