Ring of Honor Episode 300 Results CHAOS vs Hiroshi Tanahashi & The Addiction & More!

Beer City Bruiser & Silas Young vs Bobby Fish & Jay Lethal

BCB and Fish start it off with BCB putting Fish in a headlock that he's quick to get out of only for BCB to knock him over, then Fish shows off his speed as BCB looks tired already. Fish tags in Lethal who hops over BCB repeatedly when they run the ropes, BCB almost collapsing from exhaustion, his hands on his knees. Silas hands BCB a beer and he gets a burst of speed before going to the side of the ring and throwing up as we go to commercial.

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Lethal hits a tope to the outside onto Silas as we come back from commercial, then rolls him in the ring, signaling that he got tagged in during the commercial break. Lethal and Fish start tagging in and out and beating on him before BCB comes in and hits a uranage to Lethal before Fish hits him with an enzuigiri. Fish tags in Lethal before hitting a blockbuster to the outside, then Lethal and Silas tease their finishers before Fish accidentally kicks Lethal out of the ring. Lethal comes back in after they take out Fish, then hits the Lethal Injection on BCB before Silas hits him with Misery for the pin and the win.

Winner: Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser via pinfall

-The Kingdom beat on Dalton's boys after dragging them down to ringside before Castle comes out, then seemingly baiting him to the ring before the boys dropkick them out of the ring.

The Boys vs The Kingdom

The Boys hit topes to the outside before The Kingdom come back and send one of the boys off of the top rope and to the floor before hitting their finisher to the other one for the pin and the win as Castle looks on.

Winner: The Kingdom via pinfall

-Jay Briscoe comes out after the match and starts exchanging words with Dalton before Bully Ray gets between them as cooler heads prevail.

-Next we get a video package for Punishment Martinez as we go to commercial.

Punishment Martinez vs Joey Dadiego

Joey hits Martinez with right hands, but it doesn't phase him before he clotheslines him and whips him across the ring before slamming him down before hitting a senton. Martinez hits a running back elbow in the corner before dropping him with a right hand, Joey coming back with a series of right hands only to be choke bombed for the pin and the win.

Winner: Punishment Martinez via pinfall

-After the match he takes out Will Ferrara with a chokeslam, then drops Cheeseburger with a right hand, Jay White comes out finally and sends Martinez over the top rope, but Martinez walks back up the ramp perfectly fineĀ as we go to commercial.

CHAOS (Will Ospreay, Hirooki Goto & Gedo) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi & The Addiction

Will and Kaz start it off by exchanging wrist locks, Ospreay flipping a lot before playing to the crowd as we go to commercial.

Daniels sends Gedo out of the ring as we come back from commercial, then Goto drags him out of the ring and sends him into the railing, mocking him before rolling him back into the ring as Will takes out Tana at ringside. Will hits Daniels with a series of right hands into a scoop slam and a senton for a quick two count. Goto tags in and hits Daniels with a series of chops in several corners before whipping him across the ring and hitting a wheel kick. Daniels comes back and tags in Tana who sends Gedo and Will off of the apron before hitting each of them with a scoop slam as they get in the ring. Tana does the RAINMAKER pose before hitting a senton, then Goto drops him with a lariat before he tags Will back in.

Will then hits a double front flip springboard Pele kick to The Addiction before Goto hits an ushigaroshi to Daniels, then Tana hits a sling blade to Will as we go to commercial.

Tana hits a cross body to The outside before Will hits a shooting star press onto Kaz and Tana before Daniels goes for Angels Wings on Gedo only for Will to hit a roundhouse kick and Gedo the Gedo Clutch for a near fall. Gedo hits both members of The Addiction with right hands before they double team him, Daniels hitting a uranage before Tanahashi hits a High Fly Flow and Daniels The Best Moonsault Ever for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Addiction & Hiroshi Tanahashi via pinfall

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