WWE 205 Live Results 1/2 Hideo Itami Rematches Jack Gallagher & More!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for tonight's episode of WWE 205 Live. Tonight Jack Gallagher gets a shot at redemption when he takes on Hideo Itami for the second time, Cedric Alexander has a tag match with a mystery partner and much more so be sure to come back here at 10 PM EST for an hour showcasing the WWE Cruiserweight division!

Akira Tozawa vs TJP

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They lock up to start the match before exchanging standing switches for a clean break when TJP backs Akira into the corner. Akira goes after TJP, but he gets into the ropes and the referee makes Akira back off before the two exchange wrist locks and flips. Akira sends TJP out of the ring before he goes for a tope to the outside, but TJP hits him with a forearm. TJP sends Akira back into the ring and beats on him in mount, then focuses on the now injured arm of Akira before suplexing Akira and hitting a slingshot senton for a quick two count. TJP keeps focused on the injured arm of Akira until Akira rolls TJP up for a near fall.

TJP hits an armbreaker and a wrist clutch sidewalk suplex for a near fall before Akira fights out of a rear chin lock only for him to put him in a stocks submission. Akira fights out only to be dropped with a flying clothesline for a near fall, then Akira drops TJP with a boot before coming back with a series of strikes and a Saito suplex. Akira hits a tope to the outside before tossing TJP back into the ring for a quick two count before Akira counters the Detonation Kick. TJP then fights Akira off of the top and hits the Detonation Kick for the pin and the win.

Winner: TJP via pinfall

Hideo Itami vs Jack Gallagher

Jack beats Hideo down with a pipe before the match can start until several officials come out and make him leave.

Winner: Match never started.

Cedric Alexander & Goldust vs Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari

Cedric and Daivari lock up to start the match for a clean break before exchanging wrist locks until Ariya slams Cedric down to the mat. Cedric hits a huricanrrana and a dropkick for a quick two count before tagging Goldust in. Ariya immediately gets free and tags Drew in, but Goldust is ready and plays to the crowd before hissing at Drew and sending him back into his corner. Ariya tags back in and Goldust acts like he's out of breath before Ariya sends him into the corner and stomps on him. Drew tags in and beats Goldust down in the corner before he fights his way out of the corner and tags Cedric in.

Cedric drops Ariya with a series of clothesline before sending him face first into the middle turnbuckle and dropping him with a PK before sending Drew off of the apron and to the floor. Ariya sends Cedric face first into the top turnbuckle when he knocks him off of the top rope, then Ariya drags Cedric to his corner and tags Drew back in. Drew and Ariya keep Cedric isolated in their corner until Ariya tosses Cedric out of the ring, then back into the ring for a quick two count before Cedric hits a corkscrew roundhouse kick and manages to tag Goldust back in just as Ariya tags Drew in. Goldust hits a bulldog before sending Ariya off of the apron, then beats on Drew in the corner while playing to the crowd before hitting a powerslam to both of them. Cedric tags back in before hitting a flipping senton over the top rope and out onto Drew and Ariya before putting Drew back into the ring and hitting the Lumbar Check for the pin and the win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander & Goldust via pinfall

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