WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Results: Two Chamber Matches, Ronda Rousey Signs The Contract & Nia Jax Tries Ending Asuka's Streak

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WWE Raw Women’s Title Match

Claudio Castagnoli Reflects On Being Part Of DaParty

Elimination Chamber Match

Alexa Bliss def. Mickie James, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Bayley & Sasha Banks to retain the title

Elimination Chamber Match

Roman Reigns def. Finn Balor, John Cena, The Miz, Elias, Braun Strowman & Seth Rollins

If Nia Jax Wins, She Gets In Raw Women’s Title Match At WWE Wrestlemania 34

Asuka def. Nia Jax

WWE Raw Tag Team Title Match

The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) def. Titus Worldwide (Titus O'Neil & Apollo) to retain the titles

Matt Hardy def. Bray Wyatt

The Balor Club (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) def. The Miztourage (Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas)

- Rene Young, Booker T David Otunga & Peter Rosenberg are on the kickoff panel tonight. The panel talks about both chamber matches and the WWE debut for Ronda Rousey.

- Charly Caruso is backstage and she talks about the wrestlers emotions are heading into the event. Caruso then announces that Paul Heyman is backstage tonight, Caruso then talks about the addition of Ronda Rousey to the WWE roster and a video is shown of Rousey arriving to the arena.

- The panel then talks again about the contract signing for Ronda Rousey.

- A video package for the women’s Elimination Chamber match airs.

- Paige joins the panel, who says she is upset that she can’t compete in the chamber match tonight and also predicts that a member of Absolution will win tonight. Paige says that Absolution is the only real unit in the chamber match tonight, Paige says she wins if Absolution wins tonight. Paige says that Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville may have to battle each other tonight, but one of them will win either way. Paige says she also loves that Ronda Rousey is in the WWE, Paige compares the UFC fight schedule to the WWE match schedule.

- Mike Rome interviews Sasha Banks and Bayley, Bayley says that Paige can talk all she wants because she isn’t competing tonight. Banks says that the spotlight will be on her tonight, Bayley says it will be her and Bayley as the final two tonight. Bayley and Banks both argue over who will win between them tonight, Mickie James arrives and she has some harsh words for the two ladies.

- The Miz cuts a Twitter promo saying he isn’t happy to be #1 in the men’s Elimination Chamber match, but says he is #1 in everything.

- Matt Hardy appears standing in the room of Sister Abigail, Hardy says he can taste the darkness as Abigail consumes his soul. Hardy then reappears outside of Abigail’s room, this time saying he is going to delete Bray Wyatt.

- The panel then discusses the Matt Hardy versus Bray Wyatt match tonight.

- An Asuka video package airs next, which also highlights her feud with Nia Jax.

- The panel then discusses the match tonight between Asuka and Nia Jax.

- Highlights are shown from the gauntlet match on this past weeks Raw air.

- Charly Caruso interviews Seth Rollins, who says he doesn’t know if he can top the performance on Raw, Rollins then says tonight is the only thing that matters.

- The panel take a look at the WWE Raw Tag Team Title Match.

- WWE Raw GM Kurt Angle appears on the social media lounge, Angle says that Jason Jordan will be back shortly after ‘Mania 34. Angle then gives his thoughts on both Elimination Chamber matches, Angle then looks at who would have the best shot at beating WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Angle says that the Raw Brand is happy to have Ronda Rousey on the roster.

The Balor Club (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) vs. The Miztourage (Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas)

The match begins with Axel applying the headlock to Anderson, Axel transitions to a front face lock on Anderson. Anderson breaks free and Axel drops him with a shoulder tackle, Axel then nails Anderson with a few strikes. Anderson recovers and he nails a charging Axel with a drop kick, Gallows tags in and he drops Axel with a slam. Gallows corners Axel before mauling him with strikes, Anderson tags back in and he catches Axel with more strikes. Axel drops Anderson before tagging Dallas into the match, Dallas corners Anderson before nailing him with a series of strikes. Axel tags back in and Anderson drops him with a clothesline, Anderson corners Axel before kicking him in the face.

Dallas tags in and he knocks Anderson from the top rope to the arena floor as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Dallas dropping Anderson with a short arm clothesline. Axel tags in and he catches Anderson with a rolling neck snap for a near fall, Axel would then wrench away on the arm of Anderson. Axel releases the hold to crack Anderson with a drop kick, Axel would then stomp away on a downed Anderson. Dallas tags in and he stomps away on Anderson alongside Axel, Anderson fights back and Dallas holds his moment with an elbow strike. Dallas quickly drops Anderson with a short back elbow strike, Anderson recovers and he drops Dallas with a back suplex.

