Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents Best in the World 2018 Results

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ROH Six-Man Tag Team Title Match

Official AEW Rankings (2/24): Previously Unranked Names Crack The Top Five

The Kingdom (c) vs Los Ingobernables de Japon

EVIL and TK start the match off before Matt comes in and attacks EVIL from behind. EVIL hits a side slam to Matt before tagging in SANADA. SANADA drops Matt several times before Bushi and Vinny come in. Vinny tries to rip off the mask of Bushi before SANADA dropkicks Matt when he does Tetsuya Naito's pose. EVIL gets a quick two count before Vinny and Matt drop him across the top rope throat first. Vinny backs EVIL into his corner and TK comes in, O'Ryan beating on him before Vinny comes back in and hits a diving headbutt for a quick two count.

EVIL fights his way out of the corner and tags SANADA in, SANADA clearing the rest of the Kingdom off of the apron before hitting a double dropkick to TK and Matt for a quick two count. Vinny distracts SANADA with a balloon before Matt drops him with a running knee for a near fall, then SANADA tags Bushi in who hits a missile dropkick and a double huricanrrana before all three members of LIJ team up on Matt for a near fall. Everyone then hits a move before Bushi mists Vinny and the Kingdom hit Rockstar Supernova for the pin and the win. 

Winner: The Kingdom retain their ROH Six-Man Tag Team titles by defeating Los Ingobernables de Japon via pinfall when they hit Bushi with Rockstar Supernova. 

Flip Gordon vs Bully Ray​​​​​​

Flip​​​​​​ immediately superkicks Ray twice before hitting a spear and beating on him in mount. Ray rolls out of the ring to catch his breath before Flip hits a flipping senton over the top rope. They get back in the ring after Flip beats on Ray at ringside and Flip hits a moonsault for a quick two count before Bully runs over him. Ray then misses a Vader bomb when Flip rolls out of the way before he goes for the Star Spangled Stunner and Ray counters it and low blows him for the disqualification. 

Winner: Flip Gordon defeats Bully Ray via disqualification.

-After the match Bully takes out Flip, Eli and Cheeseburger before Colt Cabana comes in and runs Ray off with a chair before he puts Flip through a table.

Eight Woman Tag Match

Sumie and Kagetsu start the match by teasing their finishers, then Sumie slaps Kagetsu before Hana comes in and calls for Tenille. Hana shoves Tenille down before she drops her with a series of forearms, then Jenny comes in, but Kelly attacks her from behind and the two exchange roll ups for quick two counts. Hazuki comes in next with Mayu before Mayu and Sumie team up against her. Oedo triple team Sumie when the referee is distracted before Kelly hits a snapmare into a kick to the spine for a quick two count, then Sumie counters a northern lights suplex into a DDT. Tenille gets the tag and takes out both members of Oedo and Kelly before putting Kelly in a tarantula and hitting a diving cross body for a near fall.

Tenille tags Mayu in who hits a double missile dropkick, then Hana hits a delayed suplex for a near fall. Kagestu accidentally hits Hana with a board before Sumie hits a diving cross body and takes out everyone at ringside. Mayu then hits a bridging dragon suplex to Hana for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mayu Iwatani, Jenny Rose,  Sumie Sakai and Tenille Dashwood defeat Oedo Tai and Kelly Klein when Mayu pins Hana Kimura with a bridging dragon suplex.

Kenny King vs Austin Aries

They lock up to start the match before Austin slaps Kenny and sends him over the top rope before Kenny rakes his back. Kenny hits a kitchen sink before stomping on Austin in the corner, then sweeps his legs out before putting him a modified abdominal stretch and Austin tosses Kenny out of the ring. Kenny sweeps the legs of Austin on the outside before they get back in the ring and Austin kicks Kenny back out of the ring when he goes for springboard and hits a diving cross body to the outside. Austin tosses Kenny into the railing before rolling him back into the ring and hitting a slingshot senton. Austin gets a quick two count before hitting a diving elbow drop onto Kenny when he's draped over the apron for another quick two count.

Kenny comes back with a jumping back elbow in the corner before Austin rakes his eyes and counters the Royal Flush into the Last Chancery. Kenny gets out of it before Austin hits a neckbreaker in the ropes and goes for a tope  but Kenny kicks him in midair. Kenny rolls Austin back into the ring before Austin rolls him up for a near fall and Kenny hits the Royal Flush for a near fall of his own; Austin grabbing the bottom rope at the last second. Austin tries to leave with his belts, but Kenny hits a tope and Austin hits a brainbuster onto the floor. Austin then rolls Kenny back into the ring and Kenny rolls him up for a near fall before Austin hits a brainbuster for the pin and the win.

Winner: Austin Aries defeats Kenny King via pinfall with a brainbuster.

Jay Lethal vs KUSHIDA

They exchange wrist locks to start the match before they run at each other and try to knock each other down. KUSHIDA hits a cartwheel dropkick and several flipping sentons to the outside before they get back in the ring and KUSHIDA hits a diving ax handle. KUSHIDA hits a standing moonsault for a quick two count before they take turns trying to suplex each other. Lethal counters a handspring move and starts focusing on the leg of KUSHIDA until he puts him in a single leg Boston crab that KUSHIDA gets out of by crawling to the bottom rope. Jay keeps focusing on the injured leg for a quick two count before KUSHIDA counters a figure four leg lock and Jay hits a series of tope to the outside.

