MLW Fusion Episode 20 Results Tom Lawlor vs Jake Hager, Simon Gotch in Action!

Teddy Hart vs Vandal Ortugan

Teddy backs Vandal into the corner and stomps on him before dropping him with a right hand and Vandal counters a suplex into a roll up for a quick one count. Teddy drops Vandal with a high knee before beating on him with clubbing blows and hitting an electric chair into a lung blower. Teddy then hits another lung blower after toying with Vandal for several minutes.

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Winner: Teddy Hart defeats Vandal Ortugan via pinfall with a lung blower.

Simon Gotch vs Angel Pierce

Simon stomps Angel before immediately hitting a Gotch-style piledriver for the pin and the win in thirty seconds.

Winner: Simon Gotch defeats Angel Pierce via pinfall with a Gotch-style piledriver.

-We get a video package for the War Games match this weekend as well as Matt Stryker breaking down the rules of the match and the other matches on the card.

Jimmy Yuta vs Jason Cade

Yuta drops Jason with a boot as soon as the bell rings before hitting a tope to the outside and into Jason into the crowd. Jimmy rolls Jason back into the ring and hits a diving double ax handle for a quick two count into a snapmare and a dropkick. Jason pulls the referee in the way before hitting a bicycle knee and stomping on Jimmy. Jimmy comes back with a clothesline into a variation of a blue thunderbomb for a near fall before locking in a variation of the STF. Jason manages to get to the ropes for the break before Jason hits a reverse DVD for a near fall, then Jimmy catches Cade on the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex.

The former tag team partners then exchange forearms until Jimmy drops Jason with an open handed palm strike and the referee makes Jimmy back off until Jimmy is attacked from behind and Jason jumps up and covers Jimmy for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jason Cade defeats Jimmy Yuta via pinfall. 

-Kevin Sullivan argues with the Hart Foundation backstage until Teddy busts him open with a cane and leaves. ​​​​​​

Jake Hager vs Tom Lawlor

They start the match like an MMA fight with striking until they tie up in the ropes for a clean break. Tom tries for a deep single leg takedown, but Jake stops him and drives him back into the corner, Tom hitting Jake with right hands before resuming trying to take him down. Tom jumps on the back of Jake and puts him in a choke before Jake muscles free and tosses Tom across the ring. Jake continues to beat on and manhandle Tom while playing to the crowd until he takes Tom down with a side headlock and Tom finally takes Jake down. Tom hits a back drop before dropping Jake for a quick two count, then Tom hits a jumping back elbow in the corner and they end up out of the ring.

Jake comes back and smashes the face of Tom into the apron repeatedly before rolling him back into the ring and stomping on him. Jake puts Tom in a stock hold that he fights out of before Jake drops him with a boot for a quick two count. Jake chokes Tom in the ropes before hitting a float over suplex for a quick two count, then Tom comes back with strikes and clotheslines, but Jake catches him coming in and hits a splash off of the second rope for a near fall. Jake sets Tom up top before Tom puts Jake in a triangle choke until the referee makes him break it. Tom then hits an arm wringer before putting Jake in an armbar, Jake getting to the ropes for the break, but Tom chases him out of the ring and sets him on a chair before kicking him repeatedly.

Tom rolls Jake back into the ring and hits a series of suplexes and goes for a rear naked choke, but Jake gets to the ropes before Tom hits a pump handle suplex. Tom takes Jake down before locking in an armbar before Jake counters into an ankle lock, Tom getting to the bottom rope right before tapping. Jake beats on Tom with right hands and elbows before Tom pokes him in the eyes and pins Jake with a victory roll for the win.

Winner: Tom Lawlor defeats Jake Hager via pinfall with a victory roll. 

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