WWE No Mercy Results: Career vs. Title Match, WWE Championship, Champ Sidelined

Welcome to the Fightful.com live party for WWE No Mercy! Smackdown! Live are having their second pay per view tonight and it is set to be a great one! We have the WWE Smackdown Live! Tag Team Championship on the line, Dolph Ziggler puts his career on the line against The Miz for his Intercontinental title and in our main event we have a triple threat match for the WWE World championship as AJ Styles defends against John Cena and Dean Ambrose!

-Curt Hawkins comes out and says he did it, he stepped foot in the ring at No Mercy then starts to leave, but says he's going to leave them with a big announcement and says that he will be in the ring on Smackdown! Live Tuesday night.

-Shane and Daniel tell Alexa Bliss about Becky not having her match tonight. Alexa says she should get the belt, but they said she'll get a chance next month in Scotland and that she has a match tonight, not saying who it is as she walks away.

American Alpha & Hype Bros vs The Ascension & The Vaudevillains

Gable and English start it off then Gable tags in Jordan as they do double dropkicks to the Villains for a quick 2 count. English tags in Viktor after Jordan tags in Zack. Zack hits a neckbreaker for a quick 2 count then tags in Mojo who does his crazy stuff then drops Viktor with a lariat for a quick 2 count. Viktor tags in Konnor then Mojo hits a splash on Konnor, AA and Hype Bros sending the heels out of the ring as we go to commercial.

The Ascension double team Zack for a quick 2 count then Viktor tags in English who drops Zack with a right hand for a quick 2 count, following up with a side headlock. English tags in Gotch who gets a quick 2 count after kicking Zack down, quickly tagging in Viktor who drops him with a european uppercut. Konnor drags Zack outside then Zack tosses him into the barricade, tagging in Jordan who drops English then hits a shoulder tackle into an exploder suplex, but only gets a quick 2 as English breaks it up. AA hit Grand Amplitude on English for the pin and the win.

Winner: American Alpha & The Hype Bros via pinfall

-We open with a video package for all of the matches tonight

AJ Styles vs John Cena vs Dean Ambrose WWE World Championship Triple Threat Match

Dean goes for Dirty Deeds immediately then Cena for the AA then AJ for the Styles Clash, all getting countered. Dean drops AJ then attacks Cena in the corner, sending AJ to the outside and into the barricade then doing the same to Cena. Dean tosses AJ back into the ring then dives onto Cena, but Cena catches him and runs him into the ring post, AJ diving over the top rope and taking out Cena onto the floor. AJ tosses Cena back into the ring then drops him with a right hand. Dean goes for a suplex AJ to the floor then float over, Cena hitting a double german suplex with AJ holding onto Dean. Cena gets a close 2 count on AJ then goes for the AA, but AJ counters into a pele kick. Dean gets a sunset flip on AJ for a quick 2 count then Aj hits a neckbreaker and a DDT on Cena and Dean at the same time for a quick 2 count on the both of them. Aj hits a kick to Cena then Cena hits a code red for a close 2 count.

Cena puts AJ on his shoulder then gets on the second rope, AJ hitting a blue thunder bomb for a close 2 count. AJ puts Cena in a sleeper hold, but Cena gets out and puts one on AJ, getting out and Dean puts one on Cena. Cena keeps backing Dean into the corner where AJ is then Cena drops Dean repeatedly with shoulder tackles then goes for you can't see me, but AJ hits a german suplex into a dodan for a close 2 count, Dean hitting a dodon of his own for a 2 count as well. Cena drops AJ then Dean hits an elbow to Cena off the top rope for a quick 2 count. Dean goes for Dirty Deeds, but Cena counters and sits him on the top rope, hitting a frankensteiner, but Dean rolls through for a 2 count then AJ rolls Dean up for a 2 count of his own. Cena hits a 10 knuckle shuffle then hits an AA to AJ who rolls out of the ring, Dean going for Dirty Deeds, but Cean counters into an AA for a very close 2 count. Cena puts an STF on Dean, but AJ breaks it up. Cena goes for an AA on the apron, but AJ hits a suplex on Cena on the apron. AJ hits a springboard 450 and actually lands it, he usually misses it for a close 2 count. AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm then Dean counters into Dirty Deeds, but AJ counters and Cena puts an STF on AJ, Dean not letting him tap however.

Cena goes for a double AA, but AJ gets off then drops Cena with a kick before Dean hits a lariat that turns AJ inside out. Dean puts Aj on the top rope then goes for a super Dirty Deeds but Cena hits a powerbomb for a close 2 count. Cena catches AJ and goes for the AA, but AJ counters into a Calf Crusher, Dean hitting AJ with an elbow to break it up. Dean puts a Calf Killer on AJ then Cena puts an STF on him, AJ tapping out, but both had a hold on him.

The referee restarts the match then Dean and Cena exchange right hands then Cena turns Dean inside out with a clothesline then goes for an AA, but Dean hits Dirty Deeds, but AJ pulls the referee out of the ring. Dean sends AJ over the barricade then Cena hits an AA off the top rope, but AJ brings in a chair and takes both of them out, pinning Cena for the pin and the win.

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall

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