KUSHIDA puts Jay in an armbar on the floor before rolling him back into the ring and starts kicking his arm. KUSHIDA counters one Lethal Combination into a roll up for a two count before Jay hits it on the second attempt for a quick two count of his own. Jay hits a rack suplex before KUSHIDA counters Hail to the King into an armbar in midair, Jay countering into the figure four before they get back to their feet. They exchange kicks until they collapse, then KUSHIDA counters the Lethal Injection into the Hoverboard Lock before Lethal counters a Michinoku driver into a cutter. Jay then hits the Lethal Injection for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal defeats KUSHIDA via pinfall with the Lethal Injection.

ROH Television Title Baltimore Street Fight Match

Punishment Martinez (c) vs Adam Page

They brawl to start the match before Adam clotheslines Martinez over the top and hits a tope before whipping him into the railing. They get back in the ring and Martinez hits Adam with a chair and busts him open before whipping him into the corner and the chair wedged between the turnbuckles. Adam misses a running shooting star off of the apron before Martinez powerbombs him onto the apron and chokeslams him into the railing. Martinez tosses Adam into the railing before setting up several chairs at ringside, then Adam hits a superplex off of the railing and onto the floor. They get back into the ring and Page hits several running forearms in the corner before Martinez turns him inside out with a lariat.

Adam hits a cradle piledriver onto a chair for a near fall before Martinez hits a curb stomp onto the apron. Martinez ties the wrists of Adam with a zip tie before dropping him with a roundhouse kick and hitting a curb stomp onto the chair in the ring for a near fall. Martinez puts a table in the ring and goes for a chokeslam, but Adam spits in his face before they end up on the outside and Adam spears him through a table after breaking the zip ties. Adam hits a moonsault before rolling Martinez back into the ring and Martinez boots him off of the apron and into the chairs set up at ringside. Martinez puts Adam back into the ring and dumps a bag of thumb tacks onto the mat before Page hits a back body drop onto the tacks. Martinez then counters the Rite of Passage before hitting the South of Heaven chokeslam through a table for the pin and the win.

Winner: Punishment Martinez defends his ROH Television title by defeating Adam Page via pinfall with the South of Heaven chokeslam. 

ROH Tag Team Title Match ​​​​​​

The Briscoes (c) vs Young Bucks

Mark and Nick start the match off before all four men get in the ring and brawl until the Bucks superkick them and beat them down. Nick hits a double pop-up dropkick before he and Matt double team Jay before Jay clotheslines both of them when Nick tries to dropkick Mark off of the apron. Mark stomps on Matt in the corner before Jay comes in and hits a running boot in the corner before hitting a basement dropkick for a quick two count. Mark comes back in and Jay chokes Matt at ringside as the referee is distracted before Matt hits a tope and finally tags Nick in who hits a flipping senton. The Bucks hit Rise of the Terminator before Mark puts Nick in a choke, then Mark hits a blockbuster off of the apron to Matt before Jay hits a neckbreaker and Mark hits the Froggy Bow for a near fall.

Nick hits a frankensteiner before tagging Matt in who drops Mark repeatedly with forearms before Jay attacks him from behind. Matt hits a double jumping clothesline before a superkick party ensues, then Jay hits the Jay Driller for a near fall before the Bucks counter the Doomsday Device. The Bucks hit a springboard Doomsday Device for a near fall before hitting More Bang for Your Buck, but when they go for the cover Jay hits an elbow drop off of the top to the referee. The Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver for a very close near fall before Jay throws a chair at Nick and Jay hits a Jay Driller onto a chair in the ring for a near fall. The Briscoes then hit an Avalanche Redneck Boogie for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Briscoes defeat the Young Bucks via pinfall with an avalanche redneck boogie to retain their ROH Tag Team titles when they pin Matt. 

ROH World Title Triple Threat Match ​​​​​​

Dalton Castle (c) vs Cody vs Marty Scurll

Cody and Marty send Dalton out of the ring before they argue and Cody goes out after him, Cody sending Dalton into railing before Dalton and Marty get back into the ring and Dalton starts chain wrestling and showing off his grappling skills. Dalton sends Marty out of the ring before Cody hits a neckbreaker and Marty superkicks Dalton from the apron before hitting a tornado DDT to Cody off of the apron and onto the floor. Marty and Cody get back into the ring and the two exchange chops and right hands until Dalton comes back in and takes out both Cody and Marty. Cody drops Dalton before Marty puts him in the cross face chicken wing and Cody locks in the figure four at the same time, Dalton managing to get out of both submissions before Cody gets a quick two count on Marty. Marty gets distracted by Brandi before Cody kicks him low and rolls him up for a near fall before Marty snaps his fingers and puts on Cody's ring before Dalton hits the Bang-a-Rang for a near fall.

Marty lays Dalton out with his belt for a near fall that Cody breaks up before everyone hits a series of roll ups and exchange strikes. Cody hits Cross Rhodes to Marty and Dalton tosses Cody out of the ring and covers Marty for a near fall before Marty counters the Bang-a-Rang and locks in the Cross Face Chicken Wing. Dalton then manages to hit the Bang-a-Rang for the pin and the win to Marty before Cody can break it up. 

Winner: Dalton Castle retains his ROH World Title via pinfall when he pins Marty Scurll with the Bang-a-Rang. 


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