WWE NXT 2.0 Results 4/26/2022: Lash Legend vs Nikkita Lyons Rematch, Solo Sikoa In Action + More

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- The show began with Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcoming the audience to the broadcast, while Nikkita Lyons made her way to the ring for her match against Lash Legend.

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Nikkita Lyons vs Lash Legend

The match began with Legend and Lyons exchanging strikes. Lyons hit a series of kicks on Legend before hitting a Spinning Kick on Legend. Legend hit an elbow strike on Lyons. Lyons hit a Thesz Press on Legend before Legend got a rope break. Legend tossed Lyons out of the ring. Lyons got to the apron, but Legend hit Lyons with a jumping Elbow on Lyons. Outside the ring, Legend slammed Lyons onto the stairs. Lyons hit a series of punches on Lyons before hitting a knee-strike on the back of Lyons. Lyons got Legend on a sunset pin attempt for a near fall. Legend hit a side slam on Lyons for a near fall. Legend got a double-arm stretch with a head lock on Lyons. Legend went for a Pump-kick on Lyons, but Lyons caught the kick. Lyons hit a suplex on Legend, followed by a German Suplex. Lyons hit a series of forearm strikes on the head of Legend. Legend went for a powerbomb, but Lyons got Legend with the Tijeras. Lyons hit a spinning kick on Legend for the pinfall win. After the match, Natalya attacked Lyons from behind. Cora Jade came in for the save, hitting Lash Legend with a skateboard. Natalya got Jade for a Sharpshooter, but Lyons hit a pump-kick on Natalya. Jade and Lyons stood tall.

Winner: Nikkita Lyons.

- Tony D'Angelo was backstage and stated that Von Wagner was going to sleep with the fishes. He said Santos Escobar and Legado del Fantasma knew what he was talking about.

- Backstage, Roderick Strong said that Diamond Mine is too good to crumble as the Undisputed Era did. Brutus Creed told that The Creed Brothers were not pinned the week before, to which Strong said that they will face The Viking Raiders on Spring Breakin.

Von Wagner (w/ Mr. Stone) vs Tony D'Angelo

The match began with both wrestlers locking up before Wagner pushed the back of D'Angelo. D'Angelo pushed Wagner's back before slapping him in the face. Wagner did a take down on D'Angelo before taunting him. Wagner hit a series of shoulder strikes on D'Angelo in the corner before hitting an elbow strike on D'Angelo. D'Angelo hit a series of strikes on Wagner, but Wagner hit a knee strike on D'Angelo. Wagner went for a clothesline, but D'Angelo dropped Wagner. D'Angelo hit an atomic drop on Wagner before clotheslining Wagner outside. Wagner hit a back-suplex on D'Angelo on the apron. Wagner hit a series of headbutt strikes and elbows on D'Angelo. Wagner hit a corner clothesline, followed by a lariat on D'Angelo for a near fall. Wagner locked in a sleeper-hold on D'Angelo, but D'Angelo hit a sunset flip for a near fall. Wagner hit an overhead horizontal suplex on D'Angelo. Wagner locked in another sleeper hold on D'Angelo, but D'Angelo hit a series of punches on Wagner. Wagner hit a jumping knee strike on D'Angelo for a near fall. Wagner got a rear-naked choke on D'Angelo, which D'Angelo reversed with a chin-breaker. Wagner hit a knee to the abdomen of D'Angelo before locking him in a side headlock. D'Angelo slammed Wagner in the corner. Wagner hit D'Angelo in a Spinebuster variant for a near fall. D'Angelo hit an overhead suplex on D'Angelo, followed by a Belly-to-belly Suplex. Wagenr and D'Angelo exchanged strikes before D'Angelo got a take-down on Wagner, followed by a Saito Suplex. Wagner hit a clothesline on D'Angelo. Wagner went for the death valley driver, but D'Angelo got tossed by Wagner. Legado del Fantasma distracted the referee, which led to Santos Escobar hitting D'Angelo with a crowbar to the leg. D'Angelo got back in the ring, but he was caught with a Big Boot from Wagner for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Von Wagner (w/ Mr. Stone)

- Backstage, Toxic Attraction confronted Indi Hartwell, Persia Perotta, and Roxanne Perez, telling Perez that she got lucky on the 4/19/2022 edition of NXT 2.0 because of the assistance of Wendy Choo. Perez said that she is willing to prove that was not a fluke later in the night, to which Rose said that she will be taught a lesson on what the difference is between being a champion and wishing to be a champion.