Axel tags in and Anderson catches him with a kick to the face, Gallows tags in and he cleans house on the opposing team. Gallows nails Dallas with an avalanche followed by a kick to the head, Gallows then hits Dallas with a splash. Axel then prevents The Balor Club from landing the Boot Of Doom, Axel drops Anderson so Dallas can get a near fall on a pin attempt. Axel tags in and he goes to the top rope, Anderson crotches Axel before nailing Dallas with a spine buster. The Balor Club hits Axel with the Magic Killer for the three count.

Winners: The Balor Club (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows)

- Mike Rome interviews The Revival, Scott Dawson says The Balor Club has a ton of potential before calling their teamwork a mockery as Dash Wilder agrees with him.

- The panel again looks at Ronda Rousey’s contract signing for tonight, a video is shown again of Rousey arriving to the arena.

- The panel looks at the men’s Elimination Chamber match, a video package also plays highlighting the match.

- Paul Heyman joins the panel, who says that he has his eye on all seven competitors competing in the men’s Elimination Chamber match.

- The chamber is shown being lowered to the ring.

WWE Raw Women’s Title Match - Elimination Chamber Match: Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Mickie James vs. Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks

The match begins with #1 Deville and #2 is Bayley, the two have a stare down until Deville scores a takedown on Bayley. Bayley gets Deville to the ground as the two exchange pin attempts, Bayley trips up Deville before landing a bulldog. Bayley then smashes the face of Deville into the turnbuckle a few times, Deville gets angry and she drops Bayley with a strike to the midsection. Deville then propels Bayley into the chamber wall and Bayley tries climbing it, Deville gets Bayley down and Bayley shoves her into the chamber wall. Bayley gets Deville back into the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt, Bayley nails Deville with a knee drop before missing a follow up elbow drop.

Bayley then drops a charging Deville on the top turnbuckle, Bayley then hits Deville with a Saito Suplex for a near fall. Bayley goes to the top rope and Deville rolls to the chamber floor, Bayley nails Deville with a top rope elbow drop on the chamber floor for a near fall. #3 is Mandy Rose and she goes right after Bayley, Bayley quickly shoves Rose into the chamber wall.

Rose and Deville quickly regain control by double teaming Bayley outside of the ring, Deville nails Bayley with a spear on the chamber floor. Deville and Rose launch Bayley into the chamber wall a few times, Rose and Deville get a few near falls on a downed Bayley. Deville then nails Bayley with a running knee strike, Rose and Deville trap Bayley in the chamber wall while assaulting her with strikes. #4 is Sasha Banks and she goes right after Deville before throwing Rose into a pod, Banks then attacks Rose with strikes until Deville intervenes. Banks then attacks Deville with a ton of forearm and knee strikes, Banks gets Deville in the ring before landing a double knee strike for a near fall.

Banks corners Deville before assaulting her with more strikes, Banks would then send Rose into the ring post. Banks catches a cornered Deville with another double knee strike for a near fall, Deville gains control by sending Banks into the turnbuckles. Deville then attacks Banks with a ton of shoulder thrusts in the corner, Bayley returns and she shoves Deville into the ring post. Bayley and Banks throw Deville into the chamber all multiple times, Deville is tossed into the ring as Rose attacks Deville and Bayley. Rose gets Banks in the ring and she drops her with a clothesline, Rose then hits Banks with a Glam Slam. Banks recovers to catch Rose in the Bank Statement and Rose taps out to be eliminated, Bayley battles Deville as the tap out happens.

#5 is Mickie James and she attacks Bayley before nailing Banks with strikes, James then drops Bayley and Banks with a double clothesline. James hits Bayley with a neck breaker before Banks attacks her from behind, James recovers and she quickly drops Banks. James and Deville then take their battle to the chamber floor, James then throws Deville into the chamber wall and Deville does the same to her. James recovers to nail Deville with a hurricarana onto the chamber floor, James tries climbing the chamber wall until Banks stops her. James nails Banks with a super kick and then Bayley follows her up the chamber wall, James eventually knocks Bayley off the chamber wall.

