TNA One Night Only: Joker’s Wild 2017 Report

Welcome to the TNA One Night Only: Joker’s Wild 2017 recap, your commentary team for the show consists of Josh Matthews & The Pope.

Jeremy Borash & McKenzie Mitchell welcome everybody to the event, then the explain the rules for the show:

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  1. There will be seven tag team matches with the teams drawn at random.
  2. The winners advance to the Gauntlet For The Gold at the end of the show.
  3. The winner of the Gauntlet For The Gold wins $100,000.

Davey Richards & Moose vs. Trevor Lee & Matt Hardy

The match begins with Richards working over the arm of Lee, Richards trips up Lee while bending his arm in an awkward fashion. Lee gets up and he holds Richards in a headlock, Lee then drops Richards with a shoulder tackle after releasing the head lock. Richards recovers and he trips up Lee before applying a surfboard hold to him, Lee eventually drops Lee with a forearm strike before tagging Hardy in. Moose tags in as well and he goes face to face with Hardy, Moose powers Hardy into the corner before taunting him a little bit. Moose powers hardy into the corner for a second time before Richards tags in, Richards drops Hardy and applies the Trailer Hitch to him.

Hardy breaks free and he assaults Richards with strikes in the corner, Richards fights back and he catches Hardy with a suplex. Moose tags back in and he nails Hardy with some headbutts that are followed by chops, Richards tags back in and he works over Hardy in the corner as well. Hardy recovers to catch Richards with a running clothesline and a bulldog for a near fall, Richards recovers and he drops Hardy with a headbutt. Lee interferes and that allows Hardy to hit Richards with a Side Effect, Lee tags himself in and he works over Richards in the corner. Richards fights back and Lee takes him down with a hard Irish whip into the turnbuckles, Lee then holds Richards down in a chin lock.

Richards tries for the comeback again and Lee drops him with a back elbow strike, Richards eventually drops Lee with the enzaguri. Richards tags in Moose and Moose drops Lee with some shoulder tackles, Moose cracks Lee with a spine buster followed by a senton. Lee recovers and he nails Moose with a forearm strike before tagging Hardy in, Moose quickly pops Hardy with some jabs before missing the game Changer. Hardy then bites the hand of Moose after landing a few punches, Hardy then hits Moose with a DDT. Lee tags himself in again Hardy gets angry, Hardy hits Lee with a Twist Of Fate and Moose follows up by hitting the Game Changer for the three count.

Winners: Davey Richards & Moose

Jeremy Borash is talking about the show backstage when Aaron Rex and Rockstar Spud arrive, Rex says being fabulous is their strategy for tonight.

Highlights from last years Joker’s Wild event air next.

Jesse Godderz & Bad Bones vs. Aaron Rex & Rockstar Spud

The match begins with Spud looking for the takedown on Godderz and he fails badly at it, Godderz trips up Spud and Spud gets to the ropes. Godderz then picks up Spud and he nails him with a press slam, Rex tags in and Rex quickly decides to tag Spud back into the match. Rex distracts Godderz and that allows Spud to chop block him in the back of the knee, Spud traps Godderz in the corner before wrenching away on his leg. Rex interferes behind the referee’s back to attack Godderz further, Spud continues working over the knee of Godderz. Godderz starts fighting back and he nails Spud with an exploder suplex, Bones tags in and he clobbers Spud with a series of clotheslines.

Bones then cracks Spud with a slingshot shoulder tackle, Rex attacks Bones from behind and the distraction allows Spud to knock Bones out of the ring. Rex then throws Bones into the ring post, Spud goes out of the ring before tossing Bones into the ring to get a near fall. Spud mounts and then assaults Bones with a series of punches for a near fall, Rex tags in and he grabs a microphone and tells people to take pictures of him. Spud tags back in he rips away at the face of Bones, Spud slows things down further by holding Bones in a chin lock. Bones shows his power by dropping Spud with a back suplex, Rex tags in and Bones cracks him with a Code Breaker. Godderz tags in and he cleans house on the opposition, Godderz then hits Rex with a back breaker.

