TNA IMPACT Wrestling Live Coverage (September 15th) The Debut Of Aron Rex & More!

Welcome to the live coverage for tonight's episode of TNA IMPACT Wrestling! Tonight we have the in-ring debut of Aron Rex and we find out the fate of the Hardy's after Delete or Decay! Be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for all the action!

-We open with Matt Hardy at the Hardy estate talking about what happened last week then takes Jeff to the lake of reincarnation and prays to the seven deities to regenerate Jeff. Jeff comes back, but Matt puts him back under the water and brings back Brother Nero. Back in the Impact Zone we have Lashley coming out to the ring. Lashley is interviewed about the press conference from last week, Lashley saying that he warned everyone that he was going to rule this year and he showed EC3 what he was talking about. Grado comes out for no apparent reason to confront Lashley. Grado wants to take revenge on Lashley for EC3, saying that he can be beaten as Lashley knocks him down then beats on Grado, spearing him in half. Moose comes out next and gets right in the face of Lashley the two exchanging right hands then Moose drops Lashley with a clothesline, Lashley quick to get out of the ring. Moose says he's going to beat him tonight if he has to go back in the back and find him and drag him out. Lashley leaves without his belt as we go to commercial.

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Aron Rex vs Trevor Lee

Rex gets a roll up then Lee gets a pin, but both only get 1 counts; starting off very agressively. Rex drops Lee with a right hand then Lee sends Rex to the outside, hitting a big boot on the apron for a quick 2 count. Lee gets Rex grounded then Rex hits a series of clotheslines as the first round ends. The judges give Rex round 1 9-10 Rex 10-9 Lee 10-9 Rex. Rex whips Lee into the corner, but Lee drops Rex with a forearm for a quick 2 count. Rex gets a quick 2 count off a cradle pin then hits a side russian leg sweep, following it up with an elbow. Lee hits a jumping knee for a close 2 count then Rex drops him with a spinning lariat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Aron Rex via pinfall

Maria is interviewed backstage, declaring that Gail will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame tonight rather than at Bound For Glory as we go to commercial.

-We return with Matt finding Vanguard 1 in the forest. Matt falls to the ground screaming then prays for him to be restored and he is. We're back in the ring with Maria and Allie, putting down Allie then says she's going to induct Gail into the hall of fame. Gail comes out and confronts Maria who shows us a video package of Gail's career; all the times Maria beat the hell out of her basically. Maria gives Gail a picture of her with the belt as Allie gives Gail a real gift; saying that Gail is the best female wrestler ever. Dixie comes out and says that Maria has no power since she's the champion and that would be a conflict of interest. Gail will be in a gauntlet match tonight and if she wins she gets a match against Maria at Bound For Glory. Braxton Sutter and Rockstar Spud will be having an exposed arena match when we come back i.e. there will be no turnbuckle covers apparently.

Rockstar Spud vs Braxton Sutter

They exchange right hands on the ramp, then Sutter tosses Spud over the security railing. Sutter whips him into about 20 chairs then Sutter throws a few at him. Sutter takes his belt off then beats SPud across the back with his belt. Sutter tosses Spud into the metal grate that separates the sitting audience from the standing. Spud gets knocked over the railing then kicks Sutter low. They get in the ring and Spud whips Sutter into the corner, but he blocks it. Sutter busts Spud's mouth open then gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Braxton Sutter via pinfall

-Next we have Vanguard 1 flying to find Benjamin is tied up in a shed and tells him to go gather all the weaponry he can find for Bound For Glory as we go to commercial.

-Jeff, Matt and Reby are in the ring as Matt talks about Delete or Decay. Matt says he'll delete them at Bound For Glory as Decay's music hits. Rosemary is in the area where the hard camera is, saying that Maxell deserves a better family and that they'll never get the belts. Abyss is on the ramp, saying the belts are theirs and they will never get them. Steve is in the crowd, saying that they offer them their own destruction and decay. Matt says that they fear nothing; that their souls will live forever. Jeff says that even if they're broken, they survived and they'll go to war at Bound For Glory. Matt challenges Decay to something called The Great War. Abyss accepts, Rosemary saying that when they win their family will be complete, Reby attacking Rosemary then they all hit Twists of Fate on the members of Decay who quickly leave as we go to commercial.

-Mike Bennett tries to hype up Lashley backstage, saying he's going to beat MOOSE then might come back and finish him off.

Knockouts Gauntlet Match

Jade and Laurel Van Ness start it off, the two exchanging chops and forearms. Sienna comes in next and  Laurel and Sienna double team Jade. Sienna plays to the crowd then Gail comes in and hits a flying forearm off the top rope, dropping Sienna then Laurel. Sienna drops Gail with a clothesline then she and Laurel choke Gail and Jade in opposite corners as Mart Bell comes out. Marti drops Gail as Laurel hits a suplex on Jade. Marti and Laurel stomp and choke Jade in the corner, Sienna doing the same to Gail in the other corner as Raquel comes out and takes out all the heels. Madison Rayne comes out next and takes out Laurel, Marti and Sienna as we go to commercial.

Raquel takes out Sienna then Laurel drops her, only for Jade to drop her with a kick then Marti drops her with a pedigree, Madison dropping her finally. Laurel eliminates Madison Rayne, an interesting decision, but it makes her look strong in her debut match. Marti eliminates Jade then Laurel eliminates Marti as the two fight on the outside. Raquel puts a sleeper on Sienna, but is quickly dumped to the outside. Allie inadvertently gets Laurel eliminated, leaving Sienna and Gail in the ring. Sienna apparently forgot when it gets down to the final two that it's a regular match as she thinks she wins after she tries to dump Gail over the top rope. Gail hits Eat Defeat out of no where and gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Gail Kim via pinfall

Eddie Edwards vs Mahabali Shira

They exchange wrist locks early then Shira drops Edwards with a clothesline for a quick 2 count. Edwards hits a series of chops on Shira then sends Shira out of the ring, diving out after him as we're under a minute left in the round. Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party for a quick 2 count as the round ends. The judges give Eddie 10-9 over Shira unanimously as we start round 2. Shira hits a backbreaker for a quick 2 count then lifts up and drops Edwards for another quick 2 count. Shira keeps targeting the damaged ribs of Edwards then Shira drops Edwards for a quick 1 count. The judges give round 2 to Shira; 10-9 across the boards. Shira hits a power slam on Edwards for a quick 2 count, but Eddie applies a single leg boston crab for the tap.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via submission

-Bobby gets in the ring and says that he is the baddest guy on the planet and he's a business man and says he wants to fight him at Bound For Glory for the belt. MOOSE says he's right and he will accept that challenge. MOOSE goes to tackle Lashley, but Lashley dodges then Moose throws him into the railing, Lashley countering and doing the same to him. They exchange strikes, Moose dropping Lashley with a european uppercut then Lashley tosses him into the stairs. Lashley rolls him into the ring and mocks Moose who hits a beautiful dropkick on the champ. Moose goes to turn Lashley inside out with a lariat, but Lashley hits a spinebuster then spears Moose in the corner. Moose picks Lashley up and puts him on the top rope as Mike Bennett comes out and distracts Moose. Mike rakes Moose in the eyes then Lashley turns him inside out with a spear; the two stomping Moose as EC3 comes out, instantly dropping Bennett on the ramp, but Mike quickly rebounds. Lashley and Mike Bennett double team EC3, but he drops them with a clothesline as we go off the air.

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