Hey Fight Fans, we hope your Wrestlemania Week has been a blast and will continue to enjoy the action with a stacked show from Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling!


Honor Rumble Match

Kenny King and Minoru Suzuki come out to the ring first and Suzuki drops Kenny with a forearm before Cheeseburger comes in third and makes the mistake of chopping Minoru who nearly knocks him out. Beer City Bruiser comes out next, taking his time getting to the ring before he hits everybody with a jab and bites Minoru and Cheeseburger. Suzuki stomps BCB in the corner as SHO makes his way down to the ring. BCB backs SHO into the corner when he goes for a German suplex before Shingo Takagi and BUSHI come out next. YOH comes out and evens up the odds for R3K before BCB is eliminated and Shaheem Ali from Coast to Coast comes out number nine.

Rhett Titus comes out in the tenth spot and ignores everyone, opting to pose for the crowd until Kenny drops him with a capo kick. LSG comes out eleventh to help his partner Ali before Ryusuke Taguchi and Will Ferrara come out to revive The Dawgs with Rhett. The first BULLET CLUB member comes out to the ring in the form of Chase Owens before the leader of R3K, Rocky Romero comes out. Rocky hits his endless clotheslines until everyone hits a move to BUSHI in the corner before BUSHI is eliminated by Rocky. Brian Milonas is out next as both members of Coast to Coast are eliminated and Bad Luck Fale comes out.

Fale takes out the entirety of Shinobi Shadow Squad before he brawls with Brian and Rhett is eliminated next. Minoru eliminates Shingo as Tracy Williams comes in and exchanges forearms with Suzuki before YOSHI-HASHI enters the match as Ryusuke gets eliminated. PJ Black is number twenty one and Jushin Thunder Liger enters at twenty two. Liger eliminates Brian by himself and TK O'Ryan of The Kingdom comes out and nearly eliminates PJ before Vinny Marseglia comes out next.The Kingdom eliminate Tracy and Delirious comes out number twenty five, Tomohiro Ishii out next, Minoru beckoning him to the ring before Ishii eliminates PJ with a headbutt and Toru Yano comes out twenty seventh, but instead joins commentary and has Colt come in instead.

Colt runs in and drops several opponents with a bionic elbow before Hirooki Goto comes out next. King Haku comes out as Minoru beats on Goto and Haku applies the Tongan Death Grip to Colt before Yano saves him and The Great Muta comes out as number thirty. Muta eliminates Delirious before Minoru eliminates Yano and Colt before Ishii and Suzuki exchange forearms until Ishii puts Minoru over the top rope and Suzuki locks in an armbar in the ropes before Ishii eliminates him. The Kingdom eliminate Cheeseburger before they focus on Haku and eliminate him next, Ishii quickly eliminated before we're down to the final four of Vinny, TK, Liger and Muta. Muta and Liger then eliminate The Kingdom before Liger hits a shotei and Muta a dragon screw into a corkscrew diving elbow before Kenny King comes in and eliminates the both of them, having not actually been eliminated earlier.

Winner: Kenny King wins the Honor Rumble by being the last person in the ring.

-After the match Liger hits him with a shotei before Muta mists him and Kenny quickly flees to the back.