Godderz then locks Rex in the Adonis Lock until Spud breaks it up, Godderz catches Rex with a drop kick before tagging Bones in. Bones and Godderz catch Rex with a double slam, Spud interferes and he winds up on the arena floor with Godderz. Rex puts on the brass knuckles and he punches Bones with them to get the three count.

Winners: Aaron Rex & Rockstar Spud

Davey Richards & Moose are interviewed backstage, Richards says that Matt Hardy hasn’t lost his skills and Trevor Lee is dangerous, Moose says it was great teaming with Richards.

Robbie E & Mahabali Shera vs. Eddie Kingston & Bram

The match begins with Bram putting Robbie into the corner before assaulting him with strikes, Robbie fights back by dropping Kingston with a series of clotheslines and a Thesz Press. Shera tags in and he drops Bram with a shoulder tackle followed by a slam, Robbie tags back in and he catches Bram with a forearm smash from the middle rope. Kingston tags in and Robbie drops him with a few punches, Kingston retreats to the arena floor and Robbie follows him out there. Robbie chases Kingston back into the ring and Bram interferes to take him out, Bram tags in and he chokes Robbie in the corner. Bram follows that up by dropping Robbie with a short arm clothesline, Robbie tries fighting back and Bram crushes him with shoulder smashes in the corner.

Kingston tags back in and he attacks Robbie with a series of punches, Robbie eventually drops Kingston with a clothesline after a failed roll up attempt. Bram tags in and he crushes Robbie with an elbow drop to prevent him from making a tag, Bram cracks Robbie with a few knee strikes before tagging Kingston back in. Kingston mocks Robbie while stomping away on him, Robbie counters a brain buster from Kingston by catching him with a suplex. Bram and Shera get the tags from their respective partners, Shera quickly cleans house on both of his opponents. Shera then catches Kingston with a power slam, Shera then nails a leaping Bram with a fall away slam. Shera catches Kingston with a Sky High for a near fall, Robbie enters the ring and he nails Bram with a flying clothesline. Shera looks to slam Bram and Kingston trips him up, Bram pins Shera while Kingston holds Shera’s leg down.

Winners: Eddie Kingston & Bram

Aaron Rex & Rockstar Spud are interviewed backstage, Rex runs away because his makeup isn’t on, Spud says wrestling doesn’t matter and the fans pay to see Rex.

Mike Bennett & Braxton Sutter w/Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs. Tyrus & Crazzzy Steve

The match begins with Sutter working over the arm of Steve, Bennett tags in and Steve freaks him out so much that he tags Sutter back into the match. Sutter drops a charging Steve with a drop toe hold, Steve recovers and he attacks Sutter with a few strikes. Sutter fights back by landing a few shots of his own, Tyrus interferes and that allows Steve to drop Sutter with a clothesline. Tyrus quickly attacks Sutter with a heart punch before slamming him, Steve tags back in and Tyrus slams him on top of Sutter for a near fall. Steve slows things down a little bit by holding Sutter in a dragon sleeper, Sutter eventually drops Steve with a suplex.

Sutter looks to tag Bennett in and Bennett is talking with Maria on the arena floor, that distraction allows Steve to regain control for his team before tagging Tyrun in. Tyrus hits Sutter with a few butt bumps before locking him in a nerve hold, Sutter tries fighting back and Tyrus drops him with a clothesline. Tyrus catches Sutter with a slam before crushing Sutter with a splash for a near fall, Tyrus goes for another splash and Sutter gets out of the way. Steve gets the tag from Tyrus and he misses a senton on Sutter, Sutter looks for another tag and Bennett avoids him and goes to the arena floor.

Sutter drops Steve with an enzaguri and Bennett tags him in, Sutter argues with Bennett as Tyrus tags into the match. Tyrus drops Bennett with a punch as Maria grabs Tyrus’s chain from the commentary table, Tyrus then hits Bennett with an exploder suplex and an avalanche in the corner. Steve tags in and he nails Bennett with a cannonball followed by a running knee strike for a near fall, Sutter hits the ring and all four competitors are going at it. Maria distracts Tyrus by showing him that she stole his chain, Bennett then hits Steve with a low blow. Sutter tags in and he knocks Bennett out of the ring, Sutter hits Steve with a spinning neck breaker for the three count.

