Total Bellas Recap 7/29 Follow Your Heart

Tonight, on the season finale of Total Bellas, Bryan makes his WrestleMania appearance and Nikki makes a big decision on her relationship with John.

Bryan talks to the Bellas on getting cleared by WWE and has a congratulatory dinner. Bryan is going to have his first match back at WrestleMania and Brie gushes over how proud she is of her husband and his determination to get back to the ring. Bryan is in heaven waiting for his match. The crowd goes wild when Bryan makes his way to the ring. Bryan says it is hard for him to keep the smile off his face during his match. Brie gets a picture message on her phone and it is Birdie watching Bryan wrestle on the tv. Bryan says that is a moment he will remember the rest of his life. He was so driven to come back not only for himself, but for his daughter as well. His one word to describe his WrestleMania experience is “Unbelievable”. Bryan is finally back where he is meant to be.

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The twins are then in Napa Valley five weeks before the wedding to make the final decisions. Nikki is frustrated that John once again can’t be there to make the choices with her. Nikki is excited at the venue and Brie is happy for her but at the same time feels the same as Nikki, John should be the one there instead of her.

After WrestleMania, Brie and Bryan celebrate their 4-year wedding anniversary. Brie’s phone continuously goes off and Brie only checks it to see if it is the babysitter, however, it is Nikki blowing up her phone. Bryan is frustrated, and Brie says Nikki is not okay. Nikki calls Brie and tells her that she is flying back to San Diego and that her and John might be calling off the wedding again.  Brie feels sad for her sister; however, she doesn’t feel shocked. Brie feels like their lives are not aligning.

Brie picks up Nikki and their mom Kathy from the airport. Nikki says that John is fighting really hard for her which makes it harder for her. Nikki says she feels like there is something that is keeping her from walking down the aisle. John is all in on their relationship, however, Nikki feels like after all the sacrificing she did for John, she needs to put herself first. Nikki feels like she rushed back into the relationship after John said he would have kids, but she should have given herself more time. Nikki feels like she has a time limit on everything and she feels more pressure. Nikki feels like she has been trying to force it, but she can’t anymore.

Nikki gets to Brie and Bryan’s house and is trying to make the right decision because she is so confused. John tweets are also confusing to Nikki and doesn’t know if he is badmouthing her or not. Bryan points out that she may be calling off the wedding only a few weeks before the wedding.

At John and Nikki’s house, Nikki is there alone to think on her final decision on everything and what to tell John. The next morning Nikki goes back to Brie and Bryan’s house and Nikki says that it was really hard to be at the house. She wishes it could be different, but she is so exhausted and done. Nikki doesn’t want to hurt him but knows that she is done. Brie and Nikki go to the beach with some wine. Nikki tells Brie that she told John how she felt over the last six years and Nikki told him that she needs him to let her go and let her figure herself out. Nikki is going to be moving out and their relationship is over for the time being. Nikki feels relieved and hasn’t been herself for a long time and is finally finding herself for the first time.

That's it for Total Bellas this year, however, Total Divas will be coming back to E! Channel on September 19th. Keep up with for all your weekly recaps!

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