Ring of Honor Wrestling Recap (7/14): Tag Title Match, Mark Briscoe, ACH, Addiction, TV Title Contender Bout, Silas Young, More

Welcome to the Ring of Honor recap here at Fightful.com, we'll be taking you through a look back at this weeks action that promises to be a good one, as "The Gift" Jason Kincaid takes on Donovan Dijak, The Addiction defend their ROH World Tag Team titles against Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser and in the main event, Mark Briscoe takes on ACH in a #1 contenders match for the ROH TV title.

Jason Kincaid vs Donovan Dijak
-Kincaid runs immediately down to the ring as we get a plug for tonight's main event; he has a lot of mannerisms that remind me of demon Finn Balor. Dijak comes out with Prince Nana. They mention that it is the 5th anniversay of ROH being affiliated with the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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As Dijak plays to the crowd we hear about another installation of Bobby Fish's Fish Tank segment. Kincaid has a lot of atheleticism, able to balance and bounce on the ropes, but Dijak catches him and tosses him through the ropes and outside. They battle on the outside until Kincaid hits a beautiful spring board sitout facebuster on the outside as go we go to our first commercial break. As we come back Kincaid goes for a sucide dive through the ropes, but is caught with ease by the massive Dijak who just tosses him over his head and onto the floor, his feet hitting the security railing. Dijak tosses Kincaid back in the ring for a lax pin that results in a 2 count then hits a brutal toss suplex that sends Kincaid across the ring.

The size difference between these two is made apartment when Dijak holds Kincaid with one arm then just tosses him sideways. Kincaid hits a series of innovative moves as he does a front flip double foot stomp onto the apron then a suicde dive that he turns into a sunset powerbomb that sends Dijak into the railing. Kincaid gets Dijak into the ring and hits a tornado DDT after being caught in mid air for a 2 count. I have never seen anything like this guy, Dijak had Kincaid up on his shoulders on the top rope, so he gets off, goes behind him and balances himself, standing straight on the ring post behind him for the Grave of the Fireflies for a close 2 count. Kincaid stays focused though as he immediately goes for an armbar. Kincaid goes up top for a double foot stomp, but is caught, Dijak then lands the Feast Your Eyes for the win. What a fast paced match with a lot of action, excellent way to start off tonight's episode.

Winner: Donovan Dijak via pinfall with Feast Your Eyes

-Prince Nana gets on the mic afterwards and talks up Dijak, making sure to mention that he's the best manager in Ring of Honor. Then we get a backstage video where ACH says he has this song in his head and it won't go away until he's the ROH TV champion and that ACH stands for Always Crushing Hopes.

Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship Match

The Addiction vs Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser

-Daniels cuts a promo in the ring about how the fans will get to see amazing wrestling, the kind that Ring of Honor was built upon.

Kazarian and Young start off at a fast pace, quickly aternatling pin attempts. A bit of comedy as they both go to shake hands and kicks to the midsection, but both freeze instantly and then have a clean break only to start alternating punches. Young gets the upperhand only for Daniels to come in, but he's quickly dispatched then Young and BCB double team Kazarian for a 1 count. Daniels then gets a blind tag unbeknownst to Young and they double team Young into a beautiful STO. The Addiction have the upperhand at this point.They are mentioning Kamaitachi a lot and how he will be facing Jay White who is making his ROH debut next week and that Kyle O'Reiley is getting his shot at ROH World Champion Jay Lethal in 2 weeks. BCB and Young have Daniels isolated in their corner. Daniels tries a Ric Flair-esque tactic to get a momentary reprieve but to no avail. The Addiction manage to gain some momentum after a springboard moonsault as we go to commercial.

-Mark Briscoe is backstage, talking about ACH and how good he is, but it's his destiny to win the ROH TV Title. Jay Lethal then cuts a promo about the Best in the World PPV that you can order on VOD.

