WCPW True Destiny Live Viewing Party & Discussion!

This is the Fightful.com live viewing party for WCPW True Destiny where in our main event we have a dream match as Kurt Angle has his final match in the UK when he takes on Alberto El Patron! Joe Hendry looks to finally become WCPW Champion when he challenges Drew Galloway, former AAA and Lucha Underground star Pentagon Jr takes on fellow Lucha Underground star Drago and Will Ospreay takes on Ricochet in a rematch everyone has been waiting for and much more! Be sure to come back here at 1:30PM EST for all of the action!

Will Ospreay vs Ricochet

They almost knock themselves out immediately then exchange strikes once they're back up. They then do flips for a solid minute then the top rope breaks.They then hit a double shining wizard to stall for time. Once they're back up they exchange strikes then Ricochet goes out of the ring and Ospreay dives through the second rope as the ring crew tries to fix the top rope which has seemingly snapped from one of the turnbuckles. Ricochet chops Will at ringside then Will back drops Ricochet on the apron before playing to the crowd. They get back in the ring and Ricochet grabs the top turnbuckle and does a standing moonsault for a quick 2 count. Will whips Ricochet through first into the second rope then Will does a springboard forearm off of the second rope, the two not letting not having a top rope stop them. Ricochet hits Will with a powerslam backbreaker then they just opt to take the top rope off on all sides. Ricochet hits Ospreay with a spinning springboard elbow then a snap dragon suplex for a near fall. Ospreay hits a roundhouse kick then hits Ricochet in the corner with forearms before hitting a stalled dropkick into a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. They then exchange kicks before Ricochet hits a reverse frankensteiner then Will hits a standing Spanish fly. They exchange strikes again then Ospreay hits a cutter when Ricochet goes for a suplex, the two doing more flipping then Ricochet misses from the second rope before hitting Ospreay with a lumbar check, but Ospreay counts out at one. Ricochet then finishes him off with Vertigo for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ricochet via pinfall

Primate vs Rampage I Quit Match

Rampage comes right after Primate immediately, hitting him with a series of strikes then a suplex before Primate goes to the outside to regroup. Primate gets back in the ring once Rampage chases him. Rampage gets a Kendo stick out from under the ring, but Primate dropkicks him when he tries to get back in. Primate grabs the stick and runs at Rampage, but he kicks him then comes off the top rope, following up with clubbing blows in the corner. Rampage comes off the top rope, but Primate hits him with the stick, following up with a spear. Primate then grabs a chair out from under the ring before hitting Rampage in the sternum with it repeatedly. Primate then beats on Rampage around ringside before Rampage sends Primate face first into the ring post. Rampage then grabs the wooden steps, but Primate kicks him, causing him to drop them then Primate breaks them. Rampage then grabs a piece of the wood and chokes Primate with it before Primate backs him into the apron. Rampage then puts a strap around Primate's throat and tries to choke him out, but he won't quit. Primate sends Rampage into a ring post then hits Rampage repeatedly with the strap before Rampage gets back in the ring. Primate then gets a table out from under the ring and sets it up before Rampage clubs him in the corner, only for Primate to suplex him off the top rope and through the table. Primate then puts several chairs in the ring before Rampage hits him with a chair when he tries to get back into the ring. Rampage then sets up two chairs with one in the middle then slams Primate through them, but he won't give up. Rampage then piledrives Primate onto a chair, but he still won't give up, Rampage tossing him out of the ring then piledrives him on the floor, Rampage putting him back into the ring and tapping his hands to the ropes in the corner. Rampage then grabs a chain out from under the ring before choking him with it. James R. Kennedy then throws in the towel and Rampage wins.

Winner: Rampage

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