TNA IMPACT Wrestling on POP 10/27 Allie Makes Her In-Ring Debut & More!

Welcome to the live coverage for tonight's episode of TNA IMPACT Wrestling on POP! Tonight after months of hazing and mistreatment at the hand of her mentor, Allie is set to make her in-ring debut against Laurel Van Ness! How will Allie fair in her first match? Be sure to come back here at 8PM EST to find out!

-We open with Matt in his pumpkin patch, thanking Benjamin and Vanguard One for creating an amazing corn maze that they then go through that's made in the Hardy symbol. Jeff starts eating raw corn as Matt also gets lost, Jeff not exactly liking how the corn tastes as Matt has a premonition. Matt says an outsider will come to the Hardy compound and deliver a looming message. We open in the arena with EC3 and Jesse Godderz versus Eli Drake and Aron Rex.

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EC3 & Jessie Godderz vs Eli Drake & Aron Rex

EC3 and Jessie keep Rex isolated and hit a double team move for a quick 2 count. Jessie focuses on the arm of Rex and tags EC3 back in as there are some very loud Eli Drake chants in the crowd. EC3 hits a missile dropkick for a quick 2 count then Rex tags in Eli who hammers EC3 in the corner before EC3 drops him with a clothesline that sends him to the outside. EC3 chases Eli around the outside of the ring then gets back in and tags in Rex. EC3 tags Jessie back in and Jesse goes for a boston crab, but Rex counters. Drake gets in and EC3 and Jessie hit a double flapjack that sends Eli to the outside as we go to commercial.

Rex is in control as we come back from commercial, having a side headlock on Jessie then hits a kitchen sink into an armbar, tagging in Eli who focuses on the midsection of Jessie. Drake drops Godderz with a clothesline then they clothesline each other. Drake gets back in after Rex does a little bit on EC3 then hits a few right hands then a skylord slam into an elbow for a quick 2 count.Rex comes back in and hits an elbow for a quick 1 count. Drake gets back in and puts a headlock on EC3 who quickly gets out of it and Eli hits a neckbreaker for a close 2 count, tagging Rex back in. They keep EC3 isolated as they both stomp on the ribs of EC3, the two exchanging strikes in the center of the ring. EC3 puts a sleeper hold on Drake, but he gets out and puts one on EC3. Jessie gets in and drops Drake repeatedly then hits a powerslam into an olympic slam. Drake rakes his eyes then tags in Rex, but Jessie gets rid of him, hitting a dropkick on Drake as Eli sends Jessie over the top rope. Eli hits a stunner on Drake. Rex drops Jessie with a right hand that knocks him out for the pin and the win.

Winner: Aron Rex via pinfall

-Maria is in the back talking about her attacking Brandi Rhodes who quickly walks in and Maria leaves. Grado talks about his favorite holiday is Halloween and says he has been diagnosed gluten free so he can't have candy, but he still does tricks. Next we have trick or treating at the Hardy Compound and Matt gives the kids green beans. Jeff answers the door and sings his song then Matt gives them all green beans. Rockstar spud says he's being overlooked and talks about Team X Gold, saying he's got two allies as we go to commercial.

Grado comes out and says this is his dream, but he wants more. Grado brings out Robbie E who Grado says is the best wrestler in the world. Grado calls for Robbie to come out and he finally does. Grado talks about Halloween and says he wants to be a Broman. Grado comes back out dressed like Robbie and covered in a spray tan, dancing around then he bumps into Robbie, knocking him over. Robbie follows him around the ring, trying to tell him to stop, but he won't listen. Grado falls into the ring then they fist bump, doing cartwheels as the Death Count Crew appear and murder them. They leave the ring as we go to commercial.

-Allie talks with Billy about her match tonight and Billy says that Maria doesn't make matches, but Allie says she has to make a stand.

DJ Z, Mark Andrews & Braxton Sutter (Team Go For Broke) vs Rockstar Spud & Crazy Steve & Abyss

Abyss and Sutter start it off with Sutter having the upper hand over Abyss. Sutter drops him then Abyss tags in Steve as Mark gets in, Steve dropping him with a clothesline for a quick 2 count. Steve pounds on Mark then Spud tags himself in, Andrews hitting a jawbreaker, but Abyss comes in and flattens Mark with a splash. Abyss hammers on Mark then tags in Steve, keeping Mark from getting to the corner at first then Andrew hits a roll through stomp, tagging in DJ Z. Z drops Steve with a clothesline then hits a jawbreaker into a back elbow, using Steve as a step ladder to dropkick Abyss off the apron. Z hits the ZDT on Spud out of no where for the pin and the win. This match had a lot of missed spots, but it still pretty good.