We come back from commercial as BCB tags in Silas Young who takes out both members of The Addiction, sending Daniels outside. Kazarian hits a sitout jawbuster, but is immediately hit by a lariot into a backbreaker by Young for a 2 count. Silas hits a stunner on Kazarian and goes for the pin only to have Daniels break it up at 2. BCB is no where to be seen as Daniels and Kazarian double team Young for a 2 count. The Beer CIty Bruiser has been missing from this match for at least 5 minutes now.

BCB is finally back and tags himself in, Young ducks under and Kazarian lays out Daniels with a clothesline as gets the upper hand, but only momentarily as The Addiction back him into a corner then go for a superplex off the top rope. Silas quickly gets in and tosses Daniels outside as Kazarian has BCB sitting on the top rope. Young yanks him off the top rope and hits Misery, only to have Daniels rush in and hit Angels Wings. BCB is still straddling the top rope, Daniels tries to go for a superplex only to be shoved off and the 320lb Beer City Bruiser misses a frog splash off the top rope. Daniels capitalizes and hits the Best Moonsault Ever then Kazarian does a springboard leg drop for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Addiction via pinfall with Best Moonsault Ever into a springboard leg drop.

-Kyle O'Reiley is back stage and he cuts a promo for his title match against Jay Lethal.

-Bobby Fish is out in the ring for The Fish Tank. He calls ACH and Mark Briscoe out before their match in the main event later tonight. Mark says he's wondering what ACH actually stands for, saying he has some ideas, including American Child Hero, because he looks like he's a 14 year old boy who's been "eating grilled cheese all morning" Acrobatic Cat-like Horse Man...What? He has muscles like a stallion and the agility of a feline and even Ass-Cheeks-Huge; Mark Briscoe is something else on the mic. ACH says that Mark has a legacy and he doesn't and he has to beat Mark to beat Bobby to start his legacy, saying ACH stands for Annihlating Chickens Hopes.

ROH TV Title #1 Contender Match
Mark Briscoe vs ACH

Bobby Fish joins us at ringside as Briscoe takes an early advantage, doing his best to keep ACH grounded. ACH then hits a dropkick that sends Briscoe outside and acts like he's about to dive outside, but Briscoe does a combat roll out of the way. ACH then gets out on the apron and goes to kick Mark in the face only to have his foot caught and yanked off the apron and onto the floor. Mark takes advantage, landing some stiff shots and chops before bodyslamming ACH on the floor. Briscoe plays to the crowd, even imitating Cactus Jack before running on the apron for a diving move, but ACH avoids it and hits him with a chop across the chest as soon as he stands up then irish whips him into the ring post. ACH then runs completely around the ring then jumps on the apron and does a sideways head scissors, like a huracanrrana that sends Briscoe onto the floor. One thing that is made very apparent is that ACH is very athletic.They get back in the ring and after Briscoe dodges a diving ACH, ACH immediately hits a huracanrrana.for a 2 count. We head to our final commercial of the night.

Back from commercial, ACH sends Briscoe head over heels with a lariot then shows off his physical strength by flipping himself onto his feet with just his hands? I don't what I just saw, but he's super strong, to be fair the announcers have no idea either. ACH goes for a german suplex, but is blocked, gets out of the way of Briscoe running the ropes then gets behind and hits a beautiful snap german suplex for a 2 count.They both go for suplexes and both are denied until Briscoe gets behind ACH, he turns out around and Mark finally hits a suplex; pretty good series of moves right there. They both get to their feet at a count of 9 and exchange chops and forearms. Briscoe plays to the crowd and slams ACH into all four turnbuckles.

Briscoe catches ACH coming off the top rope and sends him to the mat then goes for the pin for a 2 count. The crowd comes alive as they both get to their feet, Mark hitting a very acrobatic death valley driver then heads to the top rope, Mark goes for the Froggy Bow, but is met with two feet to the face that sends him to the canvas. ACH then hits a running double feet stomp to Briscoe's face and finishes him off with a brainbuster and a Midnight Star, but somehow Mark has his senses to him enough to get his knees up. Briscoe then hits a fisherman's buster and the Froggy Bow for the pin and the win. What a match between these two, they were going non-stop and I can't wait to see where ACH goes from here.

Winner: Mark Briscoe via pinfall with the Froggy Bow.

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