WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Results: Crowning the First Women's Tag Team Champions and More!

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Buddy Murphy defeated Akira Tozawa to retain his Cruiserweight Title

Boss 'n' Hug Connection won Elimination Chamber to become new Women's Tag Team Champions

The Usos defeated The Miz and Shane McMahon to become new SmackDown Tag Team Champions

Finn Balor defeated Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley to become new Intercontinental Champion

Ronda Rousey defeated Ruby Riott to retain her RAW Women's Title

Baron Corbin defeated Braun Strowman

Daniel Bryan won Elimination Chamber to retain his WWE Title

The pre-show is now officially underway. Our panel is hosted by Jonathan Coachman and includes Sam Roberts, Beth Phoenix and Booker T. We began with a promo from Mustafa Ali as he discussed losing his Elimination Chamber opportunity, and that transitioned to the panel's preview of that very match. Following that, Braun Strowman spoke out Baron Corbin's cowardice before we moved to a recap of this week's McMiz TV. That brought in The Bar and they called their recent title loss "a fluke" after predicting an Usos win. Heavy Machinery then arrived in response, picking McMiz due to their "wildcard" factor. An exchange between the teams followed until Coachman stopped them in order for a recap of this week's closing RAW announcement.

That then led into another viewing of Becky's injury from last night's live event. A Riott Squad promo came next, talking about their journey to this point until Charlotte Flair intervened. Flair encouraged Riott to "change the game" by inserting herself in the WrestleMania main event. After that, the panel previewed Rousey vs. Riott as well as Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush vs. Finn Balor. Following that, we got another Mojo Rawley promo as well as an Elimination Chamber preview from Alexa Bliss, she picked Nia Jax and Tamina. The panel then had their say too before we headed to the ring.

WWE Cruiserweight Title

Akira Tozawa vs. Buddy Murphy (C)

The champion's power earned him control early, grappling Tozawa to the mat and laughing off his chops too. A wild swing in retort cost Murphy though, with his hand flying into the ring-post as Tozawa briefly flurried. However, his dive was stopped in an instant, with Buddy catching Tozawa in mid-air for a suplex on the floor. Back in-ring, Murphy was now in control, battering his foe to the mat and taunting along the way as well. Meanwhile backstage, Big E and Xavier Woods spoke on Kofi's behalf, citing his resume and calling him a "legend."

Elsewhere, Tozawa briefly caught an Octopus Hold but Murphy powered free, rapidly regaining control. The challenger then fired back though, launching Buddy to the floor and landing a massive superkick too. The missile dropkick came next and a follow-up salvo of kicks for 2 as well. Tozawa then began to think Senton but Murphy cut him off, heading up himself but eating a spectacular hurricanrana for his troubles. Murphy quickly responded with an offensive explosion of his own regardless, culminating in a sharp suplex for another near-fall.

A strike exchange followed, with Tozawa's fake-out punch landing before he followed up with a massive lariat and German suplex for 2. The challenger then once again began to think Senton but Murphy cut him off, forcing Tozawa to adapt with a spike-rana that perfectly set up two of his trademark dives. Tozawa then hit his Senton to Murphy's spine but Buddy kicked out yet again. Following that, Buddy landed a brutal knee and then countered Tozawa's Octopus Hold too, landing Murphy's Law for the win.

Winner and STILL Champion: Buddy Murphy

Following that, Kevin Owens updates us on his rehab before saying that he's rooting for Finn Balor and The Riott Squad. He also became very disgruntled at his kids' pineapple pizza. We then wrapped the pre-show with a video preview of tonight's WWE Title Elimination Chamber match before Mark Henry was introduced on the stage. He complimented the Cruiserweight Title match and predicted wins for The IIconics as well as Kofi Kingston.

A video package opened tonight's main show, running through the key matches before we headed live.

Elimination Chamber

WWE Women's Tag Team Titles

Boss 'n' Hug Connection vs. Fire and Desire vs. Fabulous Glow vs. The Riott Squad vs. The IIconics vs. Nia Jax and Tamina

Our two previously announced opening teams obviously got things started as Bayley and Sasha went right to work. This immediately included some tandem offense, with Banks even hitting a crossbody to the outside for 2. Deville then turned the tide though, powering Banks to the mat while Rose scored a backbreaker for 2. They then used the chamber to their advantage, throwing Banks and Bayley into the structure. Boss 'n' Hug fired back though, flooring their foes as The Riott Squad entered. They took control right away, targeting Banks shoulder and battering Bayley as well.