- Backstage, Briggs, Jensen, and Fallon Henley said that they were ready to beat up Legado del Fantasma. A mysterious woman interrupted them, and Jensen told Brooks to concentrate.

- Grayson Waller attacked Nathan Frazier's opponent, before telling him that no one cares about his debut. Waller said he does not need Sanga, before telling Chase University that the University was a scam, telling Andre Chase that the girls were built like refrigerators. Frazier hit a Missile dropkick on Waller, before hitting a Tope Suicida on Waller at the outside. Andre Chase said that this was a teachable moment.

- There was a video package showcasing Arianna Chase (the daughter of Santino Marella), saying that she has entered herself in the Women's Breakout Tournament.

- Backstage, Tiffany Stratton was interviewed before being interrupted Grayson Waller. Waller said that he will give Nathan Frazier his debut match, before Stratton told him that he will buy Frazier soap.

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter vs Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz.

Leon cartwheel out of the offense of Carter before taunting to Carter. Leon hit a missile dropkick. Feroz hit the Tijeras on Carter, with an assist by Leon. Carter hit a dropkick on Feroz, followed by a Splash from Chance for a near fall. Feroz got Chance in a Triangle choke, but Chance reversed it to a near fall. Chance hit a crossbody for a near fall. Carter and Chance hit double-kicks on the head of Feroz for a near fall. Chance got a double arm hook, followed by a pinfall combination on Feroz for a near fall. Chance hit a spring-rope Swanton on Feroz. Chance hit a double-arm stretch on Feroz, but Feroz escaped and tagged in Leon. Leon hit a series of clotheslines before hitting a top-rope dropkick on Carter for a near fall. Leon hit a body-slam before gorilla pressing Feroz onto Carter for a near fall. Carter got a near fall roll-up, before Feroz caught Carter int he Octopus lock. Feroz got Carter with a Tijeras on Carter. Leon went for a spring-rope Moonsault, but Carter evaded. Carter htia 450 Splash - Neck Breaker combination for the pinfall win.

Winners: Kayden Carter & Katana Chance.

- Backstage, Briggs was seen sidelined before the match, with the WWE Officials saying that he will be sidelined for the Mix-Tag Trios match.

- Backstage, there was a video package highlighting Kay Lee Ray, who revealed her new name will be Alba Fyre.

Legado del Fantasma (Cruz del Toro, Joaquin Wilde & Elektra Lopez) vs Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley.

Briggs and Henley attacked all three members of Legado del Fantasma. Lopez and Henley exchanged strikes before Lopez hit a bodyslam on Henley. Del Toro tagged, but Briggs clotheslined everyone and hit a suplex on Wilde, who fell on Del Toro. Wilde hit a chop block on Briggs. Briggs hit a chop on, but Del Toro hit a spring-rope Swanton on Briggs for a near fall. Legado Del Fantasma hit a series of clotheslines and inseguri kicks on Briggs before hitting a double-back suplex on Briggs. Del Toro and Wilde hit a Electric Chair-Frog Splash on Briggs fr a ear fall. Henley tagged in and hit a jumping Crossbody, followed by a series of jumping tackles. Henley hit a heel kick on Lopez for a near fall. Briggs hit a standing splash on Del Toro for a near fall. Lopez and Henley brawled out of the ring. Del Toro hit a spring-rope Missile Dropkick before hitting the Russian Leg Sweep - Inseguri Kick on Briggs for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Legado del Fantasma.

- Natalya said that she will break Cora Jade's legs during Spring Breakin. Legend stayed that it is not over between Lyons and Legend, before announcing she was joining the Women's Breakout Tournament.

- Kiana James was announced for the Women's Breakout Tournament, revealing that NXT was looking at the next breakout star.

Solo Sikoa vs Trick Williams (w/ Carmello Hayes).

The match began with Williams and Sikoa locking up, before eSIkoa hit a wrist lock on Williams. Williams slammed Sikao in the turn buckle multiple times before going for a arm-lock on Sikoa. Sikoa tossed Williams before hitting a series of shoulder blocks and a bodyslam on Williams. Williams hit a shoulder block on Sikoa. Williams hit a dropkick on Sikoa. Williams hit a neck-breaker for a near fall. Williams went for another arm-lock. Williams kicked Sikoa, but Sikoa powered up and hit a back-suplex on Williams. Sika hit a series of slaps and clotheslines on Williams. Solo hit a series of corner splashes before hitting a Samoan Drop. Sikoa hit a Frog Splash for the pinfall victory. After the match, Sikoa stared down Hayes. Grimes confronted Sikoa in the ring, but Sikoa was pushed away Hayes. Sikoa hit a superkick on Grimes before walking out of the ring.