James nails Deville with a Thesz Press from the top of the pod for a three count and an elimination, Bayley nails James with a Bayley To Belly Suplex for a three count and elimination on James. #6 is Alexa Bliss, Bliss immediately climbs to the top of the pod. Banks and Bayley follow Bliss up the pod and they trap her on the chamber wall, Bliss gets to the top of another pod and Banks attacks her. Banks then throws Bayley off the pod as Bliss gets off as well on her own, Bayley gets angry and she throws Banks into the ring post. Bliss then attacks Bayley to get a near fall inside of the ring, Bliss then attacks Bayley with a ton of strikes.

Bliss then chokes Bayley on the bottom rope before stomping on her head, Bayley recovers and she nails Bliss with a belly to back suplex. Bayley corners Bliss and she mauls her with a ton of strikes, Banks returns and she attacks Bayley with strikes in the corner. Bayley gets Banks upside down in the corner before stomping away on her, Bliss and Bayley battle on the top rope until Bliss takes her down with a superplex. Banks gets to the top rope and she nails Bayley with a splash for a near fall, Banks then traps Bayley in the corner before missing a double knee strike. Banks recovers quickly and she propels Bayley into the turnbuckles. Bayley nails Banks with a super Bayley To Belly Suplex, Bliss then rolls up Bayley for a three count and an elimination.

Bliss gets a near fall on a pin attempt before mauling Banks with strikes, Banks gets her knees up during a Twisted Bliss attempt. Banks catches Bliss with a series of knee strikes on the chamber floor, Banks mises a knee strike and Bliss lands a knee strike of her own. Bliss climbs to the top of a pod as Banks gets to her feet, Bliss goes for Twisted Bliss on top of the pod and Banks gets her in the Bank Statement inside of the ring. Bliss gets free and Banks drops her with a double boot to the face, Banks goes to the top rope and Bliss shoves her into a pod. Bliss nails Banks with a rope assisted DDT for the three count and final elimination.

Winner: Alexa Bliss, still the WWE Raw Women’s Champion

- Rene Young interviews Alexa Bliss in the chamber, Bliss says the victory means everything to her and she then says that the victory is for all of us. Bliss tells everybody to dare to dream and dream big, Bliss then gets angry and says nobody will ever accomplish their dreams like she did. Bliss says she still won the bout with the odds stacked against her, Bliss says she is the one true goddess in the WWE.

- WWE Raw GM Kurt Angle is shown entering Ronda Rousey’s dressing room.

- Braun Strowman talks backstage, saying he will win the men’s Elimination Chamber match before beating Brock Lesnar at ‘Mania 34.

WWE Raw Tag Team Title Match: The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) (c) vs. Titus Worldwide (Titus O'Neil & Apollo) w/Dana Brooke

The match begins with The Bar jumping their opponents before the bell sounded, Titus Worldwide fight back and clears the ring. Apollo then takes out The Bar with a top rope dive on the arena floor, the bell sounds as O'Neil slams Cesaro. Apollo tags in and he nails Cesaro with a top rope splash for a near fall, Sheamus distracts Apollo and that allows Cesaro to throw him out of the ring. Sheamus tags in and he attacks Apollo with strikes on the area floor, Sheamus gets Apollo in the ring before mauling him with more strikes. Cesaro tags in as The Bar stomps away on a downed Apollo, Cesaro nails Apollo with a European uppercut for a near fall. Cesaro slows things down further by holding Apollo in a chin lock, Sheamus tags in and The Bar nail Apollo with a double clothesline.

Sheamus then hits Apollo with a knee drop for a near fall, Sheamus slows things down again by wrenching on the arm of Apollo. Cesaro tags in and Apollo kicks him in the face, Apollo catches Cesaro with a back body drop and then Sheamus tags into the match. Sheamus keeps Apollo down while wrenching away on his arm, Apollo fights back and The Bar double teams him in the corner as Cesaro tags in. Cesaro applies the chin lock to wear Apollo down further, Apollo recovers and sends a charging Cesaro out of the ring. Sheamus tags in and he prevents Apollo from tagging out of the match, Sheamus attacks O'Neil before nailing Apollo with a knee strike. Apollo catches Sheamus with a roll up before sending him into the ring post, O'Neil and Cesaro get tagged in by their respective partners.

