Total Bellas Recap 6/3 What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Tonight’s episode picks up exactly where we left off with Nikki and John trying to decide if they should call off the wedding.

Nikki tells John that she wants kids and thought she could sacrifice that for John, but she realizes she can’t. John understands that he has forced her into this position. He said he doesn’t think that they should go through with it, because they will end up just undoing it down the line if these are her true feelings. She said that she was ok pushing those feelings to the side. John said that she shouldn’t have to do that. Nikki says she can’t imagine her life without him. John says she hasn’t been honest with herself and he is not looking past that. She asks if he really wants to call it off, if it is the only way. John says yes, and he thinks she knows too. He says he is sorry. She apologizes to him and he says she hasn’t done anything wrong, that is what makes it difficult. She wishes she could feel different. She kisses him and says she doesn’t know what she will ever do without him. He says he loves her, she says she loves him too, always. They share a final kiss and he collects himself before leaving the room. Nikki immediately texts her mom and asks if she can come to her room. Outside the room, Kathy, Nikki’s mom, tells John she loves him.

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John drives off alone while Kathy and Nikki talk about everything. Kathy tells her it is very mature how they handled everything. Nikki says that she felt herself get very distant from him and she knew it wasn’t fair to John, especially to book the venue and put money down when Nikki wasn’t sure if she would go through with it. Nikki feels guilty for flipping his life upside down especially after buying their new home in San Diego. She tells her mom she didn’t want to lose him. Kathy says she feels so proud of Nikki for being open and honest with John.

Kathy and Nikki leave Napa. Nikki texts Brie and tells her that she needs her. Nikki shows up at Brie and Bryan’s house. Kathy is there as well. Brie is finally able to talk in person to Nikki. Nikki tells them that she is giving John a few days of space. Brie is also sad because John is like a brother to her too and she doesn’t want either one of them to be sad. Brie wants Nikki to be a mother and she is sad that this is the one thing that will not work for Nikki and John. Nikki is confused and hopes she didn’t make a mistake. Brie asks what the next step is. Nikki tells her she will be moving out but wants to wait a few days before she tells the rest of the family.

Brie tells Nikki that they are waiting to get final confirmation about Bryan being cleared to wrestle. Brie talks on the phone with Bryan and tells him that Nikki has asked Brie to not talk about the breakup to J.J. and Lauren. Brie gets her hair extensions in and highlights to replicate how she looked before she stopped wrestling. Brie is very excited with her look. She wants it to look perfect for Raw 25 and the Royal Rumble where she is set for appearances.

Brie takes the rest of her family besides Nikki to look at properties to get something more permanent in San Diego. She is thinking of Nikki and wants something that Nikki can stay in as well. Brie knows that her style differs a lot from Nikki and is trying to think of everyone’s preferences.

Nikki finally tells J.J. about the split and he sets up a dinner for the family. The topic of John comes up and Brie knows that Nikki is just putting up a brave face. Nikki says that it has been very tough, she misses him more than anything and she is confused. She feels like she lost some of herself. She feels like on social media she puts up a front and on the reality tv as well. She feels like she shows up as Nikki Bella but wants to be herself, Nicole, as well. Her family is being very supportive.

Brie takes Bryan to see a house that she really liked. She tells him that it also has a guest house for Nikki. It is a rental for a year, that it is in their price range. Bryan agrees to rent this house and really likes it as well.

Nikki doesn’t tell anyone besides family that her and John are broken up which makes things harder for her. Brie is nervous to see how Raw 25 will go since that will be the first time that John and Nikki will see each other since the split.

Backstage at Raw, Nikki sees all her friends and she feels like her life is fake, she is acting like she is still engaged to John. Nikki sees John backstage and goes to him. Nikki says he is just a magnet to her. She tells him that he hasn’t called or texted her since yesterday and he tells her that he is just trying to do the right thing. They both say they miss each other and he says he wants to talk to her so much more, but just wants to do the right thing. The Bellas go out for their Raw 25 appearance and Nikki can’t even enjoy it because of everything going on with John. Nikki just wants to get out of her pretend life and see what her real life will be.

Next week, the Bellas make their Royal Rumble appearance as Nikki continues struggling with the aftermath of the separation. Watch Total Bellas on E! Sunday nights and stay tuned with for your weekly recaps!

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