- Edris Enofe hyped up Malik Blade, who said that he sees speed, power, and ferocity. Blade walked to the ring to face The Viking Raiders.

- Backstage, Legado del Fantasma were seen backstage celebrating their victory and costing the match to Tony D'Angelo, with Santos Escobar saying that no one messes with him.

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar).

The match began with Ivar and Balde starting the match, with Ivar hitting a shoulder tackle on Blade. Erik slammed Enofe in the corner before hitting a takedown on Enofe. Enofe got on top of the back of Ivar before hitting a dropkick on Erik. Enofe it a jumping elbow strike on Erik. Erik hit a clothesline on Enofe. Ivar and Enofe hit a series of punches on Enofe. Ivar hit a series of elbows on Enofe in the corner. Erik tagged in and hit a knee-strike on Enofe for a near fall. Enofe went for a knee strike in the corner on Enofe, but Enofe evaded and tagged in Blade. Balde hit a forearm strike, followed by a dropkick on Ivar for a near fall. Blade got caught by Ivar from a cross body, but Enofe added weight to the move by hitting a Crossbody for a near fall. Erik hit a Full nelson knee strike on Enofe, which was followed by Erik and Ivar hitting a double-Powerbomb on Blade for the pinfall victory. Viking Raiders shook the hands of Enofe and Blade before being confronted by The Creed Brothers.

- There was a video package showing Wes Lee, who said he was angry for losing the NXT Tag Team Championships. Lee said that it was time for him to build his own path.

- Backstage, Tony D'Angelo said that he makes the threats, not Legado de Fantasma. Tony D'Angelo introduced his gumbas before challenging Escobar to a match on Spring Breakin.

Mandy Rose (w/ Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) vs Roxanne Perez.

The match began with Perez and Rose locking up, with Rose carrying Perez to the top-rope. Perez was caught in a wrist lock by Rose, but Perez got Rose in a near fall before hitting a series of arm-drags. Perez hit a series of near falls on Rose before Rose kicked Perez in the arm. Perez bit the finger of Rose before getting another near fall. Perez slammed the hand of Rose, breaking a nail and Rose's finger in the process. Perez kicked the hand of Rose to add insult to literal injury. Perez evaded a clothesline from Rose before doing a cartwheel, followed by a brief homage to AJ Lee. Perez got Rose in a Guillotine choke, before stomping the hand of Mandy Rose. Perez hit another Guillotine choke on Rose, but Rose slammed Perez in the corner before hitting a Spinebuster on Perez. Perez hit a series of forearms on Rose before Rose catapulted Perez for a near fall. Rose hit a back-breaker stretch on Perez, but Perez escaped the hold. Rose catapulted Perez to the top rope before falling on her knees of Rose for a near fall. Rose hit a bodyslam on Perez. Perez hit an elbow on Rose before hitting a top-rope Thesz Press on Rose. Perez hit a Russian Leg Sweep- Standing Moonsault combination for a near fall. Perez went for the Code Rok, but transitioned with a Arm drag. Perez went for a series of pinfall attempts, but Rose hit the V-Trigger for the pinfall victory. After the match, Wendy Choo nearly shot Toxic Attraction with the water gun. Wendy Choo dropped a fishing net on Toxic Attraction before spraying silly string on all members of Toxic Attraction.

Winner: Mandy Rose (w/ Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne)

- There was a video package showcasing Sloane Jacobs (the wrestler formerly known as Notorious Mimi) as another wrestler joining the NXT Women's Breakout Tournament, starting on Spring Breakin.

- Joe Gacy came down to the ring to reveal the state of NXT Champion, Bron Breakker, after he pushed Breakker down the Raven's Nest. Gacy said that NXT is the clay that he has been molding for the past six-months, saying that they have made big strides, but the mission is not yet accomplished. Gacy said that it was time to commit to the future and his vision because there will be no choice after Spring Breakin. Gacy said he knew Breakker was not cleared to compete, saying that he will be crowned NXT Champion due to Breakker's injury. Rick Steiner, Breakker's father, made his way to the ring to interrupt Gacy. Steiner said that he will defend the title in Spring Breakin. Brekker made his way to the ring and attacked all the Gacy Druids, but Gacy caught Breakker with the Cartwheel Clothesline, before holding the NXT Championship to stand tall to end the show.

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