O'Neil quickly hits the ring and he goes after Cesaro before tossing him across the ring, O'Neil then hits Cesaro with an avalanche followed by a boot to the face for a near fall. O'Neil catches a leaping Cesaro and Cesaro escapes his grip, O'Neil knocks Cesaro out of the ring as Sheamus tags in. O'Neil catches a leaping Sheamus with a Clash Of The Titus for a near fall, Apollo tags in and he takes out The Bar with a suicide dive. Apollo gets Sheamus in the ring before landing a top rope high cross body, Cesaro then throws O'Neil into the ring post. Cesaro tags in and he attacks Apollo from behind, The Bar hit Apollo with their finisher for the three count.

Winners: The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro), still the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions

- Highlights of Nia Jax attacking Asuka from last weeks Raw are shown.

- Nia Jax is shown crushing an Asuka mask backstage.

If Nia Jax Wins, She Gets In Raw Women’s Title Match At WWE Wrestlemania 34: Nia Jax vs. Asuka

The match begins with Jax shoving Asuka across the ring, Asuka nails Jax with a spinning elbow strike before eating a headbutt. Jax gets angry and she smashes the face of Asuka into the top turnbuckle, Jax again tosses Asuka across the ring. Asuka then sends a charging Jax out of the ring, Asuka misses a hip attack and Jax nails her with a knee strike. Jax then applies the stump puller to Asuka before landing a curb stomp, Jax then hits Asuka with a back breaker followd by an avalanche. Jax then hits Asuka with a running elbow drop for a near fall, Asuka fights back and she attempts a knee bar against Jax.

Jax gets Asuka in the air before planting her against the turnbuckles, Jax quickly applies the torture rack to an injured Asuka. Asuka gets free and she attempts a guillotine choke against Jax, Jax powers her way free before nailing Asuka with a jackhammer. Asuka recovers to nail Jax with a few kicks while on her back, Asuka then attacks a kneeling Jax with some more kicks. Jax nails a charging Asuka with a Samoan drop before missing a leg drop, Jax nails a downed Jax with a shining wizard for a near fall. Asuka then nails Jax with a striking combination that drops her to a knee, Asuka then nails Jax with some kicks to the head for a near fall.

Asuka goes to the top rope and Jax nails her with a headbutt, Jax goes to the top rope and Asuka gets free before getting dropped by punches from Jax. Jax misses a banzai drop and recovers to drop Asuka with a single blow, Jax misses a rolling swanton bomb and then Asuka sends her into the ring post. Asuka catches Jax in the arm bar and Jax gets up to nail her with a buckle bomb, Jax goes for a power bomb and Asuka counters with a roll up for a three count.

Winner: Asuka

After the match, Nia Jax attacks Asuka from behind and quickly tosses her out of the ring, Asuka fights back and Jax shoves her into the ring post. Jax then nails Asuka with a spear that puts them both through a barricade.

- Rene Young interviews Alexa Bliss, who praises Nia Jax for injuring Asuka and then she says nobody is ready for her.

- Charly Caruso interviews Roman Reigns, who says he doesn’t care about what Paul Heyman says and he says that he’ll win the Elimination Chamber before beating Brock Lesnar at ‘Mania 34.

Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt

The match begins with Wyatt appearing in the ring as the lights went out and Hardy being gone when the lights go on, Hardy’s voice is heard and he calls Wyatt “obsolete.” Wyatt goes crazy searching for Hardy as his voice continues being heard, Hardy appears and he attacks Wyatt with an axe handle from the ring steps. The bell sounds as Hardy nails Wyatt with some strikes, Hardy corners Wyatt before landing some more strikes. Wyatt misses a charge in the corner and Hardy mocks him afterwards, Hardy goes for a Twist Of Fate and winds up just planting Wyatt on the mat for a near fall.

Wyatt recovers and nails a charging Hardy with a cross body block, Wyatt traps Hardy in the ropes while mauling him with strikes. Wyatt would then corner Hardy before nailing him with more strikes, Hardy fights back and Wyatt nails him with a DDT for a near fall. Wyatt slows things down further by holding Hardy in a chin lock, Hardy gets free and Wyatt drops him with a headbutt. Wyatt and Hardy take their battle to the ring apron until Wyatt drops Hardy face first on the mat with a DDT, Wyatt follows Hardy to the arena floor to nail him with more strikes. Wyatt looks for a uranage on the ring steps and settles with a clothesline to Hardy, Wyatt then gets Hardy back into the ring for a near fall.

