WWE 205 Live Results for 12/6/19 Lio Rush vs Danny Burch, Garza vs Mendoza

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Angel Garza vs Raul Mendoza

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Raul takes Angel down and locks in a front headlock before spinning around to his back and locking in a body scissors while riding the back of Angel. Angel gets to the ropes for the break before Angel puts Raul in a standing headlock and runs him over with a shoulder block, but Raul pops right back up. They run the ropes and flip before Angel tries to get fault to shake his hand and Raul slaps his hand away before Angel knees him in the midsection. Raul hits an arm drag into a springboard huricanrrana that sends Angel out of the ring before hitting a huricanrrana onto the floor before Angel rips his feet out and sends him tumbling down and onto the apron and down onto the floor. Back in the ring Angel throws his pants at Raul and superkicks him before putting Raul in the tree of woe and hitting a PK before Angel wedges Raul in the ropes.

Angel hits a rebound reverse suplex into a superkick for a two count before locking in a single leg Boston crab, Raul kicking Angel away before sending him into the ring post in the corner. Raul comes back with forearms and right hands before dropping Angel with clotheslines and a running clothesline in the corner into a springboard missile dropkick for a two count. Angel counters a Michinoku driver and traps Raul in the ropes before hitting a running shotgun dropkick for a two count before Raul counters the Wing Clipper. Raul gets a quick one count off of a roll up before they drop each other with kicks and exchange strikes once they're back up before Angel ducks an enzuigiri. Raul then hits a standing Spanish fly for a near fall before Angel sends him out onto the apron and hits an enzuigiri before Raul gets back into the ring and Angel hits the Wing Clipper for the pin and the win.

Winner: Angel Garza defeats Raul Mendoza via pinfall with the Wing Clipper.

-We get a recap of Jack Gallagher going ballistic last week where he attacked security and 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick and we see a tweet from Jack where he just said he's done.

Tony Nese vs Local Talent

The Singh Brothers come out and argue over who's facing the guy before Tony Nese comes out and has the match for them. Tony takes his opponent down with a waist lock before posing and chopping his opponent around the ring rocking his opponent with a back elbow. Tony kicks his opponent and sweeps his legs out before posing again and snapping his neck across the top rope. Tony hits a moonsault from the middle rope for a near fall before Tony whips his opponent into the corner and plays to the crowd before he knocks his opponent from the top turnbuckle. Tony then hits a German suplex into the corner before hitting the Running Nese for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tony Nese defeats a local performer via pinfall with the Running Nese.

-After the match the Singhs attack Tony's opponent before dancing around the ring as we go to commercial.

-We get a video package for Isaiah Scott.

Lio Rush vs Danny Burch

They have a test of strength which Danny wins before he stomps the hands of Lio and takes the NXT Cruiserweight champion down with a side headlock takeover. Lio gets back to his feet only to be taken back down before Danny rocks him with an uppercut and takes the speedy Rush back down to the mat. Lio runs the ropes and dodges Danny before Danny catches him with a right hand when he goes for a suicide dive and Rush falls out of the ring. Danny sends Lio into the barricade before rolling him back into the ring and gets a quick two count before hitting a knee drop and wrenching the head and neck of Rush. Danny knees Lio in the midsection and drops him with a right hand for a two count before dropping him with an uppercut and applying a rear chin lock.

Lio comes back with a springboard arm drag and a dropkick before sending Danny out onto the apron and hitting a hand spring kick into a suicide dive. Back in the ring Lio drops Danny with a kick for a near fall before Danny catches him on the top turnbuckle and drops Lio with a headbutt before hitting a running clothesline in the corner into an enzuigiri and a missile dropkick for a near fall. Lio gets a near fall off of a jack knife pin before Danny hits a German suplex into a rip cord clothesline for a near fall before Lio hits a rebound cutter. Angel then knocks Lio off of the top turnbuckle before he can hit The Final Hour for the disqualification.

Winner: Lio Rush defeats Danny Burch via disqualification when Angel Garza interferes.

-After the match Angel hits Lio with the Wing Clipper before he poses with the NXT Cruiserweight Championship as we go off the air.

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