WCPW True Destiny Live Viewing Party & Discussion!

This is the Fightful.com live viewing party for WCPW True Destiny where in our main event we have a dream match as Kurt Angle has his final match in the UK when he takes on Alberto El Patron! Joe Hendry looks to finally become WCPW Champion when he challenges Drew Galloway, former AAA and Lucha Underground star Pentagon Jr takes on fellow Lucha Underground star Drago and Will Ospreay takes on Ricochet in a rematch everyone has been waiting for and much more! Be sure to come back here at 1:30PM EST for all of the action!

Will Ospreay vs Ricochet

Booker T Says Talk Of Triple H And WrestleMania 19 Was Never Part Of A&E Biography

They almost knock themselves out immediately then exchange strikes once they're back up. They then do flips for a solid minute then the top rope breaks.They then hit a double shining wizard to stall for time. Once they're back up they exchange strikes then Ricochet goes out of the ring and Ospreay dives through the second rope as the ring crew tries to fix the top rope which has seemingly snapped from one of the turnbuckles. Ricochet chops Will at ringside then Will back drops Ricochet on the apron before playing to the crowd. They get back in the ring and Ricochet grabs the top turnbuckle and does a standing moonsault for a quick 2 count. Will whips Ricochet through first into the second rope then Will does a springboard forearm off of the second rope, the two not letting not having a top rope stop them. Ricochet hits Will with a powerslam backbreaker then they just opt to take the top rope off on all sides. Ricochet hits Ospreay with a spinning springboard elbow then a snap dragon suplex for a near fall. Ospreay hits a roundhouse kick then hits Ricochet in the corner with forearms before hitting a stalled dropkick into a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. They then exchange kicks before Ricochet hits a reverse frankensteiner then Will hits a standing Spanish fly. They exchange strikes again then Ospreay hits a cutter when Ricochet goes for a suplex, the two doing more flipping then Ricochet misses from the second rope before hitting Ospreay with a lumbar check, but Ospreay counts out at one. Ricochet then finishes him off with Vertigo for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ricochet via pinfall

Primate vs Rampage I Quit Match

Rampage comes right after Primate immediately, hitting him with a series of strikes then a suplex before Primate goes to the outside to regroup. Primate gets back in the ring once Rampage chases him. Rampage gets a Kendo stick out from under the ring, but Primate dropkicks him when he tries to get back in. Primate grabs the stick and runs at Rampage, but he kicks him then comes off the top rope, following up with clubbing blows in the corner. Rampage comes off the top rope, but Primate hits him with the stick, following up with a spear. Primate then grabs a chair out from under the ring before hitting Rampage in the sternum with it repeatedly. Primate then beats on Rampage around ringside before Rampage sends Primate face first into the ring post. Rampage then grabs the wooden steps, but Primate kicks him, causing him to drop them then Primate breaks them. Rampage then grabs a piece of the wood and chokes Primate with it before Primate backs him into the apron. Rampage then puts a strap around Primate's throat and tries to choke him out, but he won't quit. Primate sends Rampage into a ring post then hits Rampage repeatedly with the strap before Rampage gets back in the ring. Primate then gets a table out from under the ring and sets it up before Rampage clubs him in the corner, only for Primate to suplex him off the top rope and through the table. Primate then puts several chairs in the ring before Rampage hits him with a chair when he tries to get back into the ring. Rampage then sets up two chairs with one in the middle then slams Primate through them, but he won't give up. Rampage then piledrives Primate onto a chair, but he still won't give up, Rampage tossing him out of the ring then piledrives him on the floor, Rampage putting him back into the ring and tapping his hands to the ropes in the corner. Rampage then grabs a chain out from under the ring before choking him with it. James R. Kennedy then throws in the towel and Rampage wins.

