24/7 Championship
R-Truth (c) defeated Drew Gulak to retain the title

  • Drew Gulak has a conversation with Little Jimmy and then punts him. This sets off R-Truth.
  • This match shows you glimpses fo Gulak's ability, both technically and athletically.
  • Truth hit a Five Knuckle Shuffle at one point, but got a pin countering Gulak.
  • Tozawa, Lince Dorado and Metalik all come out after the match and give chase.
  • Drew Gulak says that John Cena sucks.

WWE Universal Championship
Hell In A Cell I Quit Match

  • Reigns is in control early, but Uso ends up getting a suicide dive.
  • Reigns cracks Uso with a spear pretty early.
  • He hits an even bigger one after and screams for Uso to quit. This spear got some air.
  • Uso stops a third one with a couple of kicks. Uso Splash follows.
  • Uso grabs a strap and beats Reigns, but a third spear hits. Uso says he can't breathe.
  • Roman's gonna give him PLEURISY!
  • Uso chokes out Reigns with the strap and puts him to sleep.
  • This is another match where most everyone knows the destination and the result, but the ride there is so good. Reigns and Uso are killing it again.
  • Reigns grabs a guillotine choke, and Uso is asleep. They established this move nine days ago.
  • Reigns cracks Uso with the stairs and asks for him to quit. The ref is pleading with Jey. Officials come out, too.
  • Reigns closes the door and throws the stairs in the ring. He chases off the officials.
  • Jey is out. Jimmy runs out and pleads with Roman. He says they can fix whatever they're going through.
  • I'm not sure why this match was in a cell instead of just being an I Quit match.
  • Roman Reigns is crying in the ring. He grabs Jimmy's hand and chokes him out.
  • Jey quits to save Jimmy.
  • This went on a bit too long. We're 45 minutes into the show.
  • Afa and Sika honor Roman Reigns at the top of the ramp.

Elias defeated Jeff Hardy via DQ

  • This must continue.
  • The action is solid here. Didn't seem like they were wasting much time.
  • Elias goes Electric Chair into a sitdown powerbomb.
  • Elias goes outside after Whisper in the Wind, and Jeff cracks him with a guitar.
  • They did hilarious zooms every time Jeff Hardy stomped the guitar.

Money In The Bank Briefcase
The Miz (w/ John Morrison) defeated Otis (contract holder) (w/ Tucker)

  • I'm hoping this is the end of the interpromotional stuff after the draft. Owens even joked about it on Friday. This is the 14th Otis vs.Miz/Morrison match of some sort since January.
  • Corey Graves pops Cole by claiming the United States Judicial System demanded this match.
  • This is a typical Smackdown match.
  • John Morrison gets involved and ejected.
  • Tucker cracks Otis and Miz wins!
  • Otis is the first person since 2007 (Mr. Kennedy) to lose his Money in the Bank briefcase.
  • Tucker says this isn't about Miz. Heavy Machinery was supposed to be a team, but he was the workhorse and got overlooked.
  • Otis runs Tucker off.
  • Oh we for sure are seeing Otis and Tucker pop up on each other's shows.

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
Hell in a Cell
Sasha Banks defeated Bayley (c) to become champion

  • Sasha Banks and Bayley have new gear and both look in incredible shape.
  • Sasha kicks Bayley's chair outside the cell.
  • Sasha Banks is spamming Meteoras, and it rules. There's one running up a table, into the cell.
  • Sasha Banks Spider-Mans the cage and does a turnaround head scissors on the apron. Great stuff.
  • This is violent spot after violent spot. Sasha Banks and Bayley are making the most out of the cell.
  • Sasha does a corkscrew sunset flip bomb into the cell.
  • Bayley sends Sasha into a chair and lands a flying elbow smash. She has to fall all the way out of the ring to avoid tapping to the Banks Statement.
  • "I'm so sweaty, can you do this for me?" - Bayley unrolling duct tape. She fails to tape two kendo sticks together, and gets EXTINGUISHED.
  • Bayley gets a chair up when Sasha does a Frog splash!
  • Bayley lays a Sasha across a ladder and spray paints her, but misses an elbow with a chair.
  • Sasha does an insane Meteora off the bridged ladder into the corner. One of the sickest ever.
  • Both women kick out of the Bayley to Belly.
  • Another Bayley to Belly countered. Sasha Banks goes into a Banks Statement with a chair and stomps it down. SHE WINS!
  • That was one of the sickest finishes, callbacks in recent memory.
  • I think if this had a crowd it'd have been perfect.

WWE United States Championship
Bobby Lashley (c) defeated Slapjack to retain the title

  • Lashley is throwing around Slapjack.
  • Slapjack comes back with a tornado DDT.
  • Slapjack is gonna get over with that ridiculous name and mask.
  • Slapjack taps out to the Full Nelson.
  • Retribution attacks, but Hurt Business run them off.
  • Why are Retribution considered a threat at this point? Seems like Fiend and Lashley pretty well have things under control.
  • Incredible build for Retribution. I'm super eager to see them get their comeuppance.

WWE Championship
Hell in a Cell
Randy Orton defeated Drew McIntyre (c) to win the title

  • Main event time at 9:23 EST! How times have changed. I love it.
  • Orton tries to attack Drew, but gets his ass kicked for it.
  • Orton eventually grabs a chair and takes out Drew.
  • The pace on this one is slow. I'd imagine there's a surprise at the end. Otherwise, not sure why this would be the main event.
  • They have achieved the impossible and gotten out of the cage.
  • Randy Orton climbs to the top of the cage, and Drew follows.
  • They end up climbing down the other side. Drew McIntyre gets knocked off through a table.
  • Drew McIntyre hits the Claymore.
  • McIntyre missed another and Orton lands the RKO and pins McIntyre to win the title.
  • So you know we're getting at least two more of these.
  • Can't help but to feel like this would have been more effective if they did this before they had Orton lose a bunch of matches after his hot streak.

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