A brawl then commenced with Fire and Desire, exchanging strikes until Deville finally dropped Morgan after suffering a knockdown herself. Bayley then re-entered, running wild on all involved but then being cut off as a tower of doom spot left everyone floored. The IIconics were in next, looking for pins across the board but all to no avail. They then went after their foes, landing some tandem offense and eventually targeting Bayley. That forced Sasha to make the save, firing up with a brief comeback but being floored by Royce's spin kick for 2.

The IIconics then used the structure to continue their onslaught, battering Boss 'n' Hug and almost closing the show as well. Their dominance soon ended regardless, with Fabulous Glow coming in to clean house. That forced Morgan to save Logan but she ate a crossbody for troubles as things broke down in dramatic fashion, leaving everyone floored. Mandy and Naomi were suddenly the only women standing but with Naomi's focus elsewhere, The IIconics seized, scoring a quick double-team roll-up for the win. Their celebratory taunting was short-lived though, now surrounding as Nia and Tamina finally entered.

They were swarmed but took everyone out regardless. Well everyone except The IIconics of course, trapping themselves in a pod but eventually being caught and slung into the chamber too. Double Samoan Drops then ended their night, with The Riott Squad jumping on Nia and Tamina in response. That allowed Boss 'n' Hug to come back in though, taking out Liv and Logan and then going head to head with Fire and Desire. That culminated in stacked double knees but Deville kicked out nonetheless. In the meantime, Liv and Logan climbed up on a pod each, hitting simultaneous crossbodies to the floor.

Morgan was soon caught though, taking a Super Samoan Drop which allowed Tamina's Double Splash to send The Riott Squad packing. Bayley eventually evaded Jax though, sending her flying through the pod and leaving Tamina isolated. Everyone then came together, stringing together offense until Bayley's Elbow Drop pinned Tamina, ending Nia's night in the process. Only two teams now remained, immediately brawling until Boss 'n' Hug hit their tandem finish to force a late Mandy save. Now isolated herself, Rose climbed upon a pod as Boss 'n' Hug chased her up.

Deville came to Rose's aid though, allowing Mandy to fight free while Sonya flattened Bayley with the pod. Rose then seized, landing her finisher on Banks for yet another near-fall. Sasha then evaded Mandy, with Deville's Spear inadvertently taking Rose out as Banks applied an adapted Bank Statement for the win.

Winners and NEW Champions: Boss 'n' Hug Connection

Post-match, the champions were lost for words, with Banks eventually talking about their overall purpose of pushing this division forward.

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Titles

The Miz and Shane McMahon (C) vs. The Usos

Pre-match, Maryse was here for a big announcement, telling the crowd that her and Miz will be having another baby!

To the match now as Jimmy Uso and Miz got this one started. The result was a stalemate, with Miz then barely avoiding double superkicks before turning the tide by going to work on Jey. That allowed Shane's entry, almost scoring a quick roll-up win and with Miz by his side, flurrying big to clear the ring. The Usos then used a blind tag to turn the tide though, flooring Miz and isolating him as well. Now in control, The Usos used quick tags to nastily work their foe over. This even included Jimmy using some of Miz's own offense but the champion then fired back to create some space.

That allowed the tag to Shane McMahon, with him immediately running wild and landing a flurry of strikes to regain control. His DDT then followed but Jey kicked out at 2. Coast to Coast came next, first to Jimmy and then to Jey until instead, Uso took him out in mid-air, landing a violent superkick out of nowhere. That set up the big splash as well but Miz made the save and flurried with his own hot tag too. This begun with a springboard but was quickly halted via Samoan Drop. Even still, Miz came back right away, landing a sharp DDT for 2.

The action then spilled to the floor, with Miz causing a misdirection that sent Jimmy flying into Jey. Miz seized, setting Jey up for Shane's brutal elbow drop through the announce table. That left only Miz and Jimmy, with Uso landing a superkick and heading up top to close the show. Miz got his knees up though, almost catching a quick roll-up but instead, scoring Skull Crushing Finale. At 2 though, Uso countered, catching a roll-up of his own to regain The Usos' grip on the tag team titles.

Winners and NEW Champions: The Usos

Post-match, Miz and McMahon helped each other to the back, with Miz apologizing along the way.

Off backstage next as Lio Rush scoffed at the claim that he's "the weak link" tonight. Rush explained that they have the advantage and claimed that Finn simply can't win.

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