Ring of Honor Wrestling Television Results for 11/3/18 Episode 372 Kenny King vs Cody Rhodes

-Bully Ray comes out to start the show, picking Silas Young for the Pick Your Punishment match before Flip Gordon comes out and Colt Cabana joins him before Sandman comes out to the ring. 

Pick Your Punishment Match

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Silas Young vs Sandman

Sandman immediately beats Silas with his Singapore cane for a quick two count before beating on him at ringside and putting a ladder in the ring. Sandman hits a ladderplex for a quick two count, Silas coming back with a series of right hands and putting a table in the ring next. Sandman then hits a flipping senton onto the ladder that is on top of Silas for a near fall. Silas then hits Misery for the pin and the win when he ducks a cane shot by Sandman.

Winner: Silas Young defeats Sandman via pinfall with Misery.

-After the match Bully opens his envelope and wears a Singapore cane out on the back of Flip, demanding that he says that he quits. BULLET CLUB and the rest of the roster then come out to the ring and encourage Flip to endure the punishment before Bully finishes with a low blow and he and Silas leave as we go to commercial.

Brit Baker, Kelly Klein & Karen Q vs Jenny Rose, Madison Rayne & Sumie Sakai

Sumie and Brit start the match off, Brit backing Sakai into the corner before Sumie turns it around and chops Brit. Brit comes back with a running clothesline into a knee before locking in a variation of a rings of saturn, Sumie getting to the ropes for the break fairly quickly. Brit hits a slingblade before Karen tags herself in and Jenny on the opposite side. Jenny focuses on the shoulder of Karen before tagging in Madison who hits a bridging suplex for a quick two count. Madison then hits a northern lights suplex for a near fall before everyone gets in the ring and brawl as we go to commercial.

Karen is in control of Sumie until she hits a huricanrrana and Madison and Kelly get the tag, Madison hitting a low dropkick before hitting an enzuigiri into the Rayne Check. Jenny gets the tag and Kelly hits a running European uppercut in the corner and Jenny locks in an abdominal stretch. Brit then refuses to tag Kelly and Jenny hits a northern lights suplex for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jenny Rose, Sumie Sakai and Madison Rayne defeat Kelly Klein, Brit Baker and Karen Q when Jenny pins Kelly with a northern lights suplex.

Cody vs Kenny King

They exchange standing switches and try to take each other down before Kenny drops Cody with a shoulder block and a hip toss. Cody comes back with several strikes and a delayed suplex before dropping King face first onto the mat for a quick two count. Kenny acts like Brandi trips him before Cody catches him in the ropes and hits a flat liner for a quick two count. Kenny hits a capo kick before Cody hits a drop toe hold and King trips himself again, Kenny dropping Cody with a right hand when he's distracted. Back in the ring Kenny hits a snap suplex and beats on Cody in mount as we go to commercial.

They clothesline each other before Cody hits a powerslam for a near fall and hits a Beautiful Disaster for another near fall. Cody catches Kenny on the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex for a near fall before Kenny counters Cross Rhodes into a roll up with his feet on the ropes for a near fall when the referee stops counting. Kenny hits a tope to the outside before rolling him back in the ring and hitting a spine buster for a near fall. Kenny then throws something at Brandi before she gets in the ring and Kenny tosses the title to Cody, acting like he got hit by him before he low blows the referee for the disqualification.

Winner: Cody defeats Kenny King via disqualification when Kenny low blows the referee.

-After the match Kenny goes to attack Brandi before Jay Lethal stops him and attacks Jay from behind before attacking Cody as we go off the air.

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