WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 Match Ratings From Sean Ross Sapp

Viking Raiders defeated Hawkins & Ryder

  • This match is much better than expected.
  • Hawkins and Ryder get some good offense, with the highlight being Ryder using Erik to hit an assisted Rough Ryder on Ivar.
  • Viking Experience. That's a wrap.
WWE Disbands Talent Management Group After Operating For Only Five Weeks

Daniel Bryan defeated Drew Gulak via technical submission

  • The build to this has been a lot of fun. WWE has so much talent on their roster that they're able to pick a guy that hasn't wrestled on TV in months, do a three week build to a pape and throw it on there and it has a good portion of the audience pumped.
  • Bryan is surprised by Gulak getting the better of him early.
  • Bryan gets frustrated and throws kicks, but Gulak catches them. He's abusing Bryan.
  • A spinning rack neckbreaker hits for Gulak. A modified head scissors piledriver. An Inoki/Robinson suplex spot. This rules.
  • Inverted Superplex into the GuLock!! Bryan transitions into the Yes Lock.
  • Gulak passes out and the ref calls for the bell.

WWE United States Championship
Andrade (c) (w/ Zelina) defeated Humberto Carrillo

  • I sure hope they're moving towards something else at WrestleMania cause I never wanna see these two work together again.
  • Andrade gets a big elbow¬†out of the gate.
  • Carrillo has a nice flying standing headbutt.
  • They modified Carrillo's springboard arm drag a while back to where it makes more sense.
  • After some back and forth, Carrillo does a great super Frankensteiner.
  • Andrade almost gets the win after double knees.
  • Carrillo is effortlessly athletic on a tope con hilo over the ref. They'd teased the concrete spot before, and pulling up the padding allowed for extra to cushion their fall here.
  • Andrade pins Humberto Carrillo the same way we've seen many times.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships
Elimination Chamber
Miz & Morrison (c) win to retain the titles

  • Usos and New Day start off first, and it is not good. A rare Kofi Kingston botch.
  • Lucha House party are in next, and it doesn't get much better.
  • LHP's shoulders are down but New Day go for a weird double team move that doesn't work instead.
  • Lince Dorado is supposed to spider the cage, but his legs get stuck inside and it looks way cooler. But they abandon it. This is a MESS.
  • A couple of nice dives hit off the chamber for LHP
  • Miz & Morrison are next, and do a double Alabamaslam on Dorado.
  • A super Frankensteiner off the chamber! Wow! Metalik is getting to show some stuff.
  • Heavy Machinery is in.
  • Lince scales the cage and does a shooting star press swinging from the top. That spot didn't make a bit of sense, but it looked cool.
  • Compactor on Metalik pins him.
  • Tucker chases Dolph on to of the Chamber. He throws Dolph off and Otis catches him.
  • Otis got his hands on Dolph ........and that? He hotshotted Dolph on the ropes?
  • Tucker does a psycho dive off the top, though.
  • Otis breaks through the pod to the outside! Very great reaction to this.
  • This match has done a 180, but it is very much a mindless action movie without a lot of sense to it.
  • Heavy Machinery get beaten as Tucker loses to Ziggler and Roode.
  • Usos eliminate them.
  • New Day eliminated in lame fashion.
  • Starship Pain/Figure Four combo. So good.
  • Skull Crushing Finale on Usos, superkicks on the heels.
  • Miz and Morrison use the ropes to pin.
  • Those teams could have let a rough first ten minutes define the match, but they came back and had a banger.

No DQ Match
Aleister Black defeated AJ Styles (w/ The OC)

  • AJ Styles is dominating this slow paced match. A nice dragon screw attack, kendo stick, chair shot.
  • Black gets violent in his own way with a kendo stick, but eats a Pele kick.
  • Later on, we see Black apply a Calf Crusher.
  • Black kicks Styles off the top rope. This has been slow paced and a tough one to follow the Chamber.
  • Styles catches Black midair and tries to Tombstone him, but it's reversed. Styles tries to do a throat slash, but it looks like a butt slash.
  • Black kicks Styles into a chair!
  • You gotta give them tables in Philly! Very cool spot off the Meteora from Black.
  • The OC help out with a Magic Killer after Black was setting up for his finisher.
  • DONG.
  • Undertaker is here. Chokeslam. Undertaker looked so, so much better in this spot than he did in Saudi Arabia.
  • Black hits his finish.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
Street Profits (c) defeated Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy (w/ AOP)

  • Early on, this match is what I would call "not lit."
  • AOP teases running in, but Viking Raiders run them off.
  • Murphy does a nice standing Meteora.
  • The crowd is acting like this is the third time they've seen this in eleven days or something.
  • Superkick party goes around, and the pace picks up.
  • Montez goes for a frog splash, but Rollins gets the knees up.
  • Tower of Doom. These guys are too good for that.
  • Kevin Owens comes through the crowd and throws popcorn on Rollins.
  • Dawkins takes him out, and Ford hits a frog splash to win.
  • Owens hits a Stunner and pours popcorn on Murphy before leaving.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Handicap Match
The Artists defeat Braun Strowman (c), Sami Zayn becomes champion

  • Zayn brags backstage about Braun never getting to him.
  • Sami avoids Strowman until he's down. Nakamura slides and knees Braun in the leg.
  • Braun takes over a little, but is cut off.
  • Kinshasa doesn't get it done. Another one is done into the ring post.
  • Sami Zayn wins the Intercontinental Title with a Helluva Kick during a double suplex.
  • I wanted a super long, dominant Braun Strowman title run, but every bit of that made sense, and I'm stoked Sami Zayn is IC champ.

Top Contender Match
Elimination Chamber
Shayna Baszler wins

  • Natalya and Ruby start off. There's a nasty Electric Chair that hits.
  • Logan comes in and knees Natalya HARD.
  • Sarah Logan is determined to break Natalya's face with her knee I swear. She does a body press off the chamber that catches Nattie in the face.
  • Shayna is in. She beats the shit out of Sarah.
  • LMAO they built part of this around the Riott Squad all being in there. Ruby and Sarah get choked out quickly. Nattie is next.
  • Shayna had some good knees, Yokosuka Cutter and tiltaplex.
  • If you're getting Shayna ready for Mania, eliminating people rapid fire was good to help interest I'd say. Maybe not. Who knows. Not me
  • Liv is out next and gets powerbombed into the cage and slung into the pod. She's choked out
  • Asuka is in and fights back. Asuka Lock is on and countered, but Baszler still rolls to the outside.
  • Kirafuda Clutch, Yokosuka Cutter, kick, Kirafuda Clutch. Shayna Baszler runs the table.

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