WWE Main Event Report For March 24: Jack Gallagher/Gran Metalik vs. Noam Dar/Ariya Daivari & Jinder Mahal In Action

Welcome to the WWE Main Event report for March 24, your commentary team for the show will be Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton.

Curtis Axel vs. Jinder Mahal

Sarray Victorious In WWE NXT Debut

The match begins with Mahal kicking Axel in the midsection before attacking him with punches in the corner, Axel recovers and drops Mahal with a drop kick. Axel then nails Mahal with an elbow drop for a near fall, Mahal rolls out of the ring to take a quick breather. Mahal returns to the ring and Axel catches him with a knee strike to the midsection, Mahal then drops a charging Axel on the top rope before dropping him with a knee strike. Mahal continues to keep his advantage by choking Axel on the bottom rope, Mahal follows that up by attacking Axel with a few knee drops.

Mahal gets Axel in the seated position before catching him with a running drop kick, Mahal then nails Axel with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Mahal slows things down by holding Axel in the chin lock, Axel fights back by assaulting Mahal with strikes in the corner. Axel then drops Mahal with a series of clotheslines and a running shoulder tackle, Axel follows that up by nailing Mahal with a rolling neck breaker and a low clothesline for a near fall. Axel mounts Mahal in the corner and Mahal drops him on the top turnbuckle, Mahal hits Axel with a modified neck breaker for a three count.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

A video package showing Mick Foley trying to fire Stephanie McMahon, only to be berated by both Triple H and Stephanie.  Then the package shows Seth Rollins brawling with Triple H, who eventually gets the upper hand and works over Rollins injured knee.

The first Raw Flashback of the night airs, as we see Stephanie McMahon firing Mick Foley from his job as the Raw GM.

Another Raw Flashback airs, which shows Michael Cole interviewing Triple H about his attack a week earlier on Seth Rollins. Triple H then says he has an idea to allow Rollins to compete at WWE Wrestlemania 33, if he signs a special contract.

Gran Metalik & Jack Gallagher vs. Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari w/Alicia Fox

The match begins with Gallagher taking Dar down with a headlock, Dar gets back up and he takes down Gallagher with a headlock of his own. Gallagher breaks free and he trips up Dar before getting a roll up, Daivari tags in and he accidentally hits Dar with an axe handle drop. Metalik tags in and he attacks Daivari with a few chops and a top rope arm drag, Metalik then sends Dar and Daivari to the arena floor. Metalik catches both opponents with a moonsault on the arena floor as we go to a commercial break, we return to see Metalik hit Daivari with a top rope elbow drop.

Metalik goes to the middle rope and Dar interferes to knock him off the ropes, Davari stomps on a downed Metalik before tagging Dar in. Dar starts working over the arm of Metalik before tagging Daivari in, Daivari then chokes Metalik on the middle rope. Daivari then attacks Metalik with a chop before getting a near fall, Dar tags back in and he stomps in the injured arm of Metalik. Dar folds the arm of Metalik before stomping on it again, Daivari tags in and he kicks away at the arm of Metalik. Daivari slows things down by holding Metalik in a chin lock, Metalik recovers by nailing Daivari with a middle rope missile drop kick.

Gallagher and Dar get the tags from their respective partners, Gallagher then catches Dar with a series of drop kicks. Gallagher catches Dar with a gut wrench suplex for a near fall, Metalik hits an interfering Daivari with a springboard drop kick. Gallagher nails Dar with a headbutt and the Gentleman’s Drop Kick for the three count.

Winners: Gran Metalik & Jack Gallagher

The final Raw Flashback shows The Undertaker interfering in a match between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns, only to get hit with a spear from Reigns.

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