Ring of Honor Wrestling Television Results for 2/15/19 Episode #387 ROH Tag Team Title Match

Six-Man Mayhem Match

Chris Sabin and Luchasaurus start the match off with Lucha showing the former X-Division champion how athletic he is. Chris sends Lucha out of the ring and Kenny and Rhett come in and lock up before exchanging hammer locks and dodging each other until Shane gets in the ring and they double team him. Rhett and Kenny send Shane out of the ring and argue once they both try to pin Lucha until Flip sends Rhett out of the ring. Flip and Kenny exchange chops and right hands until Flip hits a springboard spear to Kenny and Shane launches him out of the ring when he shoves him away. Lucha drops Kenny with a bicycle knee and a roundhouse kick before everyone hits a move until they collapse as we go to commercial.

Rhett hits a tope to the outside and takes out everyone at ringside before Shane and Kenny get in the ring and Kenny hits a springboard blockbuster. Lucha boots Kenny out of the ring and Shane hits a cannonball off of the apron before Lucha hits a Meteoric Extinction to the outside. Flip hits a senton from the crowd, off of the balcony before hitting Shane with a 450 once he gets back in the ring to Shane for a near fall. The referee throws Kenny out of the match when he hits Flip with a chair before Lucha takes out Shane and Rhett takes him out before Shane gets back in the ring and Rhett hits Shane with a Samoan drop. Shane then drops Rhett with a knee before hitting a sit-down piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor defeats Rhett Titus, Flip Gordon, Luchasaurus, Kenny King and Chris Sabin when he pins Rhett with a sit-down piledriver.

Marcus Cross & Griff Garrison vs The Bouncers

Marcus and Brian start the match off with Brian tossing him away before doing the same to Griff when he comes in. Marcus and Griff try to double team Brian, but he takes them both out with a double clothesline before tagging BCB in. BCB misses an elbow drop and Cross hits an assisted elbow drop for barely a one count before BCB hits a Samoan drop and Brian tags in. Brian comes in and falls on Cross before cross hits BCB with a Kamehameha from the Anime Dragon Ball and tags Griff in. The Bouncers powerbomb Cross into Griff and Brian hits a superplex before BCB hits a frog splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Bouncers defeat Griff Garrison and Marcus Cross when Beer City Bruiser pins Griff with a frog splash.

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