Ring of Honor Episode 297 Results Frankie Kazarian VS Cody Rhodes & More!

-We open the show with The Bucks coming out and talking about how Kenny kicked Adam Cole out of the Bullet Club before Marty Scurll comes out and gloats about how he's the new leader of the Bullet Club in Ring of Honor. Adam Cole comes out to the stage and confronts them before setting up a match with Adam Page tonight as we go to commercial.

David Starr vs Josh Woods

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Woods backs Starr into the corner and hits him with a series of knees before Starr sends him out onto the apron, then dropkicks him to the floor. Josh comes back and suplexes Starr on the floor before rolling back into the ring, only for Starr to catch him in the ropes and hitting a DDT. Starr drops Josh with a lariat for a quick two count, then Starr drops Josh with an exploder suplex and a superkick for a near fall. They exchange forearms until Starr drops Josh with a high knee, then Josh comes back with a flurry of knees and kicks. Josh hits a high running knee in the corner before locking in a rolling knee bar for the tap and the win.

Winner: Josh Woods via submission 

Beer City Bruiser vs Jay Lethal

They exchange strikes before BCB throws Jay into the corner before Jay dropkicks him out of the ring. Jay beats on BCB around ringside before he comes back and hits him with several clubbing blows and chops before Jay sits him down and hits a cannonball as we go to commercial.

They're back in the ring as we come back from commercial, BCB focusing on the injured leg of Jay before he misses a splash in the corner and Jay hits a brainbuster and goes for an elbow drop off of the top rope, but BCB rolls out of the ring. Jay hits a tope to the outside before he starts brawling with Silas Young at ringside before the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Jay Lethal via disqualification

-They beat on Jay before Bobby Fish comes out with a chair for the save as we go to commercial.

Cody Rhodes vs Frankie Kazarian

Cody rolls out of the ring when Kaz won't shake his hand, then gets back in only for Kaz to clothesline him over the top rope. Kaz then goes out after him before throwing him across a table, then gets back in the ring and plays to the crowd. Cody then gets back in the ring and Kaz hits a spinning neckbreaker as we go to commercial.

They brawl around ringside as we come back from commercial, Cody hitting Kaz with a bottle of water before rolling him back into the ring and hitting a delayed suplex. Kaz rolls Cody up for a couple of near falls before Cody hits an Alabama slam for a near fall of his own. Cody hits a powerslam for another near fall, then they exchange forearms before Kaz hits a springboard back elbow. Kaz hits backstabber and a kill switch for a near fall before hitting a cutter for another near fall. Kaz counters both Cross Rhodes and A Beautiful Disaster before locking in a figure four.

Cody gets to the ropes, then after Kaz counters another Cross Rhodes Cody manages to hit it on the third attempt for the pin and the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes via pinfall

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