Winners: Mike Bennett & Braxton Sutter w/Maria Kanellis-Bennett

Eddie Kingston & Bram are interviewed backstage, both of them deny that they cheated in their match, then they say they will win the battle royal and the money.

More action on Page Two...

Eli Drake & Paredyse vs. DJZ & Jeff Hardy

The match begins with Paredyse playing some mind games with DJZ, DJZ cracks Paredyse with an elbow strike followed by a hurricarana. DJZ then hits Paredyse with a few arm drags before tagging Hardy into the match, Hardy catches Paredyse with a middle rope axe handle drop. Hardy attacks Paredyse with some shoulder thrusts before tagging DJZ back in, DJZ and Hardy nail Paredyse with some double team moves for a near fall. Paredyse scrambles over to tag Drake into the match and Drake quickly assaults DJZ with a plethora of strikes, DJZ fights back by catching Drake with a high cross body and a roll up for near falls.

DJZ follows that up by nailing Drake with a jaw breaker followed by a springboard elbow strike, Drake rolls to the ringside area and he drops DJZ across the top rope. DJZ recovers and he knocks Drake to the arena floor, DJZ nails Drake with a baseball slide drop kick on the arena floor. Paredyse distracts DJZ and that allows Drake to drops him back first on the ringside edge, Drake then tries crushing DJZ’s head on the arena floor before tossing him back into the ring. Paredyse tags in and he cracks DJZ with a few strikes before choking him on the middle rope, Paredyse drops DJZ before catching him with a few knee strikes for the near fall. Drake tags back in and he drops and elbow on the back of DJZ, DJZ tries rolling up Drake and he gets nailed with a clothesline afterwards.

Drake follows that up by leveling DJZ with a power slam followed by an elbow drop for a two count, Paredyse tags back in and he works over DJZ in the corner. Paredyse then attacks DJZ with a Bronco Buster, Paredyse misses a drop kick and he is able to tag Drake before DJZ can tag his partner. Drake gets angry and he violently stomps on a downed DJZ, Drake knocks Hardy off the ring apron before getting a two count on DJZ. Drake continues slowing things down by holding DJZ in a chin lock, Drake then tosses DJZ into the knee of Paredyse. Hardy illegally nails a running Drake before DJZ drops him with a clothesline, Hardy and Paredyse get the tags from their respective partners.

Hardy attacks Paredyse with an atomic drop followed by a drop kick for a near fall, Drake hits the ring and Hardy nails him with a Twist Of Fate. DJZ teams with Hardy to hit Paredyse with Poetry In Motion, DJZ hits Paredyse with an ace crusher and Hardy lands a swanton bomb for a three count.

Winners: DJZ & Jeff Hardy

Backstage, Braxton Sutter is arguing with Mike Bennett and Maria Kanneliis-Bennett, Sutter syas that he never wants to team with Bennett again, then they both argue over what they would be doing with the $100,000.

Jade & Sienna vs. Allie & Laurel Van Ness

The match begins with Van Ness and Sienna prancing around the ring and refusing to battle each other, Jade tags Sienna in and Van Ness tags Allie in to the match. Jade starts working over the arm of Allie after a handshake, Allie breaks free and she focuses on the arm of Jade as well. Jade then drops Allie with a shoulder tackle, but then Jade and Allie exchange some arm drags. Jade fakes a handshake with Allie before rolling her up fr a near fall, Allie then tags in Van Ness after nailing jade with a drop kick. Van Ness then hits Jade with a drop kick for a near fall, Allie tags in and Jade drops her with some strikes. Sienna quickly tags in and she attacks Allie with a shoulder tackle, Sienna choke Allie on the middle rope.

Sienna picks up Allie and nails her with a hard Irish whip into the turnbuckles, Sienna charges at Allie to hit her with a shoulder tackle for the near fall. Van Ness also attacks Allie as she looks for the tag, Allie tries fighting back and Sienna catches her with a fall away slam for a near fall. Jade tags in and she nails Allie with a slam before tagging Sienna back in, Sienna swings at her partner and Allie rolls her up for a near fall. Sienna recovers and she quickly drops Allie with a clothesline, Allie escapes a hold from Sienna before nailing her with a jaw breaker and a flying clothesline. Van Ness slaps Allie and Allie slaps her back before tagging her into the match, Jade tags in as well and she drops Van Ness with a series of clotheslines followed by a gut wrench suplex. Jade and Allie then decide to throw their partners into each other, Allie hits Van Ness with a Code Breaker and Jade hits Van Ness with a package pile driver for the three count.