Winner: Rampage

Drago vs El Hijo De Dos Caras

They start off even early then Hijo drops Drago repeatedly before hitting him with an enzuigiri then Drago hits a rolling senton for a quick 2 count. Drago sends Hijo out of the ring then dives through the ropes onto him. Drago rolls him back into the ring then hits a kick that drops Hijo before putting him in a head scissor. Hijo gets out then catches Drago coming off the second rope before hitting a spinning lariat for a near fall. Hijo then hits a modified swinging neckbreaker for a near fall before hitting him with a series of clotheslines in the corner. Hijo then hits a running knee strike for a near fall before hitting a powerslam for another near fall. Drago then sends Hijo out of the ring before flipping and taking him out. Drago puts him back into the ring for a near fall then hits him with a series of kicks before he goes for a head scissor and Hijo slams him to the mat, following up with a kick for a near fall. Drago goes for the Dragon's Tail, but cannot get the 3 count, following up with splash off the top rope for the pin and the win.

Winner: Drago via pinfall

Travis Banks vs Zack Sabre Jr

They start off with a lot of grappling then ZSJ transitions into a kneebar, a heel hook and a figure four before Banks gets to the ropes. Banks goes move for move with Zack, countering everything with his own holds early. Zack goes for a cross armbreaker, but Travis gets his feet to the ropes quickly. ZSJ takes Banks down then focuses on joint manipulation of the hand of Banks before Travis gets out of it, the two changing levels to get back to their feet. Banks trips Zack, but Zack counters then they each go for a pin for only a 1 count. They go for a test of strength and Banks is in control then ZSJ drops him with a trip before hitting a bridging suplex. ZSJ puts Banks into some unique submissions before getting a quick 2 count off of a roll up. They then exchange strikes before Zack puts Banks in a Fujiwara armbar then exchange strikes again before Zack puts Banks in an octopus stretch, but Banks gets to the ropes. Zack kicks Banks, but he catches one then Banks hits a running knee, following up with a series of running strikes then a cannonball in the corner. Zack then locks in a body scissor double wrist lock, but Banks powers out of it and suplexes him. Banks hits a superkick then ZSJ hits a flying triangle choke, but Banks powers out and they fall to the outside. They get back in and exchange strikes ZSJ hits a half nelson suplex into a running knee for a near fall, Zack following up with more joint manipulation immediately, Banks countering with a Michinoku driver. Zack then catches Banks in mid-air before locking in a modified armbar for the tap and the win.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr via submission

El Ligero & Gabriel Kidd vs Moss & Slater vs Prospect vs Scott Wainwright & Will Ospreay Tag Team Championship Ladder Match WCPW​​​​​​

They brawl in the ring then around it before everyone takes turns flying over the top rope and taking everyone out until everyone has had a turn. Ameen then dives off a ladder at ringside and takes everyone out, then ordering Gabriel to put the ladder in the ring. Kidd sets the ladder up, but Prospect comes in and stops him before he takes them both out. Kidd puts the ladder around his head then takes everyone out with it until Scott stops him. Kidd then turns WIll and Scott inside out with a double clothesline. Kidd then uses El Ligero like a ladder before Moss hits a double suplex on them. Prospect send Moss out of the ring then Ligero back drops Scott onto the ladder and to the outside. Ligero makes Gracie powerbomb Archer into the ladder then Slater and Ligero send the ladder between the legs of Gracie before dumping him out of the ring. Slater then sets the ladder up, but Will pulls him down and they exchange strikes on the ladder before Moss and Scott powerbomb them. Prospect send Moss and Scott out of the ring before they set up a second ladder and fight Ligero and Kidd on two ladders side by side. Moss grabs the belts, but Kidd meets him and they exchange strikes before Moss knocks him off then Will drops Moss. They then hit a triple stack doomsday device before Scott sets a ladder up in the corner then cclimbs the ladder, but Moss rips him off and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex onto the ladder. Gracie and Ligero fight on the ladder then Prospect double team Ligero before setting up a second ladder. Slater then knocks both of them off the ladders then Drake hits him with a codebreaker, allowing Prospect to grab the belts then Drake knocks them off of the ladders. Kidd and Slater then fight on separate ladders before Scott braces one into another, making three ladders then Kidd punches Slater off of the ladder. Will then hits a cutter off of the tallest ladder before Wainwright and Will climb the ladder to grab the belts and win the match.