Wyatt keeps the pressure on Hardy by nailing him with some more strikes, Wyatt would then choke Hardy on the middle rope. Wyatt would then nail Hardy with a short arm clothesline, Hardy recovers and catches a charging Wyatt with a boot to the face followed by a tornado DDT. Hardy gets angry and he smashes the face of Wyatt into the turnbuckle, Hardy then connects with a Side Effect of Wyatt for a near fall. Hardy goes to the middle rope and he nails Wyatt with an elbow strike, Hardy goes for the Twist Of Fate and Wyatt counters with a uranage followed by a senton for a near fall. Wyatt gets behind Hardy before attacking him with elbow strikes, Wyatt goes to the middle rope before missing a senton bomb.

Hardy goes for a Twist Of Fate and Wyatt counters with an avalanche, Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail and Hardy counters with a Twist Of Fate for the three count.

Winner: Matt Hardy

- WWE Raw GM Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring for the contract signing, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon also make their way to the ring a short time later. Stephanie grabs the microphone and she talks about the history making moment about to happen, Triple H also says that Ronda Rousey may be the greatest signing in WWE history before talking about all of her accomplishments. Rousey then makes her way to the ring after the Triple H introduction, Rousey hits the ring and goes through the pleasantries with everybody.

Stephanie then welcomes Rousey to the WWE, Rousey grabs a microphone and she says hello to the WWE Universe. Rousey says she is speechless due to the entire moment, Rousey talks about her and Angle’s accomplishments in the Olympics. Rousey then mentions that “Rowdy” Roddy Piper has been her inspiration for a long time now, Rousey says she wants to earn everybody’s respect in the ring. Triple H mentions that Rousey didn’t want any special treatment for coming to the WWE, Triple H then says that Rousey will compete at WWE Wrestlemania 34.

Rousey grabs the microphone and questions Angle before signing the contract, Angle puts over both Triple H and Stephanie. Angle then says that Triple H and Stephanie are wanting revenge on Rousey for what she did to them at ‘Mania 31, Triple H gets angry and tells Angle to shut up and he tries to appease Rousey. Triple H then makes excuses and he escorts Angle out of the ring, McMahon admits that Rousey embarrassed them at ‘Mania 31 and impressed them as well. Angle then says that Stephanie was insulting Rousey in her office earlier in the day, Rousey confronts Stephanie and Triple H gets in between them.

Rousey then gets face to face with Triple H before he escorts Stephanie out of the ring, Rousey then puts Triple H through the table. Stephanie returns and she slaps Rousey in the face before running out of the ring, Rousey then signs the WWE contract.

- Elias is in the chamber and he has his guitar ready to go, he also wants to know “who wants to walk with Elias?” Elias says that tonight’s song is for him and not the WWE Universe, Elias then performs a song until Braun Strowman interrupts him.

Elimination Chamber Match: Finn Balor vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. The Miz vs. Elias vs. Braun Strowman vs. Seth Rollins

#1 is The Miz and #2 is Seth Rollins and #3 is Finn Balor, the match begins with Miz trying to make alliances with Rollins and Balor. Rollins and Balor then start double teaming Miz, Rollins catches Balor with a roll up from out of nowhere for a near fall. Miz stays out of the ring as Balor nails him with a forearm strike, Rollins also catches Miz with a forearm strike. Balor then nails Rollins with a drop kick before Miz attacks him, Balor would then nail Miz and Rollins with chops. Balor causes a charging Miz to crash in the corner before kicking Rollins in the back, everybody takes turns rolling each other up for some near falls. Rollins then hits Balor with a back breaker, Rollins would then nail Miz with a springboard clothesline.

Rollins then hits Miz with a suplex followed by a falcon arrow for a near fall, Rollins then kicks Miz and Balor in the face. Rollins follows that up with a double blockbuster on Miz and Rollins, #4 is John Cena and he goes face to face with Rollins. Cena and Rollins have a shoving contest until Cena lands a few shoulder tackles, Cena then drops Rollins with a back suplex. Rollins goes for a kick and Cena drops him followed by Miz with a back suplex, Cena then lands a double Five Knuckle Shuffle on Miz and Rollins. Balor then hits Miz with a sling blade after a roll up attempt, Rollins then nails a charging Balor with a super kick. Rollins attacks a cornered Miz and Balor with forearm strikes, Cena gets Rollins and Balor on his shoulder until both escape, Rollins nails Cena with an enzaguri before eating a neck breaker from Miz.

Cena then throws Balor to the chamber floor while Rollins and Miz battle on the opposite side, Balor attacks a downed Cena with some stomps. Cena fights back and Miz battles Rollins in the ring, Rollins nails Miz with a superplex while Cena catches Balor with one as well. #5 is Roman Reigns and he attacks everybody in the match, Miz then shoves Reigns into Rollins before nailing Rollins with a DDT.

