Ring of Honor Wrestling Television Results for 7/19/19 Episode #409 Villain Enterprises vs Lifeblood

Four Corners Survival Match

Dalton and Jeff lock up to start the match off before exchange waist-locks. Dalton grabs the ropes when Jeff goes to powerbomb him and rocks him with a back elbow before Jeff dropkicks him and hits Kenny with a jack hammer when he decides to square off with Jeff for a two count. Kenny hits Jeff with a spinebuster and Dalton drops Jon with a boot before Kenny clotheslines Dalton out of the ring and hits Jon with a blue thunder bomb for a near fall before Kenny hits Jeff with an enzuigiri and sends him out of the ring when Jeff tries to hit him with a shoe he got from someone at ringside. Kenny then sends Dalton out of the ring and into Jeff before Jon hits Kenny with the shoe when the referee is distracted and rolls him up while holding the tights for the pin and the win.

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Winner: Jonathan Gresham defeats Kenny King, Dalton Castle and Jeff Cobb via pinfall when he pins Kenny.

Soldiers Of Savagery vs Local Talent

The Soldiers attack their opponents as soon as the match starts and they both hit a double chokeslam to both of their opponents for the pin and the win.

Winner:The Soldiers of Savagery defeat a local tag team via pinfall with a double chokeslam.

-Jay Lethal tracks down Jonathan and questions him about how he won his match earlier before Jon mocks him and leaves before we get a recap of Flip Gordon joining Villain Enterprises.

Villain Enterprises (PCO, Marty Scurll & Brody King) vs Lifeblood (Mark Haskins, Tracy Williams & Bandido)

Mark hits a suicide dive to on Marty while Tracy and PCO and Brody and Bandido brawl as we go to commercial.

We return to the action where Bandido hits his 21-Plex on PCO on to a chair for a near fall that Brody breaks up before Marty hits Bandido with a kendo stick and Brody gets a table out from under the ring and sets it up. Tracy and Mark then hit Marty and Brody with kendo sticks before Tracy throws a chair at Brody and Mark knocks the chair into Brody before Marty hits all three members of Lifeblood with his umbrella and lies Bandido on the table before Bandido hops up and hits Marty with his own umbrella when he's up top before hitting an enzuigiri, Marty snapping his fingers before Bandido hits an avalanche fall away moonsault slam off of the top and through the table for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lifeblood defeat Villain Enterprises via pinfall when Bandido pins Marty with an avalanche fall away moonsault slam through a table.

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