Winner: The Swords of Essex

Bea Priestley vs Nixon Newell

Nixon is right after Bea immediately then goes for a running knee, but Bea rolls to the outside only for Nixon to dive out after her. Once they're back in the ring Bea focuses on the left arm of Nixon then puts her into a submission before Nixon gets her foot to the ropes. Nixon hits Bea with a series of strikes then hits her with repeated running forearms in the corner. Nixon hits an enzuigri then a cross body for a near fall. They then drop each other with roundhouse kicks before they exchange strikes again and Nixon drops Bea with a kick for a near fall.. Bea hits a cheeky nandos then a sit out facebuster for a near fall before grabbing a chair out from under the ring. The referee then puts the chair out of the ring only to get hit with the title belt when Bea goes to hit Nixon, but she ducks. Nixon then hits Bea with The Shiniest Wizard, but the referee is out when she goes for the pin. Bea goes to hit Nixon with the chair, but she ducks then Nixon hits her with the belt then tosses it away for the pin and the win.

Winner: Nixon Newell via pinfall

Drew Galloway vs Joe Hendry WCPW World Championship Match W/Special Guest Referee Martin Kirby

They start off even early for several clean breaks then exchange head lock take overs and head scissors. Joe hits Drew with a series of uppercuts then drops him with a clothesline, following up with a stalled suplex for a quick 2 count. They then go over the top rope before sending each other into the apron. They get back in the ring then Joe takes Drew down repeatedly before Drew kicks him in the head when he comes off the top rope for a near fall. Joe hits Drew with a series of strikes then spinning neckbreaker into a DDT for a near fall. Drew then hits an Alabama slam for a near fall of his own, then Joe hits a fall away slam for a near fall. Joe then hits Drew with his own finisher, the Future Shock DDT for another near fall. Drew then hits Joe with a piledriver then a Future Shock DDT for a near fall of his own, shocking Drew, everyone in the crowd and JR and Matt on commentary. Drew then hits a spinning Future Shock DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Drew Galloway via pinfall

Kurt Angle vs Alberto El Patron

They start off grappling, but Alberto escapes Kurt's takedown almost immediately. Alberto drops Kurt with a kick then stomps on him before hitting him with kicks in the corner then hitting him in the face, finishing up with a snapmare into a dropkick to the back of the neck for a quick 1 count. Kurt beats on Alberto around ringside then Alberto hits an enzugiri when Kurt goes to get back into the ring, sending him to the floor. Alberto then slams Kurt's face into the announce table before rolling him back into the ring. Alberto hits a clothesline off the top rope for a near fall then puts Kurt in a side headlock, but Kurt is quick to power out of it. Kurt goes to spear Alberto, but Alberto moves and Kurt goes shoulder first into the ring post, Alberto wrapping his arm around the ring post. Alberto gets back into the ring after playing to the crowd and kicks the leg of Kurt before going back to another side headlock. Alberto goes for an armbar in the ropes then Kurt drops him with a lariat once he comes back into the ring. Kurt then hits Alberto with a series of German suplexes before Alberto hits him with a backstabber for a near fall. Alberto goes for a superkick, but Angle counters with an attempted ankle lock, but Alberto rolls through and hits Angle with a superkick for a near fall. Kurt then hits Alberto with the Angle Slam for a near fall then sets Alberto on the top rope, but Alberto slams him down and hits a double foot stomp for a near fall of his own. Angle then goes for an ankle lock, but Alberto kicks him away then Alberto puts in a cross armbreaker, Angle countering into an ankle lock, but Alberto rolls through. Alberto then puts Angle in an armbar, but Kurt gets his foot on the ropes, the two trying very hard to submit each other. Alberto then comes off the top rope, but Kurt catches him and puts him in the ankle lock and is forced to tap.

Winner: Kurt Angle via submission

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