Miz then attacks everybody with a plethora of It Kicks, Reigns recovers and he quickly drops Miz with a clothesline. Balor attacks and corners Reigns while landing a bunch of strikes, Reigns recover and he nails Balor with a middle rope clothesline. Reigns nails Balor with clothesline strikes in the corner before nailing Cena with a Samoan drop for a near fall, Reigns then hits Miz with a sit out power bomb for a near fall. #6 is Braun Strowman and he throws Rollins into the chamber wall, Reigns leaves the ring and Strowman drops him. Strowman would then attacks Cena and Reigns after a Miz distraction, Cena and Rollins work together attacking Strowman until Strowman suplexes them at the same time.

Strowman then throws a leaping Balor into a charging Reigns, Miz climbs on top of a pod and Strowman follows him up there. Strowman smashes Miz’s face into the chamber wall before throwing him on top of the remaining competitors, Strowman stomps away on Miz before landing a strike to his upper body. Strowman would then nail Reigns with a strike to the upper body, Rollins then attacks Strowman from behind and Strowman quickly nails him with strikes. Strowman picks up Rollins and he dumps him on the chamber floor, Strowman hits Miz with a running power slam for a three count and elimination. #7 is Elias and he refuses to exit the pod, Strowman then gets jumped by everybody who remains in the ring.

Strowman is then hit with a quadruple power bomb for a near fall, Cena then hits Strowman with an Attitude Adjustment for a near fall. Reigns then hits Strowman with a spear for a near fall, Rollins then hits Strowman with a curb stomp and Strowman rolls out of the ring. Balor then hits Strowman with a Cupe De Grace on the chamber floor, everybody turns on each other inside of the ring as Elias finally exits his pod. Elias tries pinning and gets near falls on all the competitors, Elias then drops Balor with a clothesline before nailing Reigns with strikes. Elias kicks away at Rollins before nailing Cena with a knee strike, Elias catches Rollins with a top rope elbow drop for a near fall. Elias gets Rollins on his shoulder and Reigns breaks it all up, Elias then hits Reigns with a sit out power bomb for a near fall.

Strowman returns and Elias sends him into the ring post, Elias fails at getting Strowman up and Strowman nails him with a power slam for the three count and elimination. Strowman gets Reigns up and Rollins breaks it up with a springboard knee strike, Strowman catches a leaping Cena with a power slam for the three count and elimination. Strowman then attacks the remaining competitors in the match with some punches, Balor then catches Strowman with a striking combination. Balor then hits Strowman with a rope assisted enzaguri, Balor then hits Strowman with some shotgun dropkicks. Balor then hits Strowman with a Cupe e Grace for a three count, Balor and Rollins would then battle in the middle of the ring.

Balor hits Rollins with a 1916 from out of nowhere for a near fall, Balor then hits Reigns with a sling blade. Balor hits Reigns with a Cupe De Grace, Strowman then hits Balor with a running power slam for the three count and elimination. Reigns and Rollins decide to go after Strowman together, Rollins gets Strowman out of the ring before stomping away on him. Rollins and Reigns throw Strowman into the chamber wall multiple times, Rollins turns on Reigns and he throws him into the chamber wall. Rollins misses a curb stomp and still hits the buckle bomb, Reigns recovers and he nails Rollins with a superman punch. Strowman grabs Rollins and Rollins escapes by climbing the chamber wall, Rollins stands on a pod while kicking at Strowman.

Reigns then hits Strowman with a Samoan drop on the chamber floor, Strowman gets in the ring and Rollins lands a frog splash from the top of the pod for a near fall. Strowman recovers and he drop kicks Reigns out of the ring, Rollins then nails Strowman with a few super kicks. Strowman nails Rollins with a power slam for a three count and an elimination, Strowman and Reigns get into a striking exchange until Reigns is tossed out of the ring. Reigns gets back in the ring before shoving Strowman into the chamber wall, Reigns then hits Strowman with an avalanche into the chamber wall before putting him through a pod. Reigns then knocks Strowman back into the ring after landing a superman punch, Reigns then hits Strowman with a superman punch.

Reigns lands a third superman punch and a series of spears for the three count and elimination.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, Braun Strowman attacks Roman Reigns with a few running power slams, Strowman then throws Reigns through a pod. 

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