Winners: Jade & Sienna

Jeff Hardy & DJZ are interviewed backstage, DJZ says it was an honor to team with his idol, Hardy shakes hands with him before saying that the fans don’t know which version of himself they will see in the Gauntlet For The Gold.

Andrew Everett & Marshe Rockett vs. Caleb Konley & Eddie Edwards

The match begins with Edwards catching Everett in a headlock before dropping him with a shoulder tackle, Everett gets up and he applies a headlock of his own to Edwards. Everett taunts Edwards by doing some flips and Edwards chops him for his efforts, Konley tags in and he wrenches on the arm of Everett. Edwards tags back in and he nails Everett with a top rope axe handle drop, Everett is able to tag Rockett in and Edwards drops him with a hip toss, Konley tags in and he wrenches on the arm of Rockett. Konley also catches Rockett with a few roll ups for a few near falls, Everett tags back in and Konley drops him with a few arm drags.

Everett drops Konley by pulling on his hair and then he tags Rockett into the match, Rockett stomps on Konley before nailing him with a knee drop. Everett tags in and Konley fights both of his opponents off, Konley knocks Rockett out of the ring before catching him with a suicide dive. Rockett distracts Konley and that allows Everett to nail him with an enzaguri for the near fall, Rockett tags in and he attacks Konley with stomps in the corner. Rockett then hits Konley with a suplex followed by a leg drop for a near fall, Everett tags back in and he nails Konley with a standing moonsault for another near fall. Konley tries fighting back and Everett nails him with a knee strike, Rockett tags back in and Konley catches him with a tornado DDT.

Edwards and Everett get the tags from their respective partners, Edwards quickly cleans house on both members of the opposing team. Edwards then hits a charging Everett with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall, Edwards misses a top rope double stomp and he gets double teamed by both of his opponents until Konley makes the save. Konley knocks Rockett out of the ring before catching him with a suicide dive, Everett goes to the top rope and he misses his splash. Konley nails Everett with a super kick and Edwards nails him with the Boston Knee Party for the three count.

Winners: Caleb Konley & Eddie Edwards

Backstage, Sienna and Jade are arguing about what happened in their tag team match.

Eddie Edwards & Caleb Konley are interviewed, Edwards says that he and Konley have battled each other outside of TNA and he was happy to team with him tonight.

Highlights from all the tag team qualifying matches are shown.

Jeremy Borash & McKenzie Mitchell are in the ring with the $100,000 check and they explain the rules for the Gauntlet For The Gold, which is Royal Rumble rules until the final two, then pin fall or submission wins the match

Gauntlet For The Gold: Davey Richards vs. Moose vs. Aaron Rex vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Eddie Kingston vs. Bram vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs. Braxton Sutter vs. DJZ vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Jade vs. Sienna vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Caleb Konley

#1 is Davey Richards and #2 is DJZ, the action officially begins with Richards scoring a takedown on DJZ and he starts working on his leg. Richards twists the legs of DJZ while smashing them on the mat below, DJZ nails a charging Richards with a boot to the face that’s followed by a hurricarana. DJZ follows that up by catching Richards with a springboard elbow strike, Richards recovers by dropping DJZ with a running drop kick. Richards keeps the attack on DJZ by nailing him with a clothesline followed by a back suplex, #3 is Caleb Konley. Konley hits the ring and he catches Richards and DJZ with a top rope high cross body, Richards fights back by nailing Konley with a series of kicks.

Richards also attacks DJZ with a headbutt before Konley nailed him with a hurricarana, Konley then hits DJZ with a reverse death valley driver followed by a low clothesline. Richards gets up and he nails Konley with a suplex followed by a kick, DJZ sneaks up on Richards and they both try dumping each other out of the rinf. #4 is Bram. Bram hits the ring and he levels everybody with some clotheslines, Bram then drops DJZ with a flying knee strike. Bram grabs DJZ and he tries eliminating him until he gets teamed up on by everybody else in the match, Richards and Konley continue double teaming Bram. DJZ joins in and makes the attack a triple team against Bram, #5 is Eddie Kingston and he hits the ring to attack everybody but Bram.