Winner: Team Go For Broke via pinfall

-Cody is interviewed about Maria attacking Brandi and says Mike is all smoke and mirrors and Brandi says she'll make Maria tap out as we have the contract signing for Lashley versus Eddie Edwards next week. Lashley says he'll beat Eddie up and that even if everyone wants him to win, he will lose. Lashley says he will destroy Eddie next week and the feel good story disappears because the belt needs to be on the shoulders of someone who can defend his belt against anyone in the industry. Lashley says the belt Eddie has is a joke and tells Eddie he should give him the belt so he can retire a champion. Eddie says the mind games won't work anymore. Lashley says he underestimated Eddie and took him lightly and made the mistake, that he got lucky and that this is real life and not a movie and that he got lucky and now he'll pay. Eddie says this is his whole life and he's signing the contract then Lashley does, Eddie asking what happens if he beats him again, the aura and mystique that surrounds him. Lashley flips the table and they square off, Lashley deciding to just sign the contract and leave, saying Eddie signed his fate and he made a mistake and it will be for the last time.

-Laurel talks with Braxton then we are back at the Hardy compound for more trick or treating Hurricane Helms comes to the door then leaves when they say he's too old. Matt tells Jeff he should be in costume and Jeff leaves and comes back as Itchweeed. Itchweeed brings out a weed wacker and puts some amazing artwork into the grass, making various symbols and pumpkins and other Halloween themed things.They pan out and it says "Happy Halloween" then we get a screen #ITCHWEEED.

Allie vs Laurel Van Ness

Laurel shoves Allie repeatedly then Allie shoves back, Laurel backing her into a corner then hits a snapmare before stomping on her hand. Laurel pulls her hair then smashes her face into the mat repeatedly, keeping a hold of her hair and throwing her around the ring by it. Laurel slaps her then Allie slaps her back, Laurel dropping her with a clothesline then chokes her. Laurel tosses her out of the ring then slams her face into the apron repeatedly. Laurel misses and hits the stairs then Allie puts her back into the ring, tackling her and hitting her repeatedly. Allie rolls her up for a quick 2 count then Laurel hits a curb stomp for the pin and the win.

Winner: Laurel Van Ness via pinfall

-We go back to the Hardy compound as Jeff sings a song, people dressed as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Benjamin tases Trump and says he'll build a wall then bury him under it. Vanguard One dressed as a ghost chases Hillary off. Matt says he will illuminate the nation with his broken brilliance and says "Broken Matt Hardy 2016".

A child dressed like spideman with a DCC mask hands Reby a tablet and tell them to watch the video. DCC say they warned them and the first attack was the warning shot and that they challenge them for their belts next week and the clock will run out.

Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis Bennett vs Cody & Brandi Rhodes

Maria and Brandi start it off, but Maria says she's not ready os Cody and Mike start it, Mike hitting a superkick for a quick 2 count. Mike is in control of Cody until Cody reverses a suplex into a stalling one, Maria slapping him across the face as Brandi is dying to get into the ring. Mike hits a cutter off the distraction for another quick 2 count. Mike is in control as we go to commercial.

As we come back Mike kisses Maria and stomps on Cody before hitting a suplex and mocking Brandi. Mike tosses Cody out of the ring then Maria kicks him, Brandi trying to get over to them. Mike throws Cody into the railing then Cody goes for a punch, but catches his arm on the ring post, Mike putting him back into the ring for another quick 2 count. Mike punches Cody then goes off the ropes accidentally knocking  Maria off the apron. Maria pulls Brandi off the apron as Mike pounds on Cody in the corner. Maria accidentally low blows Mike then Brandi gets in and she and Maria roll around on the mat and to the outside, Brandi chasing her around the outside. They get back in, but Cody cuts her off then Maria is sent face first right between Mike's legs, Cody and Brandi putting submissions on them, both of them tapping out.

Winner: Cody & Brandi Rhodes via submission

-Lashley attacks Cody after the match and sends him face first into wall then says no one comes into his house without permission as we go off the air.

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