WWE 205 Live Coverage & Discussion 3/14 Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for tonight's episode of WWE 205 Live! Tonight we seek to crown a new number one contender as in our main event we have a Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match between Austin Aries, Akira Tozawa, The Brian Kendrick, TJ Perkins and Tony Nese to determine who will face Neville for his WWE Cruiserweight Championship at Wrestlemania and much more so be sure to come back here at 10 PM EST to find out who is the next challenger for the King of the Cruiserweights!

-We open with a video package for the five men involved in our main event, then Neville comes out to the ramp and says that one year and one day ago he was robbed of his Wrestlemania moment, saying that no one cared and after months he realized that he had been forgotten by the fans. Neville says he took action, obliterating an entire division of just how good he is and now it's Wrestlemania season, saying that we have what is arguably the biggest main event in the history of the show to see who will share the stage with him at Mania. Neville says he's going to make whoever wins tonight regret challenging him as Mustafa Ali interrupts him and walks past him for his match.

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Mustafa Ali vs Drew Gulak

Gulak is in control early until Ali hits a crucifix take over for a quick two count, then hits a head scissor take over that sends Gulak out of the ring, finishing up with a springboard cross body that sends him to the floor. Ali rolls Gulak back into the ring and gets a quick one count before chopping him in the corner and whipping him across the ring, but Gulak sets him on the top rope.  Ali goes for a DDT, but Gulak counters into a fall away suplex, then Gulak hits several springboard stomps to Ali for a quick two count. Gulak puts Ali in a Gory special into a backslide for a quick two count, then Ali hits Drew with a series of strikes and dropping Drew repeatedly. Ali hits Gulak with an enzuigiri, then a rolling neckbreaker for a quick two count, Gulak gets a two count of his own off of a rolling sunset flip, then Ali hits a tornado DDT, Ali following up with an inverted 450 splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mustafa Ali via pinfall

-After the match Gulak gets on the mic and says that week after week he does his best work inside the ring and no one appreciates him, that he just walks away frustrated and he's tired of it. Gulak says he's not the problem and not the one who needs to change, saying that the problem is 205 Live and that it needs to change before leaving.

-We then see Ariya Daivari talking to Noam Dar backstage, Ariya saying that he doesn't need extra incentive to get payback on Jack Gallagher, the two fist bumping before Daivari leaves as we go to commercial.

Jack Gallagher & Rich Swann vs Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari

Dar and Jack start the match off with the two exchanging headlocks, then Jack stands on his head in the corner before Dar tags in Daivari Ariya and Dar clashing heads when they both try to get to Jack. Daivari and Dar tag in and out frequently, doing several double team moves on Jack after Ariya knocks Swann off of the apron. Jack fights back, then Dar tags in Daivari as Jack tags in Rich who hits Daivari with a double foot stomp, then a rolling splash for a quick two count. Swann chops Daivari , then Daivari sends Jack off of the apron before Dar gets the blind tag. Dar hits Rich with a leg lariat once he turns around and Ariya has rolled out of the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari via pinfall

-After the match Dar gets on the mic and says actions speak louder than words as a delivery guy shows up with a stuffed bear, Dar taking credit once again  before they leave as we go to commercial.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Number One Contender Fatal Five-Way Match

Aries reclines in the corner on the ropes, then hits a running dropkick to Nese once Nese goes after Tozawa. TJ and Aries lock up, then exchange wrist locks and headlocks before TJ drops Aries repeatedly and plays to the crowd. Aries attacks TJ, then hits a headstand dropkick into a running back elbow in the corner, then finishes with an elbow drop to the back of the neck of TJ, sending TJ out of the ring. Tozawa drops Kendrick once he comes back into the ring, then Nese attacks him and mocks him before Tozawa drops him with a right hand and sends him out of the ring. Tozawa runs the ropes, but Kendrick grabs his foot and trips him before sending him out of the ring and into the announce table.

Kendrick and Aries both get near falls on Nese and TJ, then Kendrick drops Aries with a series of forearms before sending him out of the ring. Kendrick attacks TJ, then TJ hits Kendrick with a series of kicks before hitting a basement dropkick and a running back elbow. Nese comes out of no where and drops TJ with a shoulder tackle for a near fall, then Tozawa hits Nese with a series of kicks before Tozawa hits a snap German suplex for a near fall, Kendrick breaking up the pin and the sending Tozawa out of the ring. Tozawa comes back in and hits a PK, then a high angle senton for a near fall before sending Kendrick to the floor with a forearm. Tozawa dives through the ropes and sends Kendrick into the announce table before TJ hits a corkscrew moonsault, then Nese does a front flip onto them, Aries going after Nese, but catches noting but the floor.

Nese hits a running knee strike that hits Aries and destroys the barricade, then sends TJ back into the ring and going to hit him with the same move, but TJ counters with a flying armbar, Nese forced to tap for the elimination. Nese drops TJ after he's eliminated, then Tozawa sends him out of the ring with a Yakuza kick before Kendrick hits Tozawa with a Sliced Bread #2 for the elimination on Tozawa. Kendrick tries to hit it on TJ, but TJ counters and Kendrick and TJ are joined by the returning Aries for a tower of doom. Aries and TJ drop Kendrick, then exchange strikes before Aries gets a near fall off of a bridge, then pokes him in the eye before Kendrick lies on top of both TJ and Aries, eliminating TJ, then Kendrick hits Aries with Sliced Bread #2 for a near fall. Kendrick locks in the Captain's Hook, but Aries gets to the ropes, dropping Kendrick with a discus forearm for the pin and the win.

Winner: Austin Aries via pinfall

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