TNA IMPACT Wrestling Presents - Total Nonstop DELETION

This is the live coverage for tonight's episode of TNA IMPACT on POP! Tonight we have a very special show as tonight is the special that was filmed at the Hardy compound; Total Nonstop DELETION, two hours of footage taken from the filming at Matt's house where we will see Eddie Edwards defend his TNA World Championship against Bobby Lashley and we have what is being called Tag Team Apocalypto, a falls count anywhere, elimination tag match open to any tag team in this world or any other and much more so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for what should be an unforgettable experience at the Dome of DELETION!

-We open with a warning then a montage to the Hardy theme and Matt rowing a boat then we get a fake news report.

Chris Harris: WWE Wanted To Erase People's TNA Past When I Came In As Braden Walker

-Matt and Jeff come out and Matt talks about the show tonight including the in-ring debut of King Maxel as Rockstar Spud comes out and says he's sick of all of the Hardys and says he wants Maxel gone, saying he wants to have a match with him. -Maxel comes out in a toy car then gets into the ring.

Maxel vs Rockstar Spud

Spud is tasered by Senor Benjamin and he pins Spud for the pin and the win.

Winner: Maxel via pinfall

-We get another news report as the Helms Dynasty heads to the Dome of Deletion then we see the Rock N' Roll Express show up for Apocalypto. We get another news report then Sienna is in the ring and saying that she looked for Rosemary, but she's not there, saying she's afraid of her. She issues a challenge to anyone to a match as Vanguard 1 comes out. The referee says he won't let Vanguard fight a woman so he has to leave then Sienna says she calls out any person in the world. ODB comes out of no where and attacks Sienna.

Sienna vs ODB

ODB is in control early, but Sienna comes back and hits a Samoan drop for a quick 2 count then ODB smashes into her before hitting a bronco buster then a meteora for a close 2 count. The referee is taken out then Sienna drops ODB with a boot before grabbing a chair and trying to hit ODB, but she gets out of the way as Vanguard 1 comes out and tries to count the pin, but the referee interrupts him then Sienna hits The Silencer for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sienna via pinfall

-The Helms Dynasty talk to Matt then he has a premonition that someone will enter the lake of reincarnation as we go to commercial.

Itchweeed vs Chet Sterling

Weed is in control early after dropping Chet then gets a quick 2 count, following up with a sleeper on Chet, but Weed turns out to be narcoleptic and he falls asleep. Weed gets up at 7 then they exchange right hands then Weed hits a drop toe hold into the ropes then hits a variation of a 619 before setting up a table. Weed hits an elbow drop off the apron through the table then puts Chet back into the ring and hits the Pesticide Elbow for the pin and the win.

Winner: Itchweeed via pinfall

-We get a recap of when they were at Matt's private zoo then Lashley comes out.

Eddie Edwards vs Lashley TNA World Championship Match

Lashley is all over Eddie immediately then Eddie runs the ropes before Lashley hitting a cross body then an elbow drop, tossing Eddie out of the ring then goes for a lariat, but Eddie counters then Lashley ends up hitting it anyway. The crowd helps Eddie after Lashley punches someone in the crowd as we go to commercial.

Lashley drops Eddie repeatedly as we come back, playing to the crowd then hits a neckbreaker for a quick 2 count. Lashley drops Eddie with a back elbow then chokes Eddie in the corner before Eddie hits a blue thunder bomb. Eddie hits a shotgun dropkick off the top rope then sends Lashley to the outside before diving out onto him, hitting a shining wizard when they get back into the ring then Lashley hits a dominator out of no where for a close 2 count. Eddie sends Lashley out of the ring then Lashley tosses him into the crowd. They fight around outside then Lashley spears Eddie through a door as we go to commercial.

-We get another flashback, this time for Delete or Decay.

Eddie and Lashley are fighting in the woods so the match hasn't ended apparently as we go to Tag Team Apocalypto.

Tag Team Apocalypto Falls Count Anywhere Elimination Match

Matt and Jeff come out first then the Helms Dynasty come out then the Rock N' Roll Express and Decay come out. Before the match starts the place fills with smoke and the crowd is made to leave as everyone fights their way outside as we see Lashley throwing Eddie around in the grass then choking him. The good guys attack the bad ones with roman candles then the Helms Dynasty get in a truck, but Matt attacks them before Jeff and the referee get on his dirt bike and chase after them. The Hardys and HD fight in front of road signs then Decay murder someone  literally ripping his heart out then the other teams decide to wait around. The Hardys and HD fight on a street and HD attack them with traffic cones before Decay murder more tag teams as a train goes by, the Hardys and HD fighting on train tracks. Next

Decay take out SHOWTIME as the Bravado Brothers sneak past then Abyss kills someone else by hitting them with a rock for the pin. Spud's teammate finally shows up and it turns out it's Hornswoggle. Matt's boat stops a pin attempt then the Helms Dynasty attack the boat before the Hardys take them out. Matt pushes Helms into the lake of reincarnation then he and Matt start to leave before HD act like 3 Count then they superkick Helms back into the lake. Matt and Jeff go to face RNR as The Bravado Brothers get a quick 2 count off of HD. The Hardys and RNR wrestle while there's a volcano going off and we see Lashley and Eddie still fighting. HD fight the Bravado Bros back in the dome then RNR are back at it, Jeff fighting Morton in adjoining cherry pickers then Matt lifts Morton very high up so he can't get down as Bravado get a quick 2 count on the Helms Dynasty. Jeff hits a swanton off the cherry picker, but misses then Matt hits a Twist of Fate to eliminate RNR. Spud and Hornswoggle take out the Bravados with a chair and Spud gets the pin before Hornswoggle powerbombs Spud then hits a frog splash, allowing HD to eliminate him. Lashley and Eddie are still fighting around as Morton is begging to be let down as Road Warrior Animal shows up then DCC show up to square off with Decay. Decay eliminate the guy from the Great War who has teamed with James Storm thereby eliminating them as we go to commercial.

The volcano erupts as we come back then The Hurricane comes out of the lake and we get another news report before Decay and HD team up against the Hardys. Jeff hits a Twist of Fate on Steve then Abyss hits a chokeslam on Jeff who grabs a roman candle, but Steve hits a low blow and chokes Jeff then Vanguard 1 and Abyss fight with roman candles. Vanguard takes out Abyss then Hurricane and Matt take out HD. They make reference to HHH saying he would be proud of how they buried them then Lashley kills Hornswoggle before Eddie jumps off a balcony and takes Lashley out. Decay are shown and the Hardy symbol is set on fire as the Hardys and Decay fight inside the fire. Steve and Jeff fight by the volcano then Matt hits Abyss with his board filled with nails as Steve pounds on Jeff. Jeff hits a Twist of Fate on Steve and sends him into the volcano then he flies into the air and lands in the ring then Matt pins him for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Hardys via pinfall

-After the match Reby announces she's pregnant as fireworks go off and the show ends.

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