Kingston tries eliminating Konley and Konley fights back to get free, DJZ attacks Kingston as Richards tried eliminating Bram. Kingston jumps Richards from behind to help Bram out, DJZ tries eliminating Bram and Kingston comes to the aid of his pal. #6 is Rockstar Spud and he watches the action while hiding in the corner, Kingston and Spud double team DJZ. Spud and Kingston then work together to attack Richards, Spud hides in the corner again while everybody else brawls. #7 is Eddie Edwards and he immediately attacks both members of The DCC, Konley quickly attacks Edwards and he eats a top rope Code Breaker. Edwards then dumps a dazed Konley out of the ring (Eliminated: Caleb Konley), Edwards and Richards hit DJZ with the Alarm Clock before dumping him out of the ring (Eliminated: DJZ).

The DCC battle The Wolves as Spud continues hiding in the corner, #8 is Jade and she gets cornered by The DCC and then Spud stops them so he can work over her. Jade quickly drops Spud with a super kick followed by a clothesline and several chops, Spud rolls to the arena floor and Jade tosses him back in the ring. Jade then attacks Spud with a series of kicks to the body, Spud avoids a missile drop kick from Jade as The DCC and The Wolves continue fighting. Spud then locks Jade in the camel clutch, #9 is Sienna and Spud makes an offer to Senna for them to double team Jade. Sienna turns on Spud and she crushes him with a power bomb, Sienna and Jade work together to throw Spud out of the ring (Eliminated: Rockstar Spud).

Sienna then attacks Jade and they are brawling in the corner, The Wolves and The DCC are still brawling around the ring. #10 is Aaron Rex and he immediately dumps the brawling Jade and Sienna out of the ring (Eliminated: Jade & Sienna), Rex hides in the corner as The Wolves continue fighting The DCC. Kingston attempts to throw Richards over the top rope a few times, #11 is Moose and he immediately attacks The DCC. Moose quickly throws Kingston out of the ring (Eliminated: Eddie Kingston), Moose confronts Rex and Rex simply eliminates himself from the match (Eliminated: Aaron Rex).

Edwards goes after Moose as Richards fights with Bram, #12 is Mike Bennett and he immediately attacks a downed Edwards. Edwards gets dumped to the ring apron and Richards accidentally kicks him off the ring apron (Eliminated: Davey Richards), Bram and Bennett double team Moose in the corner. #13 is Braxton Sutter and he immediately attacks Bennett, Braxton also brawls with Richards before both decide to double team Bennett. Richards turns on Sutter and he tries dumping him out of the ring, Moose continues smashing the face of Bram into the turnbuckles. #14 is Jeff Hardy and he immediately goes after Bennett, Hardy then drops Bram with a flying forearm strike.

Hardy goes back to Bennett and he tries throwing him out of the ring, Hardy catches Richards with a mule kick before clotheslining him out of the ring (Eliminated: Davey Richards). Bennett nearly tosses a charging Sutter out of the ring, Moose and Sutter work together for a short time in an attempt to eliminate Bennett. Bram eventually eliminates Sutter by clotheslining him out of the ring (Eliminated: Braxton Sutter), Hardy attacks Bram and works him over in the corner. Bennett knocks Hardy to the ring apron and then he super kicks Hardy to the arena floor (Eliminated: Jeff Hardy), Bennett and Bram start double teaming Moose.

Moose eventually sends a charging Bennett out of the ring (Eliminated: Mike Bennett), the last two are in the ring and that means a wrestler needs a pin fall or submission to win. Moose and Bram start exchanging blows in the middle of the ring, Moose nails Bram with the Game Changer to win the match (Eliminated: Bram).

Winner: Moose

After the match, Moose poses in the ring with the over sized $100,000 check. Jeremy Borash and McKenzie Mitchell interview Moose, who says he’s at a loss for words right now.

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