Ring of Honor Wrestling Episode 330 Results Will Ospreay vs Jay Lethal, The Kingdom vs Dalton Castle & The Boys & More!

Will Ospreay vs Jay Lethal

Will tries to take Jay down to start the match before Will counters a wrist lock and flips Jay. They go for a test of strength, but Jay immediately counters into an arm wringer and a straight armbar before they hit a double dropkick, only Will's landing and sending Jay out of the ring. Jay catches Will when he goes for a tope to the outside, then hits his signature three topes to the outside as we go to commercial.

Intercontinental Championship Match Announced For 4/23 WWE SmackDown

Jay rolls Will back into the ring as we come back from commercial and hits a series of backbreakers as Marty Scurll joins on the commentary table. Jay gets a quick one count before putting Will in a rear chin lock that he fights out of, then Will hits an enzuigiri into a slingshot senton. Will beats Jay down in the corner with forearm shots and European uppercuts until Jay hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Jay chops Will repeatedly until he falls to his knees before he comes back with a jawbreaker and a series of knees and kicks before hitting an enzuigiri and a 619. Will goes for a slingshot move, but Jay counters, then Will uses the ropes to hit a huricanrrana and send Jay out of the ring before finishing up with a corkscrew moonsault to the outside as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial to Will in control in the ring, going for the OsCutter, but Jay counters before Will counters a Lethal Injection and Jay another OsCutter. Jay hits a DVD for a near fall before going for Hail to the King, but Will gets up and catches Jay on the top, hitting a frankensteiner and a question mark kick into a sit-out side slam for a near fall. Will chops Jay in the back of the neck and gets another near fall before Jay hits the Lethal Combination and goes for a figure four that Will counters. Jay then hits the Lethal Injection after countering another OsCutter for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall

Kenny King vs Brian Milonas

Kenny puts a side headlock on Brian, but he shoves him off before Kenny does several flips and hits a capoeira kick before sending Brian out of the ring when he rushes at him. They get back in the ring and Kenny hits a series of chops in the corner while playing to the crowd before Brian catches him and drops him face first into the top turnbuckle. Brian hits a running splash in the corner before Kenny comes back with a few forearms only to be dropped for his troubles. Brian walks over top of Kenny and chops him in the corner before Kenny tries for a sunset flip, but Brian counters, Kenny getting out of the way before Brian sits down on him at the last second. Kenny drops Brian with a kick before hitting a shotgun dropkick in the corner, then hits an enzuigiri into a blockbuster for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kenny King via pinfall

-The Addiction and Scorpio Sky come out to the ring before the new on screen manager Joe Koff comes out to the ring and says that he should fire them. Daniels talks about their history together before threatening him and saying that they can give WWE and others their expansion secrets. Joe then says that when Final Battle 2018 comes around they are finished and their contracts will not be renewed.

The Kingdom vs Dalton Castle & The Boys

Dalton starts the match off with TK, the two locking up and going all around the ring until the referee makes them break. TK mocks Dalton only for Dalton to take him down with a double leg, then grapples with him before hitting his signature pose when TK goes to clothesline him; TK stopping in his tracks. TK tags Vinny in and he clotheslines Dalton in the corner before The Boys double team him with a flurry of fast paced moves. Matt comes in and tells Dalton to get in the ring, Dalton obliging and playing to the crowd to dueling chants in the crowd before they counter each other repeatedly until Matt hits an enzuigiri. Dalton sends Matt out of the ring before strutting around and playing to the crowd, then Vinny tags in and Dalton slams him down to the mat before hitting a half hatch suplex. Dalton then backs Vinny into his corner and tags Boy #2 in as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial to Matt sending Boy #2 out of the ring and Vinny and TK send him into the railing repeatedly while playing to the crowd. Matt goes out after Boy #2 and rolls him back into the ring before TK and Vinny double team him, Boy #2 trying to fight back, but they hit a double flapjack into a double leg drop for a near fall. Boy #2 fights his way to the corner before tagging Boy #1 in only for Boy #1 to get dropped with a running knee for a near fall. TK tags in and hits a spinning side slam before playing to the crowd, Boy #1 fighting his way out of the corner and tagging Dalton in. Dalton drops Vinny with a series of chops before sending TK and Matt off of the apron, tossing Vinny around the ring with a fall away suplex. Matt and Dalton counter each other in the tombstone position repeatedly until Dalton hits a tombstone, then Dalton hits a Bang-A-Rang to Matt that sends him out of the ring. Dalton then locks in the Julie Newmar for the tap and the win before both Boys dive out of the ring and take out Matt and TK at ringside.

Winner: Dalton Castle via submission with the Julie Newmar

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