Ring of Honor Wrestling Television Results for 9/27/19 Episode #419 Defy or Deny Four Way Match

-We open the show with recap of the elimination tag team match between champions and all stars before we get highlights of a Six-Man tag between Shinobi Shadow Squad and Silas Young, Okumura and Felino in which Silas and the CMLL guys won before they were attacked after the match by Josh Woods.

-We get highlights of a very short match between Soldiers of Savagery and a local tag team in which SOS won in a matter of moments.

NJPW Castle Attack Night Two (2/28) Ongoing Results: Four Title Matches

-Jeff Cobb is interviewed ahead of the Defy or Deny match in tonight's main event.

Master & Machine (Griff Garrison & Marcus Kross) vs The Tate Twins

Griff and Brent get the match started, Brent and Griff at a standoff before Brandon gets the blind tag and hits a springboard cross body for a two count. The Tates then double team Griff as we go to commercial.

Brandon is in control of Griff as we return from the break, hitting a monkey flip into a double stomp for a two count before Griff comes back and takes out the twins with a double missile dropkick. Marcus man handles the Twins with ease and hits running splashes in opposite corners for a near fall that Brent breaks up. Everyone hits a move until it's just Griff and Brandon before Griff turns Brandon inside out with a Kamehameha and Brandon gets a near fall off of an inside cradle. Brent then takes out Marcus and the Twins hit their finisher for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Tate Twins defeat Master and Machine via pinfall

-We get highlights from last year's international Cup in which Mark Haskins defeated Hangman Page to win it all before we get a promo by Jay Lethal about the Defy or Deny match and talks about the importance of the ROH World Championship.

Defy or Deny Four Way Elimination Match

Kenny King vs Jay Lethal vs Jeff Cobb vs Matt Taven

Matt says that he beat all of his opponents before and that they're not on his level before all three of his opponents attack Matt. Kenny and Jay and Matt and Jeff pair off before Jay and Jeff are sent out of the ring and Matt takes Kenny down with a side headlock takeover. Kenny sends Matt onto the apron before Jay knocks both of them to the outside and he and Jeff lock up and Jay repeatedly tries to knock Jeff over, only to get knocked over himself, a dropkick only stumbling the Hawaiian. Jeff drops Jay with an elbow and Jay hits an arm drag into a suplex, but Jeff hops right back up and hits Jay with a hip toss of his own before missing a cartwheel dropkick. Jay hits a hip toss and a cartwheel dropkick of his own before Jeff hits a delayed suplex and Jay beats on Kenny at ringside as we go to commercial.

We return to Jeff chopping Matt in the corner before he throws him across the ring and Kenny hits a shotgun dropkick before Matt hits an enzuigiri and Matt and Kenny hit a double back suplex. Kenny and Matt drop Jay with kicks before Kenny holds Jay and Matt chops him for a quick two count, Matt following up with a floatover suplex for another two count. Matt sends Jay out of the ring and everyone brawls at ringside before Matt whips Matt into the opposite corner before Kenny hits a backbreaker for added measure. Kenny superkicks Jeff from the apron and down onto the floor before Jay lays out Kenny and Matt and Jay exchange strikes before Matt locks in a figure four. Jeff slams Kenny onto Matt to break up the submission before Jeff hits Jay with a running uppercut and a dropkick before hitting a scoop slam into a standing moonsault.

Jeff hits a helicopter slam for a two count to Matt before Matt hits Kenny with a PK for a near fall before Jay counters the Climax into a cutter. Everyone hits a move until they collapse and Kenny counters a Lethal Injection into a roll up for a near fall before Jay hits the Lethal Combination and gets distracted by Amy Rose. Matt then hits Jeff with the ROH World Championship and gets disqualified when he thought the referee had his back turned before Kenny hits Jay with the belt and hits the Royal Flush for the pin and the elimination. Jeff then counters the Royal Flush before getting a near fall off of a leverage pin and dropping Jeff with Bend the Knee before Jeff hits a snap German suplex and A Tour of the Islands for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb defeats Kenny King, Matt Taven and Jay Lethal via pinfall when he pins Kenny with A Tour of the Islands to gain a shot at Matt Taven's ROH World Championship.

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