Ring of Honor Wrestling Episode 331 Results ROH World Tag Team Championship Match, The Young Bucks vs Titan & Dragon Lee vs Best Friends

ROH Tag Team Championship Match

Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs The Dawgs

AEW Dark: Elevation Stream And Results (4/12): Best Friends Team Once More, Britt Baker In Action

Will and Alex start the match off with Alex in control early, Alex sending Will out of the ring before Chris kicks him from the apron, then MCM hit a double tope to the outside before playing to the crowd as we go to commercial.

Rhett is in control as we come back from commercial as we see how Will hit a tornado DDT from the apron and onto the floor with Chris during the commercial. Rhett uses Will as a weapon to beat Alex down for a quick two count before Chris is sent right back out of the ring when he gets back in, Alex taking out both Will and Rhett before hitting a back suplex to Will. Alex goes to tag Chris in, but Rhett yanks Chris off of the apron when he goes for the tag, then Chris comes back in and hits a PK to Will before hitting a huricanrrana to Rhett. MCM hit a double team move to Rhett before Will fights off a fireman's carry, then The Dawgs double team Chris only for Chris to send Rhett into Will then MCM hit a series of double team moves . MCM then hit a package neckbreaker powerbomb combo for the pin and the win.

Winner: Motor City Machine Guns retain their ROH World Tag Team Championship by defeating The Dawgs via pinfall with Made in Detroit

-After the match The Briscoes come out and challenge for the titles as we go to commercial.

Josh Woods vs Jonathan Gresham

They grapple to start the match, Josh showing off his wrestling prowess by taking Gresham down at will until he gets to the bottom rope for the break. Josh takes Gresham down again with a single leg before Gresham tries to take him down and even tries to show him how to, mocking him before Josh tosses Gresham into the corner. Gresham comes back with a dropkick to the knee before finally taking Josh down and starts focusing on his now injured leg until Josh comes back with a series of forearms, kicks and knees only to be immediately halted by a dropkick to his knee by Gresham as we go to commercial.

Josh sets Gresham up on the top rope as we come back from commercial only for Gresham to send him over the top rope and to the floor, then hits a springboard cross body to the outside before rolling Josh back into the ring. Josh catches Gresham with a jumping knee in midair when he comes off of the top before Josh hits another knee and finishes with a series of gut wrench suplexes into a powerbomb for a near fall. They counter each other until Gresham rolls Josh up for a quick two count, then Gresham pins Josh with a unique bridging pin for the win.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham defeats Josh Woods via pinfall with a bridging pin maneuver.

-Cody comes out to the ring and talks about his losing the ROH World Championship against Dalton Castle, saying that he was the better man and that he will get the title back when he invokes his rematch clause. Matt Taven comes out and mocks Cody about how he lost the title and his career in ROH and calls him a few choice words before dropping the mic and starting to leave. Cody stops Matt and says that his dyed blond hair got more of a bigger crowd reaction than Taven will ever get in his entire life. The crowd chants for Cody's hair before Cody motions for Matt to kiss his ring, which he does before low blowing Cody as we go to commercial.

-We get a vignette for Punishment Martinez before our main event.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Chuck and Titan start the match off by exchanging chops to the chest until they do several fast paced high flying moves that culminate in Chuck dropkicking Titan in midair when he goes for a springboard move. Chuck tags Baretta in and they hug before Dragon Lee gets the blind tag and Nick tags in, Nick hitting a series of arm drags to Lee before Lee comes back with his variation of Naito's leg sweep dropkick for a quick two count. Titan and Lee double up on Nick before Matt comes in and takes out Titan before dropkicking Lee out of the ring. The Bucks then hit a pop-up huricanrrana before sending Baretta off of the apron and clearing the ring, finishing up with the Rise of the Terminator. Lee hits a tope through the legs of Titan before everyone takes a turn to the outside until the Best Friends hug and hit a double tope to the outside.

Best Friends double team Matt once they're back in the ring only for a superkick party to break out, then the Bucks lock in a double Boston crab as we go to commercial.

Nick is in control as we come back from commercial until Lee comes back, then everyone takes turns coming in and hitting a move before BF get a near fall off of a piledriver. Nick hits a slingshot sit-out facebuster to Titan before hitting a moonsault to Chuck at ringside, then Lee hits a huricanrrana to Nick before the CMLL guys double up on Baretta. Lee hits a reverse huricanrrana before Titan hits a springboard splash for a near fall that Chuck breaks up, then Matt and Chuck work together to take the luchadores out before sharing a hug. Another superkick party ensues including Matt accidentally superkicking Nick for a near fall before they're sent into each other, then Lee is powerbombed onto the apron before the Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Young Bucks defeat Titan, Dragon Lee & the Best Friends via pinfall after hitting Titan with the Meltzer Driver.

-After the match The Addiction come out and attack the Bucks before being run off as we go off the air.


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