WWE 205 Live Coverage & Discussion 2/14 Neville VS TJ Perkins & More!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for tonight's episode of WWE 205 Live! After crowning a new number one contender to Neville's WWE Cruiserweight Championship last week Jack Gallagher sets his sights on the gold, but first Neville has a great challenge ahead of him when he faces the former champion TJ Perkins in our main event! Ever since he showed up in 205 Live The Brian Kendrick has had a vested interest in Akira Tozawa, saying that he sees potential in him, but what ulterior motive does The Man with the Plan have? Be sure to come back here at 10 PM EST to find out!

Rich Swann vs Noam Dar

WWE Posts Message On WhatsApp With Hint For 8 PM EST

They lock up for a clean break to start the match then Dar starts focusing on the arm of Swann. Swann gets on the top rope, but Dar kicks him off of it then keeps the high flying Swann grounded before playing to the crowd. Dar drops Swann with a right hand then hits a dragon suplex for a quick 2 count. Swann drops Dar with a roundhouse kick then drops him repeatedly with clotheslines and a backwards thrust kick. Dar goes for an ankle lock, but Swann counters and sends him out of the ring and to the floor. Dar uses Alicia as a shield then rolls Rich up for a near fall before dropping him with a lariat from behind for another near fall. Swann then hits a frankensteiner into a phoenix splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rich Swann via pinfall

-We then have an interview with Neville and TJ Perkins about their match tonight.

-We then get a video package for Gran Metalik.

Gran Metalik vs Drew Gulak

Gulak drops Gran immediately then stomps on him after sending him sternum first into the corner. Gulak chokes Gran and hits him with a right hand once he's back up then Metalik goes for a springboard move, but gets stuck in the ropes. Metalik hits a springboard arm drag then an huricanrrana that sends Gulak out of the ring. Gulak sends Metalik out of the ring, then once he's back in Gulak hits a spinning Razor's Edge for a near fall. Metalik sends Gulak out of the ring then dives over the top rope onto Gulak. 

Once they're back in the ring Metalik hits the Metalik Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Gran Metalik via pinfall

-We then get a segment backstage where Akira Tozawa is interrupted by The Brian Kendrick when he's about to leave. Kendrick talks to him about being mentored by him, Kendrick not giving him a chance to speak. Tozawa just ends up yelling no to him then says he understands what he's offering and that he doesn't like him as he leaves.

Neville vs TJ Perkins

They start off exchanging wrist locks and flips then TJ hits an head scissor takeover into several arm drags before doing some joint manipulation. Neville gets back up, but TJ sends him right back down, then they grapple to their feet for a clean break in the ropes. Neville drops TJ with a forearm then TJ counters a suplex before hitting a huricanrrana off the top rope, finishing with a springboard cross body for a near fall. TJ hits Neville with a series of kicks, but Neville hits him with a flapjack onto the top rope and sends him over it and to the floor. Neville goes out after TJ and slams him into the apron before rolling him back into the ring.

Neville goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for a quick 2 count, following up with stomps to the back of the head of TJ. Neville whips TJ into the corner, sending him head over heels then chokes him before pushing him back out of the ring. Neville goes back out after him then drops him on the barricade before rolling him back into the ring for another quick 2 count. 

TJ hits Neville with a springboard DDT for a near fall then snaps his arm before going for a cross armbreaker, Neville powering out and hitting a sit-out powerbomb. They exchange forearms once they're on their feet then kicks before TJ drops Neville and Neville catches him on the top rope. Neville meets him, but TJ slams him onto the mat before coming off the top rope, but Neville catches him. TJ gets a near fall off of a counter then Neville hits a step-up enzuigiri into a double armbar for the tap and the win.

Winner: Neville via submission

-After the match Jack Gallagher comes out and he and Neville brawl before Jack sends Neville out of the ring with a headbutt as we go off the air with Jack holding the belt with Neville looking on.

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