Ring of Honor Episode 302 ROH Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match & More!

-We open the show with Cody talking about winning the belt before the lights go out and Christopher Daniels appears behind him. They then brawl around ringside before getting back in the ring and taking out referees as they come in to stop them. They keep clearing the ring while having an impromptu unsanctioned match. Cody teases his finisher, but Daniels clotheslines him over the top rope before holding up the belt as a mass of security forces Cody to the back.

Josh Woods vs Jay Briscoe

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They lock up to start the match before Josh takes Jay down before taunting him and telling him to bring it. Jay puts Josh in a headlock that he gets out of and takes Jay down again, locking in a armbar, but Jay is quick to the ropes for the break. Josh drops Jay with a series of kicks and knees before Jay hits a huricanrrana and a boot that sends Josh out of the ring. Jay then hits a tope to the outside as we go to commercial..

They exchange strikes as we come back from commercial, Jay getting the upper hand before setting him on the top rope, but Josh counters only to be dropped with a headbutt. Jay tosses Josh out of the ring and sends him into the railing before repeatedly before suplexing him onto the floor. Jay puts Josh back in the ring and goes for a suplex, but Josh counters with what Colt calls a ferris wheel suplex. Josh hits a release German suplex before hitting a running forearm in the corner and a reverse GTS for a near fall. Josh hits a springboard roundhouse kick for a near fall, then Jay hits a lariat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jay Briscoe via pinfall

-We get a video package for how Will Ferrara turned on Cheeseburger as we go to commercial.

ROH Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match

-The Young Bucks come out before the match and decide to make it a triple threat match for the tag team titles.

They take out both C2C and Tempura, clearing the ring before Sho and Yo hit double German suplexes onto the floor after pulling them out of the ring. C2C then takes everyone out at ringside as we go to commercial.

Nick takes out both Sho and Yo as we come back from commercial, but they hit a flapjack to him before they come back and double team Sho with a PK and a sliced bread for a near fall. Nick takes out everyone at ringside everyone gets in the ring and hits a move, then the Bucks hit a double Indie Taker when C2C have Tempura in the tombstone position for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Young Bucks via pinfall

Four Corner Survival Number One Contender Match

King drops Mark repeatedly before they do a bunch of flips and Mark red neck kung fu before Mark sends Kenny out of the ring. Sabin comes in since King was taken out, BCB in shortly after, BCB hitting a sit-out side slam when he catches Sabin coming off of the top rope before King gets back in and hits a springboard leg drop for a quick two count. King drops Sabin before locking in a last chancery, but BCB breaks it up, then Mark takes out BCB. Sabin comes back in with a clothesline before Mark takes out both BCB and King at ringside. Sabin then takes out everyone with kicks and a dropkick off of the apron as we go to commercial.

Sabin is in control as we come back from commercial, hitting a missile dropkick to King before Mark clotheslines in the corner and BCB hits a kitchen sink before splashing into both King and Sabin in opposite corners. BCB then whips Mark into the corner with Sabin before hitting a cannonball for a near fall. Mark catches BCB on the top rope, then they hit a tower of doom before everyone dives out of the ring into each other, everyone including BCB getting a move off before Sabin hits a tornado DDT to King, then Mark hits a fisherman's buster to Sabin. King catches him on the top rope, but both Mark and BCB come off of the top rope on opposite sides, Mark an elbow and BCB a splash for a double near fall. King then hits the Royal Flush to BCB for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kenny King via pinfall

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