Ring of Honor Episode 329 Results Flip Gordon vs Marty Scurll, ROH World Television Championship Match & More!

-Dalton Castle and the Boys come out to the ring to start the show where he talks about his career and journey to and in Ring of Honor on to his way to becoming champion before Jay Lethal comes out to the ring. Dalton mentions how Jay has never interrupted him before and acts oblivious as to why he's in the ring. Jay says that he's there to challenge him for the title and to congratulate; in that order and that Dalton is now the best wrestler in the world and he wants his shot. Dalton and Jay sit on the backs of the Boys, Jay quick to get back to his feet before saying that he wants to be at the top of the list to face Dalton before they agree and Jay leaves before Punishment Martinez comes out of nowhere and chokeslams him before holding the belt up as we go to commercial.

ROH World Television Championship Match

Silas Young (c) vs Simon Grimm

They exchange wrist locks and standing switches to start the match until they trip each other and get quick one counts. They counter each other until Silas hits a huricanrrana that sends Simon out onto the apron before clotheslining him when he gets back in the ring as we go to commercial.

Silas is in control as we come back from commercial, getting a quick two count before the two exchange forearms. Simon comes back with a series of European uppercuts before hitting a running forearm and a jumping clothesline. Simon then hits a bridging butterfly suplex for a near fall before Silas counters into a double foot stomp, then hits a high knee into Misery for the pin and the win.

Winner: Silas Young defeats Simon Grimm via pinfall with Misery to retain the ROH World Television Championship

-After the match Kenny King comes out and raps about how Silas cheated with a foreign object to win the ROH World Television Championship. Silas says that professional wrestling is about results and nothing else before Kenny says that he's drunk and ready to fight. Kenny spits beer until Silas' face before they're separated by security as we go to commercial.

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