TNA IMPACT Wrestling Recap (September 8th) The Final Deletion 2: DELETE OR DECAY

Welcome to the live coverage for tonight's episode of TNA IMPACT Wrestling! I'm Ryan Cook and I'll be taking you through all of tonight's action as we are set for battle as Decay and The Hardy's are set to face off at the Hardy compound! Who will come out on top? Will King Maxell become Rosemary's baby? All these questions and more will be answered tonight so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST!

-We open with Senor Benjamin and Vanguard 1 telling us to not try and recreate what we see tonight. We then get a video package recapping what happened last week. We get an opera version of Obsolete as Benjamin digs the graves of Decay. The show opens with Mike Bennett and Maria coming out to the ring. Mike says he should be the TNA World Heavyweight champion, but he's not all because of MOOSE. Mike says he fired MOOSE and now he can focus on Lashley. Mike says no one can get in his way as Dixie comes out. Dixie accosts Mike, Mike saying he's never been appreciated and that he will become champion and no one can stop him from becoming champion. Dixie announces that Mike will be taking on MOOSE at Bound For Glory. MOOSE is now officially a member of the IMPACT roster. MOOSE comes out to the ring and almost hits Go to Hell, but Maria distracts him and she and Mike get away as we go to commercial.

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-We have Mike backstage as we come back and says he won't face MOOSE and Dixie says that she'll void his contract if he doesn't.. Maria will defend her belt at Bound For Glory as well.

Gail Kim & Jade vs Sienna & Allie

Gail is aggressive early, taking out Sienna who quickly tags in Allie. Gail takes her out and sounds her out of the ring then they regroup and Allie tags Sienna back in. Sienna drops Gail and kicks her in the corner, hitting a splash that drops Gail for a close 2 count. Sienna is in complete control as the crowd is begging for Allie to get in the ring. Sienna hits a samoan drop for a quick 2 count, Gail countering with a neckbreaker and tagging in Jade.Jade drops SIenna with a series of kicks then a dropkick, hitting a huricanrrana. Allie gets tagged in and Sienna hits the Silencer on Allie for no apparent reason. 

Winner: Jade via pinfall

-Billy Corgan is backstage and teasing he'll make an announcement that could revolutionize not just TNA, but professional wrestling as we go to commercial.

-We come back with Matt and Jeff, Reby and Maxell at Matt's zoo. We meet a giraffe named George Washington then he and Jeff fight a kangaroo, ending with spider monkies; named after DJ Z, Mandrews and even Matt and Nick; The Young Bucks. Billy Corgan is out in the ring to make his announcement; the King of the Mountain title is retired and the TNA Grand Championship is replacing it.. Drew Galloway comes out and says that  he should become the first Grand champion. They introducing a new match that is literally the unified rules of MMA in the TNA ring. They will be having a 8 man tournament culminating at Bound For Glory. Aron Rex comes out and says he wants to face Drew for that belt, but Billy says that they'll face each other eventually and Drew is the first to compete in the tournament and that's next as we go to commercial.

Drew Galloway vs Braxton Sutter

Drew just picks up and throws Sutter around the ring like he's a feather for a quick 2 count. Drew chops Sutter in every corner then drops him with another, following it up with a jumping stomp to the head. Drew takes Braxton down and pummels him then hits a floatover suplex for a quick 2 count. Drew is certainly winning round 1; in my opinion 10-8, but they give it 10-9 round for some reason. Sutter hits a superplex for a quick 2 count and follows it up with a series of chops. They exchange right hands then Sutter hits a powerslam for a quick 2 count. They exchange right hands then Sutter drops Galloway and pounds on him in mount as the round ends; 10-9 10-9 Sutter 10-9 Galloway. Sutter hits a big boot in the corner for a quick 2 count, following it up with chops then Drew hits a piledriver out of no where. Galloway applies the Iron Maiden for the tap and the win.

Winner: Drew Galloway via submission with the Iron Maiden

-Rosemary and the rest of Decay steal a truck as we come back on the way to the Hardy compound. Next they show a recap of the press conference from today for Bound For Glory. 

-As we come back we see a backstage brawl they had after the press conference; seemingly setting up an ambulance match. 

Jesse Godderz vs Eli Drake

Jesse keeps Eli grounded the entire first round, but doesn't do much with it besides several quick 1 and 2 counts for a 10-9 round for Jesse and a 10-9 for Drake as we go to round 2. Eli starts off round 2 aggressively with a series of right hands. Drake hits a floatover DDT for a quick 2 count then Jesse goes for a rear naked choke, only for Drake to counter with a skylord slam for a close 2 count. Jesse gets hits version of the Walls of Jericho to end the round. The judges have it 10-9 Drake, 10-9 Jesse and 10-9 Jesse; Eli needs a finish. Drake gets a quick 2 count then tries to lock up a cloverleaf, only for Jesse to go for his Adonis Lock again, but can't get the tap. Drake has 90 seconds left to win. Jesse gets a quick 2 count after a fall away slam. Eli Drake hits Blunt Force Trauma out of no where and gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Eli Drake via pinfall with the Blunt Force Trauma


-Senor Benjamin and Vanguard 1 give us another advisory as Benjamin digs Decay's graves as Decay make their way to the house. Decay watch Reby and Maxell from the outside of their window only for Matt to interrupt them, declaring he knew they would come as we go to commercial.

They square off then the Hardy's chase Decay off towards the lake with roman candles. Matt tells Reby to go back to the house as Matt and Jeff continue their assault; Decay finding refuge behind the dilapidated boat. Matt hunts Rosemary in the woods as Senor Benjamin drags off the boat. Abyss in his brother's form gets tazzed by Benjamin then Steve tries to set Jeff on fire, the two quickly going into the pool. Matt keeps hunting for Rosemary as Benjamin starts to bury Abyss. Steve and Jeff fight underwater until Jeff chokes him out, getting up out of the pool. Suddenly Steve grabs him out of no where from under the water and drags him back in, slamming him into the cement at the bottom. Benjamin starts to bury Abyss, only for him to get out and choke him unconscious. Steve apparently can't see without paint so he makes it regenerate as Matt goes to get Rosemary, only for Abyss to assault him. Abyss goes to hit Matt with Janice, but Jeff steps in the way and takes the nail filled piece of wood to the stomach. Steve and Abyss are about to attack Matt, but Vanguard 1 comes to the rescue and scares them off. Roemary captures Maxell, but Vanguard 1 stops her momentarily, Maxell getting away after she spits mist in the drone's eyes. She tries to do it to Matt, but he sucks it all in and turns it back on her, temporarily blinding her. Reby and Maxell reuinite with Matt as Jeff is on the ground and Decay make away with Senor Benjamin as we go off the air. That certainly was something, reminds me of b-rated horror, I liked it.

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