Total Bellas Recap 7/22 Paris Bachelorette

This week on Total Bellas, the Bellas are in Paris for Nicole’s bachelorette party.

Nikki has reserved a whole Chateau for her bachelorette party, and Nikki hasn’t been the life of the party. She’s been tired and not really been in the bachelorette mood. She talks to John on FaceTime and he can even tell that she’s not being very lively. Brie has planned a masquerade party for Nikki for their last night. Brie runs into some hiccups getting the right materials for the party and decides to take the girls to pick out their own ballroom gowns.

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J.J., Kathy and Kathy’s friend decide to try prank the Chateau they are all staying at. They toilet paper the outside of the home and try to make noises from the wine cellar to spook the girls. However, this backfires and the girls can’t hear their efforts at all. J.J. ends up just barging into the dinner room giving them a slight scare.

Nikki feels like she has continuously grown farther away from John and is emotionally having a hard time, but she doesn’t want to talk about it with any of the girls because she doesn’t want to ruin their fun there.

Brie pulls everything together for the masquerade party and Nikki is very happy with the result. They have an amazing dinner and then Brie has another surprise in store for Nikki, the servers that they had throughout their dinner are strippers. Even though this is something Nikki specifically asked Brie not to do, she still had a blast and it made the weekend actually seem like a bachelorette party. Brie and Lola do the finale which was them doing a mime show for Nikki. Nikki has a blast and it makes her forget about the emotional struggles she has been going through.

Back home in San Diego, Bryan tells Brie that he had his doctor’s appointment in which they are trying to clear him to wrestle again. Bryan says they are sending him to a couple more places in order to get cleared so he is not feeling very optimistic. One week later, Bryan announces at WWE that he has been cleared and will begin wrestling again. This is something he has been waiting for and feels like it is a dream come true that he gets another chance.

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