WWE Main Event Report For 5/29/20: Shelton Benjamin vs. Akira Tozawa & Bianca Belair In Action

Bianca Belair vs. Ruby Riott

The match begins with Riott working over the arm of Belair, Belair gets free and she works on the arm of Riott. Belair corners Riott next before landing a corner spear, Belair follows up by tossing Riott across the ring. Riott fights back and she nails Belair with a kick, Belair recovers to hit a charging Riott with a gut buster for a near fall. Belair holds Riott down while wrenching away on her head, Riott gets free and she rolls up Belair for a one count. Belair corners Riott while kicking away at her, Riott avoids a leaping Belair before eating a drop kick. Riott recovers to send a charging Belair into the ring post, Riott keeps Belair down while kicking away at her. Riott follows Belair around the ring while landing some strikes, Riott corners Belair again while stomping away on her. Belair fights back and she sends a charging Riott into the turnbuckle before landing a fall away slam, Riott recovers and she hits Belair with a STO for a near fall. Riott then kicks Belair in the face for another near fall, Riott goes to the top rope and Belair catches her as she leaps off to drop her on the top turnbuckle. Belair then hits Riott with a KOD for a three count.

Darby Allin vs. The Beast Mortos Added To 7/20 AEW Collision

Winner: Bianca Belair​​​​​​​

- Highlights are shown from the first round of the WWE Intercontinental Title Tournament.

- Highlights are shown of Brain Strowman appearing on Miz TV, followed by Strowman vs. The Miz on Smackdown.

- Highlights are shown of Edge addressing Randy Orton on WWE Raw.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Akira Tozawa​​​​​​​

The match begins with Tozawa attacking Benjamin with some strikes, Benjamin fires back and lands some shots of his own. Tozawa escapes the grasp of Benjamin to land an enziguri, Benjamin recovers and he drops a charging Tozawa. Benjamin keeps Tozawa down while working over his arm, Tozawa fights back and Benjamin nails him with more strikes. Tozawa fights back again and he causes Benjamin to miss an avalanche attempt, Tozawa knocks Benjamin to the arena floor. Tozawa goes for a suicide dive and Benjamin counters with a knee strike as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Benjamin holding Tozawa down in the ring while wrenching away on his head. Benjamin then nails Tozawa with multiple slams and suplexes, Benjamin keeps Tozawa down while applying a chin lock. Tozawa gets free and he gets Benjamin in an octopus stretch, Tozawa releases the hold to nail Benjamin with a running knee strike. Tozawa follows up by nailing Benjamin with a missile drop kick for a near fall, Tozawa misses a spinning head kick and Benjamin gets him in an ankle lock.

Tozawa counters with a roll up on Benjamin before landing a super kick, Tozawa goes to the top rope and Benjamin meets him up there to land a super belly to belly suplex. Benjamin then hits Tozawa with Pay Dirt for a three count.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

- Highlights are shown of Drew McIntyre appearing on the MVP Lounge, followed by McIntyre and Bobby Lashley brawling on Raw.

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